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The Best Fall Road Trip Tips You Have To Follow

The Best Fall Road Trip Tips You Have To Follow

If you are planning a road trip during the fall (whether it’s for going back to school, fall break, or a quick weekend getaway), one will need all the advice he/she can get in order to make this trip memorable and epic. Road trips can be very long, so it is best to feel prepared and confident prior to the start of the long journey ahead. With that being said, here are some of the best fall road trip tips you have got to follow in order to make your next road trip awesome:

1. Download Waze

Be sure to download the app Waze on your cell phone prior to the beginning of your journey!!! Waze is the best app to use to either find scenic routes to take throughout your road trip and most importantly, it gives you the best routes to take in order to avoid the traffic. Of all the fall road trip tips, avoiding traffic is probably one of the most important pieces of information needed in order to have a great trip. Some of the routes that Waze offers might be ones that most travelers won’t take most of the time, but they are worth it if you want to avoid traffic and just want to reach your destination ASAP.

The Best Fall Road Trip Tips You Have To Follow

2. Dress Smart During Road Time

Being stuck in a car for a certain amount of hours, one wants to be as comfy as possible for however long the drive will be before making a stop for gas, stopping for a rest and/or stretch break, or if you plan to make your road trip to go straight to the destination without any stops. Who knows how long you will be in the car for, especially if the traffic could probably be long and bad during the trip. For girls, the best fall road trip tips for comfortable clothes to wear during the long drive include sweatpants, shorts, loose t-shirts, leggings, and a light jacket (if it’s cold outside), For guys, its best to wear sweatpants, loose shirts, joggers, and a light jacket. Since it’s the fall, have an umbrella ready just in case if it rains and you need to go outside.

The Best Fall Road Trip Tips You Have To Follow

3. Research Rest Stops and Gas Stations Ahead of Time

Before beginning the long drive, another important piece of advice amongst the fall road trip tips is to research where good rest stops and gas stations are located on the route you plan to take. Planning ahead is essential so that if you run into trouble (getting lost, having a flat tire, run out of gas, getting into a car accident, to name a few) you can reach a location that others know about in order to get help. It would be a disaster to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Planning ahead for the road is one of the best road trip tips because it aids in eliminating the chances of you being stuck in trouble.

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The Best Fall Road Trip Tips You Have To Follow

4. Make an Awesome Playlist!:

Whether you are making the road trip alone or with friends, one of the best ways to help you feel like the long drive is going by fast is to make an awesome playlist of songs for the road!! Listening to great music and songs provides entertainment and the journey feels less long if one is having fun!! In addition, music can help the driver (whether it’s one person or a group of people making the road trip) focus on the road and not feel drowsy.

The Best Fall Road Trip Tips You Have To Follow

Are there any Fall Road Trip Tips that you feel are missing in order to have a great time? If so, please leave your suggestions down below in the comments section.

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