10 Signs You Grew Up In The Pacific Northwest

With the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific coast, you can't get much better. The Pacific Northwest has so much beauty to offer. Here are signs you're from PNW

The Pacific Northwest is a region sitting in Western North America surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the West and most of the Rocky Mountains to the East. It’s home to some of the most beautiful natural hot springs, mountains, and landmarks in America. It’s unconventional character and quirky aspects give it major appeal to any tourist and resident all year round. These are 10 signs you grew up in the Pacific Northwest!

10 signs you grew up in the Pacific Northwest!

1. You know how to dress for any weather

It may be June right now, but looking out your window in the morning and seeing rain doesn’t phase you. Your closet is packed full of snow boots, rain boots, and rain jackets. But also has plenty of shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. You never think twice about grabbing your sweatshirt because when it comes to the PNW you’re well aware of the mid-day weather change.

10 signs you grew up in the Pacific Northwest!

2. You find comfort in being surrounded by water

The idea of having to drive more than an hour to find a river or lake is foreign to you. To some of us even 10 minutes seems far. You’re used to having clean water to swim in during the summer and you probably know at least one person that lives on a lake.

10 signs you grew up in the Pacific Northwest!

3. The term “granola” is actually pretty accurate

Okay so everybody has Birkenstocks, Patagonia’s, and North face vests, but do they get to wear all three at the same time? What about how much you care about the environment and protecting its resources? Living in such a beautiful place you really do adapt to your surroundings and you’ve probably seen at least one person with the phrase “tree hugger” on their T-shirt.

10 signs you grew up in the Pacific Northwest!

4. You know you hike and hike just to see more trees

Spending 3 hours hiking up one of the thousands of trails here in the PNW only to get to the top for a view tree tops. Sometimes it’s another insanely foggy and rainy afternoon and all you can see is grey. You probably got to use your Camelback water bottle backpack though so it’s okay. And the tree view will be stunning anyways, especially on the way up.

10 signs you grew up in the Pacific Northwest!

5. You know way too many different Starbucks orders, and your pretty reliant on your local place

Secret menu? Got it down. You’re also a pro at ordering on your phone by now because there’s always a line in the store. Which still seems confusing to you when there’s three locations within a couple miles. You probably also had a gold card by the time you were 12, but I guess Starbucks did originate here.

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6. Whatever sickness you had was always a food sensitivity or an allergy

Your annual doctor or naturopath visit always ended in them telling you your sickness is due to your bodies resistance to soy, dairy, nuts, or gluten. Food intolerances are such a normal, all of your friends probably have one. Not to mention those “seasonal allergies” that you know are coming each year. You can probably set a date on your calendar as to when they’ll start by now.

7. You’re all about seasonal and local foods and beverages

Chances are you grew up around a farmer’s market where you could go grab your favorite products once a week. And you still really do take that craft beer for granted. You grew into expecting fresh foods and produce, not to mention the straight clean (and delicious) drinking water that you know you can find nowhere else.

10 signs you grew up in the Pacific Northwest!

8. You’re always excited to travel, but you’re always ready to come back too

You’re continuously ready to get to that tropical paradise and experience the life of having enough Vitamin D. But when it comes down to it, there’s nothing like coming back home to the color green. The active volcanoes, natural hot springs, islands, and temperate rainforests provide enough diversity for your liking.

9. At some point as a kid you realized not all places have extremely specific seasons and it was shocking

You know the rotation by heart now and you know what to expect during each month in the year. The leaves really do fall during fall, winter means snow, and summer always does come (maybe just a little late sometimes). But realizing not all states have the same extremes we do was a little shocking. It also made it more exciting to live here.

10. Rooting for the Seahawks isn’t an option. Even if you’re not located directly in Seattle, you do still do it

Having the loudest crowd noise in the Guinness Book of World records, it’s a given that you learned to value your sports. When they won the Superbowl you could feel the “12th man” in your veins.

10 signs you grew up in the Pacific Northwest!

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