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5 Florida Universities Students Will Get the Best Education From

Many Florida Universities offer a variety of high-class educational programs. Many in-state and out-of-state students have dream schools in the Sunshine State. Below I listed my top 5 Florida Universities that will guarantee an excellent curriculum for attendees. 

1. University of South Florida (USF)

Located in the Tampa Bay area, USF has been well known for its scientific research, dorm life, and other features. I remember being blown away by how close this University is to the center of the city. It is even located right next to Busch Gardens. What also makes its location great is its close proximity to the gulf beaches. I personally feel like most of the colleges on this list don’t have the same geographical advantages USF has. Especially if you are an out-of-state student expecting to see the Floridian beach 24/7. 

Aside from locale, lots of people recommend USF for people seeking majors in Business, management, marketing, and related support businesses. And if you are looking to major in Information Technology, keep in mind that USF’s program ranked in the top 50 nationwide for this major. The medical health department is also massive. There are many hospitals managed by the University around the Tampa Bay area. There is even a children’s hospital situated right next to campus.

In terms of student life, USF has been known to have one of the best campuses in the state. Its modern buildings support the demands of 21st-century activities. I have even heard that it is futuristic. The dorms are also very nice and spacious. And the college offers many amenities that will help students feel comfortable in this environment. 

2. University of Central Florida (UCF)

Located near Orlando, this University will blow you away by how massive it is. I will never forget driving around the campus of this institution. I got super lost and thought I was in the middle of the city UCF stands next to. But it turns out I was on campus this entire time. To give you a perspective, it is nearly the size of Walt Disney World. In fact, UCF’s main campus is the biggest in all of the U.S. That is correct: the entire nation!

In terms of academics, UCF is best known for its hospitality, business, psychology, and medical science programs. I can argue that hospitality is the biggest program for this college. In fact, this program has its very own campus located near the International Drive district. It is named the Rosen College of Hospitality. Many important figures of Disney World’s management team are alumni of the Rosen program. Universal, Seaworld, and other entertainment districts are no exception to this fact. And it all makes sense due to its close proximity to the parks. 

UCF is also well-known for its incredible amenities. The gyms are massive, there are recreational pools, the dorms are super spacious (almost like hotels), and a massive arena. There’s even a small strip mall that offers great dining options!

3. Florida State University (FSU)

As an alumnus of this preeminent University, I would try to refrain my bias from expressing itself. I absolutely adore this college. I will never forget touring this college for the first time. Amazed by its gothic architecture that was built in the 19th century. As a historic school, many students will feel like they are practicing witchcraft for a school of magic. At least that is what I felt like an attendee of this beautiful place. 

Aside from its breathtaking visuals, FSU’s academics do not fall behind. It is home to world-class Creative Writing, Psychology, Law, and Motion Picture programs. The College of Motion Pictures in particular has made exceptional content. Many awards have been given to endless productions from this program. In fact, one alumnus of the college moved on to win an Academy Award for best director. That person was Barry Jenkins. Director of Moonlight. One of the best movies I have ever seen! Other notable alumni include Jim Morrison and Burt Reynolds.

Life in this university is also great. FSU is home to one of the biggest stadiums and arenas in the nation. In fact, FSU has had a history of winning national championships for both football and basketball. 

4. University of Florida (UF)

Not-so-fun-fact, this school is one of the hardest Florida Universities to be accepted to. In fact, it is actually the hardest! My sister, who is a current UF student, has nearly sold her soul to get accepted to this college. She spent endless nights studying and studying. Trying to keep her GPA at a godly height. She was really high in her class ranks. But only got accepted to their online program. People are not kidding when they say it is like a raffle to get accepted to this place. 

See Also

UF is nicknamed the public Ivy League of the South. For a good reason. It is ranked the number 5 Public University of the Nation! Yes! The nation! They got multiple world-class programs that have been heavily awarded. One is the Medical Field. UF built several hospitals around North Florida. All well accredited. Another is the College of Journalism. Ranked the #1 Journalism Program in all of Florida. I have read many articles from the College’s interns. All incredible reads!

UF has a perfect marriage between historic architecture and modern amenities. Like FSU’s campus, UF was built in the mid 19th Century. It is beautiful to look at but the inside is completely different. It has a great modern influence indoors that is up to date. 

5. University of Miami (UM)

Named as the most expensive University in the State. This is one of the most premier Florida Universities you will find. It has world-class programs for majors in finance, biological sciences, and the medical field. UM’s medical field is the biggest in all of Florida. Growing up in South Florida, I have seen endless hospitals and other medical centers operated by the University of Miami Health System. The Frost College of Music is also very well-known. Many of its musicians have moved on to perform on Broadway, Hollywood Movie soundtracks, and Opera stages.

UM arguably wins the location game. It is located right next to downtown Miami. It has its own metro station that will take you directly to the big city. It is also a 5-minute drive to the best beaches in the state, and a few minutes away from other incredible things Miami has to offer. 

Although this is a private University. UM still holds a better value compared to other privatized institutions around the country.

Did any of these Florida Universities leave you wanting to enroll? Let us know which of these Florida Universities got your attention in the comments below!

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