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10 Things Men Should Know Before Having Sex With Women

10 Things Men Should Know Before Having Sex With Women

If you are a man having sex with women, you might not know everything about how your partner feels. Luckily for you, we have the answers. Here are ten things all men should know before having sex with women.

1. Not All Women Are The Same

It doesn’t matter how many women you have slept with or how convinced you are that you know how to please someone in bed. The truth is that you don’t. Every woman is different and has different tastes when it comes to sex. Just because your ex loved it when you played with her nipples doesn’t mean your current partner will. Never assume that you know what a woman wants. Ask her. If she says she is not into something, leave it at that. 

2. A Female Orgasm Takes Concentration

Obviously I don’t know how a male orgasm works, but I do know that a female orgasm requires a lot of concentration. It can take a ridiculous amount of focus to get your body to do what you want it to, no matter how much you are enjoying yourself. So if your girlfriend is being kind of quiet and is keeping her eyes tightly closed, she is probably just concentrating on the sensation before it disappears. 

10 Things Men Should Know Before Having Sex With Women

3. Our Bodies Are Very Sensitive

All bodies are sensitive in some ways, but when you are having sex with women you need to be really careful with their bodies. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female body, and whilst stimulating it can give some incredible orgasms, it also can get really painful if you put too much pressure on it. Likewise, the nipples are very sensitive and whilst lists of women enjoy having them played with, you have to ensure you are not going to hard on them. In fact, someone women find that too much nipple play can make them feel a bit queasy or sad – so watch out! 

4. Foreplay Is Necessary

While there are many myths about sex, this isn’t one of them. Women need foreplay. The reason for this is that if you are planning to insert something into the vagina, it needs to be lubricated – and it won’t do that on its own. Foreplay caused the vagina to become wet, allowing for much easier and less painful sex. It also helps get women in the mood since it is more difficult for them to just launch into full blown sex.

10 Things Men Should Know Before Having Sex With Women

5. We Don’t Like Condoms Any More Than You Do

Trust me, condoms are not comfortable for women either. We can feel them. It is not a pleasant sensation. They also cause us to become dry much quicker than we should, which is even more uncomfortable. When we tell you to wear a condom, it’s not because we just love the feeling of latex. We don’t. It is because we want to practice safe sex – and you should too. Although, the other plus side is that it requires far less clean up. The after effects of sex are not nice for women.

6. We Are Not Mind Readers

Women have many, many talents – telepathy is not one of them. We do not know what you like in bed if you don’t tell us. If there is something you really want your partner to do, tell her! Much like women, all men are different. You all like different things. You cannot expect your girlfriend to just instinctively know what you want from her – especially if it is something she was used to not doing with her last partner. Communication is key!

10 Things Men Should Know Before Having Sex With Women

7. Women Need To Visit The Bathroom After Sex

This is not something we say to get away from you straight after sex – it is a real thing. Due to the position of our urethra, women get a lot of UTIs from sex. The best way to reduce the chances of this happening is to go to the bathroom as soon as possible after sex. It also allows us to sort out the mess that comes with having sex with a man. The less detail said about that, the better. 

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8. There Is No Such Thing As A Loose Vagina

This, on the other hand, is definitely a myth. There is no such thing as a loose vagina. It is not how they work at all. Vaginas do stretch, obviously, otherwise childbirth would be physically impossible – but they do not widen from having sex. The vagina is also designed to regain its original shape – so even if it did stretch slightly from sex, it would quickly return to its normal size. Do not judge a woman on how “tight” her vagina is. It is total nonsense.

10 Things Men Should Know Before Having Sex With Women

9. Period Sex Is Clean – But You Don’t Have To Do It

A lot of men are freaked out by the idea of having period sex, and I honestly do not blame you. Blood, in general, is not much of a turn-on. However, you should know that period sex is completely clean. Period blood, which is actually tissue from the walls of the uterus, is perfectly hygienic. Having sex with women who are on their periods is not dangerous in any way. Like I said, though, you definitely do not have to do it if you don’t want to. If it is not your thing, just tell your partner that. She should be understanding – and if not, she’s not a very nice person.

10. Sex Is Torture For A Woman’s Hips

This is just something to note when you are having sex with women and you think it is fun to try to put them in the position you saw in a movie once. Missionary sex is killer for a woman’s hips, and being on top is even worse. Actually, most positions are torture for a woman. All we are asking is that you be considerate of that when you have sex with women. We are having fun, but we are also usually in agony.

10 Things Men Should Know Before Having Sex With Women

Will you take these sex tips on board? What have you learned from having sex with women? Let us know in the comments!

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