20 Secret Awesome Sex Tips From Men

If you've looking for ways to make your sex life better and more satisfying, here are 20 secret awesome sex tips from men to try out!

When it comes to sex, everyone tends to to assume or expect certain things from their partner/hook up. But, it’s all about the give and take. We asked men what their biggest sex tip would be for women and this was the result. Here are 20 secret awesome sex tips from men!

20 Secret Awesome Sex Tips From Men


A majority of men want women to know that it is so important to have confidence. When you’re having sex with someone, they aren’t tearing you apart in their minds. They are focused on making sex enjoyable for the both of you. So, let go and have fun!

2. If you have a fantasy, talk it out and act it out

Men aren’t mind readers. If there is a certain fantasy you have always wanted to try, you need to let them know. If you’re both into it and comfortable, then you can act it out!

20 Secret Awesome Sex Tips From Men

3. Their nipples like a little love too

Nipples aren’t only an arousal spot for women. Give them a little nibble and suck on them to really get your man going.

4. Don’t forget to use your hands

Don’t just lay there like a dead fish. Use your hands to grab, massage, and feel the different spots on your partner’s body.

5. Squeeze/do kegals when he’s inside you

Kegals not only help to strengthen your vagina walls, but it is a great way to grip your partner’s penis when he’s inside of you. The extra grip will send him over the edge.

6. Make eye contact during a blow job

Every now and then, look up at your man.

7. Masturbate in front of them

Putting on a show for your man will really get him going.

8. Make some noise

If you don’t make any noise during sex, he’s going to think that you aren’t into it or it doesn’t feel good. Make sure you send him sounds that’ll help him know he’s doing the right things.

9. Let them know what you want them to do

Don’t assume that what you like is completely obvious. If there is a certain position, foreplay, etc. that you’re into, let him know.

20 Secret Awesome Sex Tips From Men

10. Get on top

Rock his world and climb on top. Thrust your hips back and forth and take charge.

11. Add a little dirty talk

Learn how to dirty talk and do it. When done right, it can help really spice things up and turn you both on.

12. Experiment with different positions

If you’re in a relationship or in a long-term hook up, you may have a signature move or two that you love. But, doing the same thing over and over can get boring. Switch things up and be up for new positions.

13. Initiate sex every now and then

Don’t rely on men to initiate sex all the time. If you’re horny and want them, take the lead. It’ll be a huge turn on.

14. They need some foreplay too

Just because they seem hard and ready to go doesn’t mean they don’t need a little foreplay. Make sure that they are getting the same amount of attention.

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15. If you’re into kinky shit, let them know

Whips, blindfolding, getting tied up, etc. is a fun way to take things to another level in the bedroom. If that is something that you’re into, let your partner know. If they feel comfortable with it, then feel free to try it out!

16. Playing with their balls is almost guaranteed to get them going

The balls are like the clitoris for women, they get left behind too often. Men love to have their balls played with, even if it’s just a brief sucking, don’t neglect them!

17. Use your mouth

Feel free to kiss the hot spots on the man’s body. The ears, neck, back of the neck, stomach, and so on. Don’t be afraid to use your mouth to explore!

18. Trace your tongue around the tip of his penis

The tip of the man’s penis is one of the most sensitive spots for you to pay attention to. During oral or foreplay, use your tongue and trace it around just below the tip/around the tip. This will definitely blow his mind.

19. Massage the Perineum area during oral

The Perineum is the spot between his scrotum and anus. This is a super sensitive spot that often gets overlooked. During oral, just massaging the spot with your thumb to give him an unreal experience.

20. Be spontaneous

Whether it’s trying sex in unexpected places or waiting for him in some sexy lingerie when he gets home from work, being spontaneous is always sexy. Keep things fun, fresh, and exciting!

20 Secret Awesome Sex Tips From Men

Do you have any other sex tips for improving your sex life!? Share in the comments below!

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