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10 Easy Vegan Treats To Get You Through Veganuary

10 Easy Vegan Treats To Get You Through Veganuary

10 Easy Vegan Treats To Get You Through Veganuary

Going vegan can change your life drastically, but its everywhere! Veganism has increased dramatically over the last few years and now going vegan is easier than ever, and what a better time to start than January!

Here some of my easy vegan treats to help you through Veganuary.

1. Mac & Cheez

Everyone loves a comforting traditional macaroni and cheese, and it can be really missed when going vegan, however I’ve found an alternative which is even better!


Its really simple, all you need to do is fry cherry tomatoes, onion and basil, stir in almond milk and blended cashews, then add macaroni – you can add more milk depending on your preferred thickness, and add a cheese alternative to sprinkle on top if you want it extra cheesy!

10 Easy Vegan Treats To Get You Through Veganuary

2. DIY Chocolates

Three ingredients: Cocoa powder, Coconut Oil and Sugar (or Honey)


Melt these together in a pan – add your own specific flavourings such as orange or vanilla essence if you wish, then pour into ice cube trays and refrigerate, after a few hours you’ll be left with yummy easy vegan treats to cure your chocolate cravings.

3. Sweet Pepper Soup

Perfect for those chilly winter evenings, all you need is a tray of sweet peppers, an onion and some olive oil ( add black pepper to taste). Just roast them for around 20 minutes then blend baby blend!

4.Coconut Hot Chocolate

If you want a gorgeously velvety but easy vegan hot chocolate, my coconut hot chocolate is ideal for chilling by the fire. All you need for this is cocoa powder and coconut milk then mix it up in a pan. You can melt dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder and add nutmeg if you’re feeling fancy.


10 Easy Vegan Treats To Get You Through Veganuary

5. Cheezy Hot Pockets

At its very basic, all you need for this is breaded pockets, or pitas, and a vegan cheese alternative, which you can cut into slices (or get pre-sliced cheese), secure them inside the bread then pop them in the toaster. You’re then left an easy gooey treat.

6. Avo on Multigrain Toast

One of my favorite easy vegan breakfast treats! Slice or smash avocado, add lemon juice, a pinch or salt and pepper, and chilli flakes, and speak across multigrain toast – always a winner!


10 Easy Vegan Treats TO Get You Through Veganuary


7. Peanut Butter

I couldn’t list easy vegan treats without mentioning peanut butter! Every vegan will have a staple jar of peanut butter in their cupboard (or if you’re me – by your bed!). What i love about it is it goes will with so many things, whether it be crackers, bread, banana’s, honey, cinnamon, bagels, pancakes. For me this is the definition of ‘Easy Vegan Treat’.

8. Jacket Sweet Potato

As a slight twist on the classic jacket potato, sweet potato is a great sense of protein for newly converted vegans. This cooks in a slightly shorter time than your traditional spud, but can still be cooked in the microwave and oven. I would also recommend adding hummus or beans as they compliment the flavours of each other well- and its easy!

9. Oreos & Hazelnut Milk

Another twist on a classic of cookies and milk. Orignal Oreos and hazelnut milk is a beautiful combination and are a great treat, especially if you heat the hazelnut milk slightly.


10 Easy Vegan Treats To Get You Through Veganuary

10. Sriracha Mayo

Sriracha Mayo is a somewhat recent discovery for me but i am yet to find something that doesn’t go well with it. Its the ultimate and only condiment worth having!

These 10 easy vegan treats are a great way to get you on your road to veganism. Let us know what your favourite vegan treats are below!

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