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The Fitness Regimen Should You Be Doing Based On Your Goals

The Fitness Regimen Should You Be Doing Based On Your Goals

Get on your cute gym clothes because it is time to kill your gym workout! Have you been bumping around doing random things at the gym? That’s alright, it is good to try out new things. But with a consistent fitness regimen, you can really change your body composition and see great results.

Some days it can be hard to get out of bed early and head outside to get that workout in, but I’m here to tell you that you’ll feel so much better afterward. So get on up and get consistent! I’m also here to tell you that if you wake up one day and aren’t feeling the gym, then that’s okay! If your body is absolutely exhausted from being super consistent with your fitness regimen, then take it easy! You don’t need to get crazy, relaxing for one day at home will not ruin all of your hard work.

But if you are looking for a good fitness regimen, then here are some options that will get you in shape, help you with some fat loss while also helping maximize your time at the gym! Even if you’re just looking to get strong and healthy, these fitness regimens will get you on that grind.

1. HIIT Workouts

I love a good HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout! Get your heart rate up and get in some good calorie-burning movements! I love to create my own circuits that will push me to be and do my best! For example, if I’m looking for a leg and booty HIIT workout then I’ll put in some burpees, maybe some squat jumps, step-ups with weight, and lunge variations.

Check out Kayla Itsines—she does great HIIT workouts and plans that will truly get you in amazing shape and help you to lose any extra fat if you’re looking to slim down.

A more available option to finding some good HIIT workouts, you can check out Instagram fitness pages or Pinterest. I love watching Whitney Simmons, a Gymshark affiliate and great gym influence. She will get your fitness regimen on track and your goals fast to appear.

The Fitness Regimen Should You Be Doing Based On Your Goals

2. Weightlifting

If you are looking for a goal-oriented toning workout regimen then let weightlifting into your life, it will become your best friend. You can get yourself a nice workout split for the week to start. Try doing three days at first, one day for upper-body, one for lower-body and then one for touch-ups and a mix of both. I love doing three days of legs to get that nice and toned booty and two days of upper body which may be shoulders/ triceps/ chest and then biceps and back!

But don’t expect some serious results immediately. If you are looking to get stronger every year by staying consistent and doing some fun and interesting lifts then a weightlifting regimen is for you!

The Fitness Regimen Should You Be Doing Based On Your Goals

3. Yoga

If you need a workout that is relaxing, but still gets you moving, then try out yoga! You could even add a day of yoga to your workouts for a little relaxing and stretching of all the muscles. Stretching is so important for your body and muscles, it can really help you do better in other workouts throughout the week. So even if you just need a bit of stretching time, yoga can be perfect for a cool down after that intense leg or arm workout. You’ll still be a bit sore from something like yoga if you are really stretching your body, but, just like weightlifting, you can track progress by how flexible your body becomes over time.

The Fitness Regimen Should You Be Doing Based On Your Goals

4. Going With The flow

Sometimes the best workout regimen is going with the flow. There are days or weeks that I want to go off of the usual schedule and do some fun and interesting workouts. I may add in some HIIT or cardio I haven’t done in a while to get my heart rate up. You can always mix and match your workouts. At the end of the day, the only thing that will matter is how you feel and what workouts help you to feel your strongest.

So that being said, do what you love and it’s okay to have days where you walk in the gym and try out random things. It’s good to play around and get your body used to workouts you’ve never done.

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The Fitness Regimen Should You Be Doing Based On Your Goals

5. Pilates

I love the vlogger Blogilates on YouTube! She helps you get toned while adding some fun and body positivity to your life! Blogilates has been around for a while now and she is a pilates staple especially for those of you who would love to get into pilates but don’t have enough money to try it. She has tons of videos and even has twenty-eight-day workout regimens for you to try! Even better, you can do it all at home, all you need is a computer or phone with youtube availability.

Once you try out Blogilates you will literally never go back. Her workouts are so hard but by the end, you will be extremely thankful for it all.

The Fitness Regimen Should You Be Doing Based On Your Goals

6. Just 30 Minutes a day!

If you’re a hardworking human, then the idea of a workout is such a pain. We’ve all been there. I always think that as long as you get up thirty minutes a day and walk outside, go for a run or do a quick HIIT workout with some weights, you’ll still be making fitness progress. It may also help to keep your energy and health up! So whenever you think about taking a nap, take a thirty-minute workout break instead! It could really change the way you feel that day so don’t push the idea aside!

The Fitness Regimen Should You Be Doing Based On Your Goals

There are so many possibilities out there to choose from but what really matters is that you feel comfortable and confident before and after your workout! If your workout isn’t actually working out for you then switch it up! Let us know in the comments which fitness regimen you would want to try out!

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