Guys, Here’s What Causes Low Testosterone

There are plenty of symptoms that come with having low testosterone. Some of these symptoms might be driving you up a wall and looking for ways to remedy the situation. To figure out how to fix these symptoms, however, you have to figure out what is causing them. If you are feeling frustrated, keep reading to learn what causes low testosterone.

What causes low testosterone


There are a bunch of symptoms that you may not have even noticed are due to having low testosterone. Those include:

  • Low sex drive
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Weight gain
  • Changes in emotions
  • Weakness
  • Trouble sleeping

What Causes Low Testosterone

Believe it or not, part of the problem could be your diet. There are lots of processed foods out there, and they could totally be messing with you. When buying meats and dairy, pay attention to their labels. There can be lots of hormones in them, so try to go for grass-fed and hormone-free meat and dairy. The added chemicals in other processed foods – which are called xenoestrogens – are also known to lower testosterone. If you think this is affecting you, try to stick to buy all organic.

Stress can also cause you to have low testosterone. If you have been under a lot of stress lately, your cortisol levels could be on the rise. High cortisol levels will suppress your natural hormone pathways.

Something else that could be messing with your testosterone levels would be medications you are taking. Certain medications such as narcotics or anti-depressants could be playing a role in your low testosterone levels.

Other strong factors in what causes low testosterone are obesity, diabetes, and hormonal disorders.

If you are concerned about your testosterone levels, you should contact your doctor. The best way to figuring out what is causing your low testosterone levels will always be to see your doctor!

Do you have any other tips on what causes low testosterone? Tell us in the comments below!

Guys, here's what causes your low testosterone!

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