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Top 10 Tel Aviv Restaurants Food Lovers Will Enjoy

Tel Aviv restaurants are some of the most delicious and unique cuisine options. Below I listed my Top 10 Tel Aviv restaurants that will send your taste buds to enchanting places. 

1. Etzlenu

This eatery is home to the Israeli rendition of American cuisine. Over there, you can find classic comfort foods such as mac and cheese, BBQ brisket, chicken wings, and burgers. There’s even an incredible vegan menu that serves plant-based versions of what I listed above. 

Many people found Etzlenu to be absolutely delicious. Once I looked at pictures of the food items, I was shocked by how elegant they looked. Although this restaurant is all about comfort food, the way the dishes were plated gave me French restaurant vibes. 

2. Anastasia

This is eatery has a fully plant-based menu. Anastasia offers incredible selections for vegans and non-vegans. Everyone will enjoy all the wonderful dishes. 

One highlight food is the cheese platter. Yes! There is a full cheese platter that is made of homemade cheeses. It contains mozzarella, labane, feta, and olive cream cheese. It might sound hard to believe but it is 100% vegan. It is also said to be super delicious! There is also a scrambled “egg” sandwich that looks a lot like the real thing!

3. Goocha Dizengoff

Goocha is another one of the American Tel Aviv restaurants. This time, this restaurant specializes in seafood. This is a haven for all the people who love what the sea offers. 

You can feast on mussels, clams, shrimp, mahi-mahi, and other ocean classics. For picky eaters, there are also dishes from the land such as NY strip steaks, mac and cheese, and even crazy eats like donut burgers. There is something for everyone at Goocha Dizengoff!

4. Saluf and Sons

Here is a cuisine that you cannot find in many places. This is Saluf and Sons, founded by a Yemenite family. The foods you eat here will come from Yemen, a country that is located on the bottom of the Arabian peninsula. A country that is often overlooked for its culture and cuisine. 

At Saluf and Sons, you will be able to taste what the beautiful Yemenites have to offer. This establishment serves the iconic Kubaneh. It is a Jewish Yemeni bread that is soft, buttery, and fabulously pulls apart. It is ideal for dipping it with sauces. Another iconic dish is the Jachnun, a flaky pastry bread that is served with a spicy tomato sauce and slow-roasted eggs. It has been said to be super delicious!

5. La Shuk

Food lovers will be shook by La Shuk. This restaurant will offer the best of what the Mediterranean offers. Mediterranean fish, hummus, falafel, cucumber salads, and more are served. This is also a pretty upscale restaurant. This means that your dishes will be presented majestically. 

Reviewers raved about the quality of the seafood. La Shuk hosts a catch of the day, serving guests fish that have been freshly caught the next day. That is their commitment to quality in their food. 

6. Ouzeria

Like La Shuk, Ouzeria also gives us a variety of Mediterranean food. What makes Ouzeria different is the commitment to variety. Ouzeria offers Israeli, Lebanese, Jordanian, Yemeni, and other cuisines in the region. 

For example, you can find baba ganoush (Turkish), filo pastry pie (Lebanese), Knafeh (multiple countries), and other authentic delicacies. Ouzeria is the perfect place to go to if you cannot make your mind about what type of food you want to eat. 

7. Tulip

Here is another rarity. Has anyone heard of any Hungarian dish? Chances are you have not and Tulip is here to fix that problem. 

Tulip offers authentic Hungarian cuisine that stands out from your typical European fare. First of all, there is Goulash, a stew that has beef in it. It is super hearty, warm, and comforting. Another iconic dish is Langos, a massive bread boat full of cheese, sour cream, and bacon passengers. Think of it as a giant pizza with a foreign twist. The bread is also deep-fried! So… avoid this dish if you are on a diet!

Tulip is incredible because it offers food from a country that has been overlooked. I will like to label this as a hidden gem!

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8. Shila

Are you a fan of restaurants owned by celebrity chefs? If so, world-class chef Sharon Cohen’s got you covered with their prize possession, Shila. The restaurant is super upscale. It is so fancy that it follows z strict dress code. If you want to dine over there, you will have to find a pretty dress or suit. You will need to be as luxurious as the food. 

Shila serves Sharon Cohen’s craziest creations such as deconstructed beef carpaccio, Mediterranean-style ceviche, avocado beef tartare, and other experiments. You would not be able to judge the authenticity of the food. It is only authentic to Sharon Cohen’s mind. 

9. Taizu

Taizu offers crazy offers from South and East Asia. It is an Asian fusion restaurant that is inspired by the authentic flavors of different parts of the continent. Keep in mind that many of the dishes may not be as authentic due to how they are experimented on. This does not mean they are delicious. 

For example, there are bao buns, kimchi sandwiches, falafel sushi rolls, and creamy ramen. All of these sound crazy but they are an excellent marriage of different cuisines. Many people found the food to be excellent. The reviews on Trip Advisor are off the roof. Do not expect normal Asian cuisine when entering! 

10. Dirty Burger

You would definitely feel dirty after trying out dirty burger. It is an iconic place that serves classic burgers on sandwich bread. There are falafel burgers, pimento cheeseburgers, fish cake burgers, salmon burgers, and way more. 

This is the perfect place where you want to try something familiar but with a twist! 

Did you add any of these Tel Aviv Restaurants to your must-do list? If so, tell us which of these Tel Aviv Restaurants you are excited about the most!

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