15 Famous Alumni From University of Ulster Belfast

Every university has a long list of alumni and many of the individuals are actually famous! Here's 15 famous alumni from University of Ulster Belfast.

Every University has a long list of alumni and, surprisingly, many of the individuals are actually famous! Here’s 15 famous alumni from University of Ulster Belfast.

1. Sir George Ivan Morrison

A.K.A. Van Morrison. He is a singer-songwriter from Belfast.


2. Seamus Heaney

He is a world-renowned poet, and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995.

3. Joey and Robert Dunlop

The brothers were motorcyclists from Antrim. Sadly, they both died either racing or practising for races.


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4. Jonathan Edwards

Edwards is a triple jump Olympic gold medalist.


5. Colin Davidson

He is an artist from Belfast. As well as being a member of the Royal Ulster Academy, he was their President from 2012-2015.



6. Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill is the former President of the United States, with Hillary as the First Lady. Hillary was Donald Trump’s opposition in the 2016 Presidential elections.

7. Omid Djalili

Omid is a British comedian. He has won awards like the EMMA Award.



8. Michael Riley

Michael studied English, Media and Theatre at the Coleraine University. He is the CEO of the film company Sterling Pictures.


9. Ewan McGregor

An actor best known for his roles in Trainspotting and voicing Lumiere in the 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast.


10. David Lyttle

Born in Waringstown, he is most notably known for owning the record label Lyte.

11. Neil Brittain

Brittain is a sports journalist and presenter for UTV News.

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12. David Humphreys

A retired rugby player, playing 72 times for Ireland. He also coached the Ulster rugby team until recently.

13. Gary Lightbody

Lightbody was born in Bangor, and is the lead vocalist and guitarist of Snow Patrol.


14. Graeme McDowell

He is a professional golfer born in Portrush. He won the 2010 US Open, and also represented Ireland at the World Cup.


15. Amanda Burton

Born in Derry/Londonderry, Amanda is an actress. She is known for her roles in Silent Witness and Waterloo Road.

Bonus: James Nesbitt

Although the Northern Irish actor is not an alumni from the University of Ulster, he became the Chancellor of the University in 2010. He is known for various roles, such as Bofur in The Hobbit series and Tony Hughes in The Missing. Best of all: you see him around the uni sometimes!


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