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The Most Beautiful Hikes On The West Coast

The Most Beautiful Hikes On The West Coast

Beautiful hikes can be found everywhere, but especially on the west coast! Here are some of the most gorgeous hikes you can go on!

California is known for some impressive natural scenery. Most Californians explore this beautiful landscape on hikes all over the coast. As one of the locals favorite pastimes, hiking should be on any visitors traveling bucket list. If you need help picking which trails to hike first, here is a guide for the most beautiful hikes on the West Coast.

1. The Hollywood Sign

This trail will take you through some historic Los Angeles sites including the Bat Cave used in the original Batman TV show and the famous Hollywood Hills. How many celebrities can you spot? The final destination will take you to the iconic Hollywood sign and even though you can’t get too close, you can still get a great view of the city. This hike is a must if you are traveling to the LA area!


2. Lembert Dome

If you are looking for something truly breathtaking to photograph, try this hike at Yosemite National Park. It is a 3 mile hike that takes you to the top of a dome overlooking Tuolumne Meadows, a picturesque forest that will be sure to fill your camera roll. But please don’t dangle any wildlife over the peak in a triumphant “Circle of Life” moment. This isn’t the Lion King!

3. Arch Rock

Located at Joshua Tree National Park, this short and simple hike takes you to a rock formation known as Arch Rock. Along the trail, you will be able to read about the different geological factors that contributed to the formation of the rocks. Once you arrive, you can photograph this massive landmark to document your hike for the people back home. This is giving me some strong “Wish You Were Here” vibes!


4. Eagle Lake

Talk about breathtaking views! After reaching the top of this 4 mile hike in Lassen County, you will be met with the scenic views of  Eagle Lake. A pine forest could be seen reflected in the deep blue of the lake. As you hike up, you will see mountains peeking through massive pine trees. You’ll want to snap a picture of everything you see!


5. Salmon Creek Trail

Located in Big Sur, this trail offers incredible views of California’s nature at its best. From open, grassy, areas to big, oak forests, there is no shortage of scenic views to explore and photograph. This hike is definitely worth the trek!

6. Charmlee Wilderness Park

The Santa Monica mountains are home to this family friendly trail, complete with picnic areas, native plants, and even a nature center. The whole family could take a stroll through it’s beautiful grassy meadows and even go down to the beach. Be sure to stop by the nature center to learn about California’s wildlife before your hike. Just to be safe!

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7. Fern Canyon

Located in Redwood State Park, you can take in the massive redwood forest on this popular trail. You can enjoy some open green spaces before delving into the redwood forest where you are sure to spot some local wildlife. There will be plenty of photo opportunities so be sure to have your camera ready!


8. Torrey Pines State Reserve

You can find these trails in San Diego! You can get a striking view of the Pacific Ocean and its surrounding cliffs from the top. Be sure to check the weather conditions before heading out on your hike. Some trails might be closed, so confirm with the park rangers what trails are available to hike on that day. Whatever trail you take, you are sure to be in for some spectacular, panoramic, views of the Pacific West Coast! This is one of the msot beautiful hikes you can take!

Which of these trails are you itching to try? What do you think are the most beautiful hikes on the west coast? Can you think of any beautiful hikes we missed? Comment below!
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