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Inspo Time: This Is How Celebs Are Styling Their Hair This Fall

Inspo Time: This Is How Celebs Are Styling Their Hair This Fall

Hairstyle trends and tendencies change a lot, and it makes sense. Hair grows and changes naturally: people are less afraid to try different things with hair than they are with a lot of other things on their bodies – it’s less permanent, and thus less scary to mess up.

We’ve gone through all kinds of hairstyle and hair colour trends in the past few years – so, looking at the most recent fashion shows and celebrity outfits, what should we be looking forward to, and doing to our hair?

Natural and pure

Of the more easily recreatable, natural colours are going up in demand right now. It has been very trendy to have neon yellow or soft pastel blue hair for a while now – and believe me when I say that things will stay that way for the large part – but simply blonde, naturally auburn and silky chocolate hair shades are shooting up the popularity charts, as evidenced by the recent runways in New York, London, Milan and Paris.


Soft, natural waves; simple curls; purposeful messiness – all of these are coming back into trend, after the long reign of extremes and crazy curls or, on the contrary, perfectly straight haircuts.

That doesn’t mean that it’s somehow uncool to have bright dyed hair or crazy styling all of a sudden – but it’s time for the more natural ones of us to relax about being too ordinary.



And the more peculiar – the better, as a lot of designers including, but not limited to, Alexander Wang and Junya Watanabe demonstrated to us.

Long, short, puffy or sleek; bleached or toned; braided, crimped, twisted or literally in any other way that you’re ready to torture your hair through works. Making an impression – that’s what a lot of us are here for.

Billie Eilish agrees, and only emphasises her looks further by adding crazy colours and colouring patterns – so if you have the time and the dedication to care for your hair jump onto this train before it’s too late!


Sculpted with gel

Artsy strands with intricate patterns like we saw on the Burberry runway, complex fully gelled-up, almost geometrical hairstyles of the Fendi runway, or the styled baby hairs that we have seen Black people do for a while now – regardless of the way you interpret this trend, gel is coming back into trend, and doing it very actively.

Queen Bey rocked the styled baby hair look on the Lion King premiere just recently – and if there’s anyone worth imitating, it’s Queen Bey.


Perfect parting

Whether it’s a side-part or a middle-part doesn’t matter all that much. What does matter, however, and will definitely matter in the upcoming season is how perfect the parting is.

Adding a sense of pedantic carefulness, as well as of absolute readiness for anything and everything, perfect partings always complete your looks, no matter what the looks are.

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It works for all kinds of hair, from very short to extremely long – but we all know which will actually take more effort.

A perfectly parted hair look could also combine very well with the gelled-and-sculpted trend. Just saying, for no particular reason at all – this is not me giving you ideas or anything.


Low pony or bun

Sleek, controlled, casual yet chic – low ponytails and buns (especially twisted buns) are back in trend, looking as gorgeous as ever.

Not only is it quite easy to re-create a sleek, careful low pony, it’s also way easier to handle throughout the day for those of us with headaches and whatnot.


The era of Ariana Grand-esque high ponytails is over; we’re recalibrating now. And, of course, the Kardashain-Jenner family is amongst the ones pushing the trends further out into the crowds.

Are you the kind of person to change your hair often, or have you maybe not changed it at all throughout your life? Somewhere in-between? Share your experience, as well as hair goals and opinions on these trends in the comments below!

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