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6 People You’ll Always Run Into At Purdue University

6 People You’ll Always Run Into At Purdue University

At Purdue University you are bound to run into these people. Here are six types of people at Purdue University. The Purdue University students are the best!

With a campus full of about 30,000 students, it may seem like you are surrounded by a sea of unfamiliar faces. For the most part this is true, but there are certain people you can almost always count on running into at any given moment at Purdue. Keep reading to discover the six people you will always run into at Purdue University and if you’re feeling bold, check out what it’s like to be a student!

1. The International Hipster

Hardworking and worldly, usually a engineer, you can always find one of these types in any library or cafe around Purdue.



2. The Studious Frat Boy

By day, he works hard to get work done so he can get down all night. You can find him almost anywhere around campus depending on the time of day.

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3. The Granola Adventurer

Water bottle in hand, chacos on, you can find her looking for an escape from the stress of classes in the form of an outdoor adventure in between classes.


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4.The Longboarder

This carefree skater takes his sweet time to board to class, he has nothing else going on. He goes with the flow.


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5. The Angry Jesus

You can find him preaching about the flaws in our generation almost any time of day in front of WALC.

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6. The Casual Hammocker

These people are seen anywhere there are two trees. They always set up a hammock and chill.

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