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10 No Carb Snacks You Never Thought About

10 No Carb Snacks You Never Thought About

Are you trying to cut off carbs on your diet? Here's some no carb snacks for those following a ketogenic or no/low-carb diet!

It’s not considered a day unless we’ve come across carb-heavy foods and snacks like pizza, pasta, rice, chips and cakes while at home, browsing supermarkets, or dining out. Though it’s tempting to stick to your reliably satisfying carb-filled snacks, deep down you know they’re inevitably no bueno for your health. Keep your hunger at bay with these 10 tempting no-carb snacks that you never thought about for a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

1. Cold-cut Meats and Cheese Slices

Cured meats and cheese are a match made in savoury heaven. Remember those kids’ ham and cheese lunch packs? This is the exact same concept, just roll deli meats like pepperoni, salami or turkey around a slice of cheese for a smoky, cheesy bite. Consider putting together a mini charcuterie plate, cutting up a few vegetables and squeezing out a couple condiments like mustard to accompany this flavoursome snack attack.

2. Vegetable sticks and dips

Celery or cucumbers are the perfect vegetables to cut up into long, thin sticks and dip into zero or no carb dips like peanut butter, cream cheese or guacamole. It’s an easy snack to prepare, pack and enjoy on the go.


3. Hard-boiled eggs

Though it’s a more pungent option, hard-boiled eggs are the ultimate no-carb snack because of how filling, low in carb and nutrient-rich they are. You can have them on their own or in a salad packed with low-carb leafy vegetables. Many cafes sell them in pots along with spinach leaves or even smoked salmon slices.

4. Canned Fish

Straight outta the can, you can’t get a quicker, more filling snack than this. Oily canned fish like tuna or sardines contain zero carbs and are saturated with protein and fats. Supply your body with this tasty fuel by eating it out of the can, with diced pickles or even as a salad.

5. Halloumi Fries

Halloumi is a salty milk cheese with a firm texture which makes it a great no-carb snack to deep or pan fry. Season and fry a few slices of the warm, delicious cheese and toss them in a salad or enjoy alongside an avocado or chilli jam dip.


6. Lettuce wraps

Swap your usual tortilla with lettuce leaves and fill it with meat or other veggies for a juicy, crispy mouthful. The potential fillings are endless but a keto-friendly one would be a slice of salami to spice your no-carb snack catalogue up a notch.

7. Seaweed snacks

Seaweed snacks have been a staple in Asian cuisine and make for an ideal no-carb chip alternative. They’re rich in micronutrients like iron and vitamin A/C and offer a crunchy, salty substitute to savoury snacks like chips, crackers and pretzels. They also come in a variety of flavours and can be found at most Korean and Japanese grocers.

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8. Pickles

There’s a reason why the Mayor of Townsville was obsessed with jars of pickles. It’s because they’re the best treat to curb your hunger between meals. For a more filling no-carb, sodium-rich snack, wrap slices of deli meat around pickles or dice a few and eat with canned fish.

9. Cheese Strings

Another childhood favourite, snacking on full-fat cheese strings are a grab-and-go must for cheese fans. Eat cheese strings or other variations, like wheels or wedges, along with your lunch for a convenient no-carb fix. You can even wrap slices of your favourite lunchmeat around the string cheese for that extra punch.

10. Cherry Tomatoes

Grab a handful and go. Enjoy along with cheese cubes and olives for a low-carb (almost no-carb) Mediterranean meal. Though they’re considered very naturally low in carb, take care not to pile on the tomatoes as they can result in a significant carb intake.


What other no or low carb snacks are you a fan of? Let us know down below!

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