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20 Signs You Went to High School in Loudoun County

20 Signs You Went to High School in Loudoun County

There are things that every person from a small city can relate to. Here are 20 relatable signs you grew up in Poquoson Virginia!

I grew up in Purcellville, Virginia – NOVA, if you will. Living in Loudoun County is something else, I’ll tell you that. If you grew up in Loudoun County as well, chances are you’ve said things that only people from here can say!

1. Loudoun County not Loudon County

People all over spell it wrong while you sit there with your eye twitching. IT’S NOT LOUDON PEOPLE COME ON!

2. School Field Trips to DC

Every year your class takes a field trip, and every stinking year it’s to the Smithsonian or some place in DC we’ve all visited about a billion times.


3. Snow Days

My fifth grade year we got off school for nearly three weeks!

4. Wayde Byard

If you have a mom, chances are she’s a part of the Wayde Byard fan club; moms across
Loudoun find Wayde’s deep voice mesmerizing. They even have a Facebook page!

5. Rivalries

You grow up hating your high school’s biggest rivals and just about everyone that attends the school too, just for going there!


6. Distance Between High Schools

The schools are so close together that literally your neighbor attends a different school than you do.


When people from different parts of the U.S. ask you where you’re from you don’t even bother saying your hometown’s name, you just say NOVA.

8. Graduating Class

Even with so many schools so close together, the size of your graduating class was insanely huge. Does she even go here?


9. Colleges

We only had the best to chose from: JMU, GMU, VCU, VT, UVA, and CNU are just to name a few.

10. Diversity

One of the many cool things about living in Loudoun was the diversity in the school systems; you saw and got to be apart of so many different cultures.

11. Richest County

You get to claim you’re from the richest County in all of America, yet you’re counting your coins just to get a slurpee from 7/11.


12. Traffic

If you drove to school it didn’t matter if you lived two miles or ten miles away, it took you
FOREVER just to get there.

13. Huge Houses

Bringing friends home who weren’t from your area was a bit awkward. They’d stare at your house and talk non-stop about how huge it is.

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14. White House Field Trips Where You At?

Chances are your older sibling got to tour the White House‚Ķ yet you didn’t.

15. Game Day

Game day was huge and filled with paint glitter and baby powder.

16. Cowboys vs Redskins

I have no idea why but the Cowboys Redskins hate is big.


17. Tysons

The place to be the place with all the stores and shops to go into, aka the hangout for the

18. Jiffy Lube Live

Everyone’s favorite place to be! The concerts were great but the memories were even greater.

19. Redneck

A term that no one really likes to hear. We’re not rednecks, we just like our trucks tall and our music loud.


20. Wineries

Chances are if you head to a winery with your folks over the weekend you’re gonna bump into a teacher or someone you know. Oh, how many wineries are there now? 15 maybe 20 in like what, 20 minutes of each other?

Can you think of any other signs that prove you went to high school in Loudoun County?! Comment below!
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