The Most Effective Ways To Party All Night And Still Make It To Your 8 A.M.

As a college student, one of the worst feelings on earth is having the time of your life at a party before suddenly realizing you had an assignment due at 11:59. Or even worse, having the time of your life at a party, going home afterwards and completely sleeping through your class the next day.
What if your group was replying on you to help present your project? Now your entire group hates you, just that fast. What if you had a test that day? Now you failed the entire course and have to drop out of college. All because you were doing keg-stands at 3 a.m. instead of sleeping and getting ready class the following day.
To help you avoid getting in these types of situations, we’ve gathered a list of things you can do to make sure you want up energized regardless of how lit the night was. Some are physical remedies, while others are meant to help you mentally power through it, but all are equally effective, so check them out below!

Stay Hydrated

If alcohol is something you drink to compliment most parties you attend, then you should already know how often you take restroom breaks while you drink. And honestly, this tip won’t help that at all. It’ll actually make things worse in that regard, but the benefits you gain from it definitely make it worth it.
I’ve learned this from a random middle-aged woman that just so happened to be at a house party I attended during my freshman year (she had to be someone’s mom to something, idk it was weird). She said for every shot I take, I should chase it with few shots of water. For every cup of alcohol I drink, drink a couple cups of water afterwards, etc. Alcohol can easily dehydrate you, so maintaining a balance with H2O is important!
The Most Effective Ways To Party All Night And Still Make It To Your 8 A.M.

Respect Your Sleeping Schedule

Again, if you’re a drinker, you know that liquor courage could have you feeling like you could party, stay up & remain lit through an all-nighter if it came down to it.
But believe me when I say that voice is lying to you. You will eventually crash and it’ll be twice as hard to get up in the morning. Even if you aren’t drinking, staying up extra late will have you so drained by the time you make it to class that you won’t be able to focus, essentially resulting in it feeling like you weren’t even there to begin with.
Before the party, give yourself and decent bedtime and stick to it. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.
The Most Effective Ways To Party All Night And Still Make It To Your 8 A.M.


This probably goes without saying, but again, if you’re drinking (which you probably will be while you party), you’re going to want to eat before and after. I know the tip title says nutrition, but don’t even worry too much about being healthy in these scenarios. If you can, greasy foods are preferred. It’ll act as a sponge and soak up all the toxins you put into your body.
The Most Effective Ways To Party All Night And Still Make It To Your 8 A.M.

Prepare Yourself Ahead Of Time

If your normal morning routine consists of an hour work of things to do, you definitely aren’t going to want to wake up and do all that after a lit party the night before. Whatever you can do ahead of time, just knock it out before the party starts. Iron clothes, get your lunch together, etc. It’ll not only lessen the number of things you have to do in the morning, it will also give you more time to sleep. Win-win.
The Most Effective Ways To Party All Night And Still Make It To Your 8 A.M.
Implementing these few tips into your next night of a party will surely have you set to make it to class in the morning. As long as you discipline yourself just enough to stick to each point mentioned, you should have nothing to worry about.

What’s your morning routine after a lit party the night before? Let us know in the comments!

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