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These Are The Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness

These Are The Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness

Have you ever thought and wondered if there was a way to try and improve upon your self awareness? Well, now you’re in luck, because today we are going to be talking about The Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness. If you are feeling tired with constantly having to live with your lack of self awareness, then this is what this article is here for. 

The Basic Steps Which Are The Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness

1.) Know What Triggers Your Negative Emotions, Which Is One Of The Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness

What knowing what triggers your negative emotions means is that you have to have the audacity to be personally aware of what might set off your negative emotions. By knowing what your “emotional triggers” are, you are proving to others and yourself that you are on the verge of becoming someone much more emotionally mature. The more mentally mature you are making yourself out to be, the better. 


2.) Reflect On The Way You Respond To Things, Which Is Another One Of The Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness

If you constantly respond to certain things by constantly coming off as a bit passive-aggressive, angry, or nasty, people will start to feel uncomfortable around you. The reason why is because you are coming off as someone who is just completely unpleasant to be around. Another reason why that is is because people will be feeling afraid of you or just not going to want to be around you. As a result of this, your negative reactions will often have a very poor and negative reflection of yourself and your self image. Instead of reacting angrily, what you should do instead is act out of a form of compassion and understanding. 

3.) Give Yourself Some Time Before You Respond To Things, Which Is The Third Part of The Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness


Instead of responding negatively and angrily right away, take some time to calm yourself down before you have to hear out what people have to say about something. Instead of responding angrily, what you should at least do instead is show some understanding. Not only should you be showing understanding, but you should also show a strong sense of self-responsibility, which is defined as taking responsibility for your own personal actions instead of doing things and blaming them on others. 

4.) Know Personally What Makes You Happy, Which Is The Fourth And First-To-Final Part Of The Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness

When you are ever feeling down, think of something that makes you happy as a way of relaxing yourself. Even if you cannot think of something right away, try laughing. The reason why you should try laughing is because sometimes in life what you need to do is that you need to try and laugh at the absurdity of some situations. Another reason why you should start laughing at seemingly or supposedly stressful situations is because you cannot always be constantly feeling angry, upset, or in a never-ending constant state of emotional distress forever. Another significant reason for why laughing is good for you is because laughing at stressful situations can be good for your positive mental health. 


5.) Do Not Be Fooled By A Bad Mood Or A Good Mood, Which Is The Fifth And Final Basic Step For The Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness

What a lot of people have a problem with is mixing up the bad things with the good things that have occurred in their lives. The reason why that is is because sometimes for every bad thing that has happened in a person’s life, people have a strong tendency to try and confuse and mix their positives with their negatives. Instead of doing that, focus on the positives and only the positives, and you will feel better. 

These Are The Ways To Improve your Self Awareness

1.) Start To Look At Yourself Objectively 


For the first and upmost important step, what you need to do is to try and reflect on yourself and see how you react to certain issues in your life. When you start to slowly look and see what your are doing wrong, you can help make a difference in your own life. What you also need to do is practice mindfulness and self-awareness, as well as your own personal goals. 

2.) Keep A Journal To Keep Track Of Your Negative Thoughts 

If you are struggling to remember all of the things you have learned from your mistakes, then what you should do is keep a journal and write down exactly what you remember. If you have a specific goal in mind, then what I suggest you should do is write down exactly what you want to do. Considering that it is now currently Summer, what you can do is go to the beach and relax for a little bit. That way, your mind will eventually clear up a little bit. 

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3.) Write Down Some Of Your Goals, As Well As Your Own Personal Plans And Priorities 

Speaking of journals, not only should you write down some of the things you have learned from past mistakes. Writing things down in a journal can also help give you the perfect opportunity to write down your own personal plans and priorities. Not only that, writing things down in your journal or journals can help you remember what your mistakes and your goals are so that you can take some time to write them down so that can give you some time to do better in the future. 


4.) Perform Daily Self-Reflection

What you can do for yourself either in the morning or sometime today is perform daily self-reflection. You can practice or perform daily self-reflection by looking back into your journal and simply remembering what you have personally learned.  No matter what, you should keep writing things down no matter what. You will not regret it!

5.) If Necessary, Ask Your Trusted Friends To Help Describe You


If you have friends, like trusted friends, then what you should do is ask them to describe you. What I mean by this is have friends who are the people you can trust to describe to you your quirks and personality traits. That way, you can always count on others to help you with a problem with yourself. That way, this will also lead to positive self-growth and nevertheless improving upon your self awareness. 


Now that you have learned to be more self aware, you will now have better control of your emotions and your feelings towards others. In response to learning about your own self awareness, you will become mature, both mentally and emotionally. Now, you will be a new improved, and wholly different person.