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10 Things You Can Do When Your Anxiety Gets The Best Of You

10 Things You Can Do When Your Anxiety Gets The Best Of You

Anxiety is not a friend of how we feel and is oftentimes a major culprit when it comes to feeling discouraged. Fortunately, when you begin to feel anxious, there are ways of overcoming it. In fact, it’s not the end of you – but just the beginning – as you learn to stop anxiety in its tracks; that’s why we compiled these 10 things you can do when your anxiety gets the best of you. 

1. Let Your Mind Go Blank From All That’s Weighing You Down. 

This is extremely effective when you begin to realize that you do have a say so in your thoughts; it doesn’t have to be the other way around. Let your mind go blank by clearing out everything that’s running through your head. Fortunately, when you do this it gives you a chance to push the reset button – and try again; in other words, it buys you a little more time so that you can organize everything you’re feeling a whole lot better.

2. Focus On Your Breathing So That You Don’t Panic. 

One of the biggest reasons that your anxiety lingers is because you’ve bottled up all the worry, refusing to let any of it go. But there’s an easier way to handling it; with each breath that you take, focus on it intently as you inhale. As soon as you find yourself doing so, you’ll begin to notice yourself drawing attention to something other than the anxiety that you’re feeling; this can benefit you in the long run by helping you release certain things.

3. Take A Brief Walk To Clear Your Thoughts. 

Taking a walk serves as one of the best at-home remedies when it comes to anxiety; the main reason why is because it brings about a sense of calm that you might not find otherwise. Not only that, but it gives you a chance to cool off – and release what’s been running through your mind. The best part about it is that you can go during the morning, midday, or evening and experience nature differently each time you go; when you decide to walk depends solely on your preference on scenery.


10 Things You Can Do When Your Anxiety Gets The Best Of You

4. Listen To Some Music To Calm Yourself Down. 

This serves as the perfect way to distract your thoughts by allowing you to get away from reality if not for a little while. In fact, when you listen to a particular song – or a certain beat – you’ll no longer be enveloped by your thoughts, or that of a racing heart; instead, you’ll be able to bob along to your favorite tune, which will eventually leave you wondering what you were so worried about in the first place.

5. Start Counting Backwards From Ten To One. 

It may sound odd at first, but it’s also effective; In other words, counting backward from ten to one – anytime that you find yourself feeling overwhelmed – gives you a chance to focus on each number as you calm down. You can even go as far as listing off one good thing that happened that day between each number; in doing so, you won’t feel as worried or overwhelmed.

6. Take A Break From The Tasks At Hand. 

Take a break from whatever you feel anxious about. Are you worried – or overwhelmed – because of all the tasks that you have yet to complete? If so, then that may be the very thing you need to distance yourself from; that doesn’t go to say that you won’t get your work done, it’s just allowing you a time slot so that you can rest from it. 


10 Things You Can Do When Your Anxiety Gets The Best Of You

7. Take A Short Nap To Rest Your Mind And Body. 

When your mind begins to feel run down, it is more than likely true that your body is too – so why not put them both to rest? Even if your nap is short, you’ll be able to tackle a whole lot more when you wake up then you would running on empty. Not only that, but you’ll no longer feel overwhelmed – or on edge – about everything. In other words, sometimes anxiety serves as a warning sign to us that it’s time to rest.

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8. Take An Hour Or So To Get Lunch With A Friend.

Take a break and grab some food with a friend; sometimes an empty stomach can make you feel a whole lot worse because not only are you anxious mentally, but hungry physically. In turn, if you’re anything like me than this hunger may serve as one more thing to think about making for a rough time; after all, you’ll get more done when you have the energy to do it.


9. Focus On Today’s Tasks Instead Of Tomorrow’s. 

We’ve all been guilty of looking ahead at one point or another – no matter whether we pull up our calendar or something similar. But doing so only makes you more anxious by all the future activities that you have yet to engage in; the fact of the matter is the present tasks are the only ones you can get done so there’s no use in focusing on ones that haven’t even taken place.

10 Things You Can Do When Your Anxiety Gets The Best Of You

10. Watch A Video That’s Motivational Or Uplifting. 

This one has to be one of my favorites because nothing makes you feel more free – from your anxiety – than something motivational/uplifting. No matter whether you’re watching a movie, episode, or clip you’ll find yourself preoccupied – and in a peaceful state – as you began to take your life back bit by bit. In fact, these types of videos differ from the rest because they don’t add to your anxiety, but take away from it. 

We hope that these 10 things that you can do when your anxiety gets the best of you serve as useful tactics when you feel as though you’re at your weakest. Worry – or fear – doesn’t have to be an everyday thing unless you make it to be. Don’t forget to share – and let us know what you think – in the comments below! 

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