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8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

Going down that grocery aisle with all the different delicious, delectable cookies can be a hard decision to make. Should you choose chocolate chip, coconut, what? When you are in this situation we made the 8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now to help you out.

This list is not in any particular order, just the top 10.

1. Chewy Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Texture: Super soft, softer than most chocolate chip cookies

Taste: Is pretty much a traditional chocolate chip cookie taste.

Cookie-Milk- Crumble: You only get around three Mississippi’s before these cookies crumble super bad in milk.

Packaging: These come in a very basic, red cookie package. It has the dips in the plastic so they all stand up. As well as a resealable plastic.

Notes: These are easy to find and easy to eat. They are small enough to put in a snack baggie and they are not too rich, where you can not eat a sleeve in one sitting.

8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

2. Oreo Cakesters

Texture: Beyond a cloud-soft, so basically a pillow but less dense.

Taste: These taste more like a Hostees cake and less like a cookie, except that delicious creme center. The center tastes like Oreo filling.

Cookie-Milk- Crumble: Do not put these things in milk, I mean you can (do what you want) it just will not end well.

Packaging: This packaging is more of a personal cake package rather than a cookie.

Notes: These may not be cookies per-say but they basically are. With Oreo as the name states being the primary flavor and shape of the traditional cookie.

8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

3. Pepperidge Farm Milanos

Texture: These have a soft crunch on the outside and a slick chocolate center.

Taste: These taste like a traditional shortbread with a semi-sweet but subtle chocolate center.

Cookie-Milk- Crumble: These are good for dunking in milk, or even coffee. No need to worry about much breakage in your drink.

Packaging: Milano’s are in a thick paper bag, with a picture of the cookie on the front. Hard to reseal but easily transported.

Notes: These cookies are super easy to eat anywhere. They are not too sweet where you feel gross but are just sweet enough to get your sweet tooth fix.

8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

4. Animal Cookies

Texture: Dense with a smooth covering and bally with their sprinkles.

Taste: These taste like traditional shortbread with sugar icing. Very vanilla in taste.

Cookie-Milk- Crumble: These are good for milk with the crumble, but not to good if you want them to soak up some milk.

Packaging: As one can assume these cookies are in bright pink and white packaging, that catches the eye.

Notes: Animal Cookies are really good cookies for a lot of things. If you are always on the go they are a great little treat. However, they can melt and get everywhere so beware.

8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

5. Pirouline Wafers

Texture: These cookies are a lot like a flakey straw.

Taste: Chocolate and general shortbread seem to be the only flavor, except if you get the flavored kind.

Cookie-Milk- Crumble: These are great for milk because you can actually use the cookie as a straw.

Packaging: The metal tin for these cookies is a simple design. However, if you are into reusing packaging these cookie containers last forever.

Notes: These are fun to eat and do not get as melty as other chocolate cookies. Not to mention they come in a metal container that you can use for other things.

8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

6. Keebler Fudge Coconut Dreams

Texture: Flakey on top with the coconut strips being shredded. The middle is sticky and squishy with the caramel. Finally, the bottom is a soft dense traditional cookie.

Taste: These are very sweet with caramel, chocolate, and coconut as the main tastes in every bite.

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Cookie-Milk- Crumble: These are not good at dipping in milk because the coconut comes off and gets in the milk.

Packaging: This packaging is a very standard grocery store cookie packaging. It has the basic cookie steps that help them stand up and a shiny thin plastic outer layer.

Notes: These are a lot like the Girl Scout cookies but have a little bit different taste. Yet if you need that cookie fix these are a great solution.

8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

7. Oreo Fudge Cremes

Texture: Smooth, melty outside and a traditional oreo center with a hard cookie and soft creme.

Taste: These taste almost exactly like an Oreo with another layer of chocolate on the outside.

Cookie-Milk- Crumble: These are good for milk with the crumble, but not to good if you want them to soak up some milk.

Packaging: These bad boys, come in a cardboard box, with that traditional Oreo blue color. Super cute and traditional.

Notes: These taste great, but can get messy fast. These are really good on cold nights but do not eat them in the sun. They will melt.

8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

8. Nutter Butters

Texture: Waffle on the outside and creamy gritty peanut butter center.

Taste: These taste like a dream of peanut butter cookies from the best part of your childhood.

Cookie-Milk- Crumble: These are actually great in milk but not so good in hot beverages.

Packaging: This packaging is a lot like the above Chips Ahoy packaging. It is red, with a resealable plastic outer edge. It has the cookie on the front, which is very standard in the cookie aisle.

Notes: Nutter Butters are great for a few cookies, they are great if you are on a diet. These are a little rich after like three so if you have a problem stopping try these.

8 Types Of Cookies To Eat Now

No matter what cookie you are into, it is nice from time to time to indulge that little sweet tooth that is always complaining. So pick up some cookies whatever your taste may be.

Yummy cookies need to get in your tummy! Let us know which are your favorites in the comments below!

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