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Throwback To Your Childhood: Hair Clips Are Back

Throwback To Your Childhood: Hair Clips Are Back

Remember those big hair clips your mom used to style your hair with? Well, guess what? They are back and more in trend than ever this spring season. We are definitely sorry if you were one of those 90’s kids who had like a hundred different hair clips and hair barrettes on their drawer and decide to throw them away because now you are going to be wanting them back.

Straight from the runways from Fashion Week where brands like Gucci presented their models with hair clips on their heads down to bloggers these little accessories are back as a high fashion iconic element to add to your looks. The best thing about hair clips and hair barrettes coming back in trend is that you can completely change your regular bun or ponytail just by adding a few of these accessories which gives you way more field to play and explore while styling your hair for school, work or even events.

Throwback To Your Childhood: Hair Clips Are Back

Even important magazines such as Eleven in Australia have organized masterclasses in hair clip styling so there’s no doubt that you must have seen this trend wandering around your Instagram feed. And if you are still not that sure if you should start copying it, mainly because you don’t want to feel like a five-year-old, check this hairstyles with hair clips to convince yourself and jump into this super cute trend.

1. Classy Pearls

Using pearls is always a synonym of classy. Now add those pearl looking hair clips to your daily hairstyles to achieve a straight out of the salon kind of look. The best thing of this hair clips is that since they have such a simple color you can match them with almost any outfit you choose!

Throwback To Your Childhood: Hair Clips Are Back

2. Catch My Street

Oh, the street love! This hair clips feature catchy phrases such as ‘cute’, ‘boss’, ‘pyscho’ and others to give you that street vibe. This type of glittery letters hair clips are definitely a must if you are wearing an urban outfit, they will act as the perfect complement for you look straight out of a hip-hop music video.

Throwback To Your Childhood: Hair Clips Are Back

3. From Bobby Pin to High Runway

Bobby Pins have evolved from that simple black pin to stylish glittery bobby pins you can add to any formal hairstyle. For example, you can pin your hair completely on one side with various of this hair clips and head over to prom with this accessory.

Throwback To Your Childhood: Hair Clips Are Back

4. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Sometimes you are not going to be able to add just one hair clip to your look, no problem try various! Using several hair clips with the same design or a different on, in the same or not size is also a gorgeous way to style your hair and make it runway like.

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Throwback To Your Childhood: Hair Clips Are Back

5. Fly Away

Butterfly hair clips are a classic from the 90s and definitely a classic for every preschooler. This mini butterfly hair clips in different colors give you the possibility to play a lot with hairstyles because you can add a single one or a lot in your regular hair or on a braid. Just get creative but don’t let these little butterflies fly away!

Throwback To Your Childhood: Hair Clips Are Back

6. The Bigger The More

Another hairstyle you can achieve with hair clips is a more stylish messy bun, just add really big hair clips to it and you got it. Big hair clips can come in such different styles, you can find them with prints, glitter or textured. And don’t be afraid to add just one to your bun, add two, three or more to achieve a unique look.

Throwback To Your Childhood: Hair Clips Are Back

We bet you are now searching your house to see if you had any hair clips from when you where younger! Show us in the comments your favorite hair clips for this summer season!

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