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20 Signs You Went To A NOVA Private School

20 Signs You Went To A NOVA Private School

If you went to a NOVA private school, these signs are common. Going to private school in NOVA is an experience. Check out these signs you went to NOVA.
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If you went to a NOVA private school, these 20 signs will be incredibly understandable. Going to private school in NOVA is an experience and one for the books. Check out these 20 signs that  prove you went to NOVA private schools.

1. There is a high chance that you played lacrosse and/or field hockey

And if you did, there is a high chance you got an offer to play at a D1 school.

2. You hang out in Georgetown or Old Town on the weekends

Or Tysons, or at your bay/lake/beach house. You also know that Georgetown Cupcakes is nothing compared to Alexandria Cupcake. And you have definitely taken a picture in this spot.


3. Starbucks is better than Dunkin Donuts

It’s hard to miss when there is a Starbucks on every corner.

4. All of your field trips were to Washington DC

The amount of times have we all been to the National Cathedral or the National Mall cannot be counted.

5. You understand the struggle that is the Washington DC sports

Redskins are notoriously horrible, Nationals have never won the series, Washington Capitals continue to choke, and what even is DC United?


6. You were a member, or had friends who were members of a country club

Belle Haven, Trump National Golf Club, Washington Golf, Army Navy, Mt. Vernon, or Congressional?

7. You understand politics

And you probably know a ton of people that work and live on Capital Hill.


8. You took a limo or party bus to prom

Both Junior and Seniors going to prom will have one or the other. That’s just the NOVA way.

9. You have tons of friends from the other private schools

It’s one giant fishbowl.

10. You wore Vineyard Vines or Tory Burch to school

You and your friends all had the same closet actually.


11. There is a high chance you went to the same school since kindergarten

A lot of NOVA schools send you straight through the system and you have known your friends since birth.

12. Panera and Noodles and Company were two of your go-to lunch spots.

Or Chipotle. Or Panda Express.

13. You drive a jeep, BMW, or a Mercedes, or at least know a ton of people that do

Sometimes they are hand-me-downs, other times they aren’t.


14. ISL and IAC tournaments were your personal Super Bowl

Winning the ISL or IAC was a huge deal. VISAA was also very important.

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15. You never got snow days

You definitely experienced a day off for no reason though. Speaking of, never forget: #CloseFCPS (or Ryan McElveen). Definitely one for the books.


16. Your commute to school took forever due to traffic

A commute that normally takes you about 10-15 minutes, might take you an hour in the morning. Stop signs probably don’t mean anything to you anymore. Metro system is not much help either.


17. You still know what is going on with everyone you graduated with

Even if you don’t want to know, you hear about everyone and everyone hears about you.

18. Cliques are across the private school system, not just by individual school

Everyone knew who as friends with who too, even 4 towns over.


19. Sweet Life might as well have been an all school Field trip

20. It always rained there too

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