20 Signs You Grew Up A Buckeye Fan

In true Ohio State fashion, “once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.” If you were lucky enough to be a Buckeye yourself, or had a family member or relative that was, you’ll definitely understand these signs that you grew up a Buckeye fan. (Or a Buckeye fan by association, that is.)

1) Your baby pictures consist of you rooting for a team well before you could even speak.

Your first words were probably “Go Bucks!”

2) You would never go anywhere but your couch or the stadium on Game Day.

Cedar Point on Game Day? Sorry, I’m gonna have to pass – the Bucks are playing.

3) Your Saturdays consisted of screaming at the television and an endless array of food.

That aesthetic of your dad yelling at play calls while stuffing your faces with chip dips and those ever-so-delicious peanut butter and chocolate Buckeyes – ahh yes, Buckeye football.

4) You’ve definitely made your fair share of Buckeyes in your day.

It’s ALL about that perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio.

5) You showed off your scarlet and grey spirit every Friday at school to prepare for the game on Saturday.

You always had to one-up that other huge Ohio State fan in your class.

6) You shopped at Buckeye Corner for a good portion of your wardrobe.

This store is completely overpriced, but the assortment of Ohio State apparel is an Ohio State fan’s dream. It also helps that it’s in the neighborhood – it’s just right around the CORNER.

7) You had at least one roll of Michigan toilet paper in your home.

It’s the greatest rivalry of all time. We’ve always taken it to the extreme as Buckeye fans.

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8) You have met an ex-player at a meet and greet and/or got their autograph.

You cherished that autograph your entire childhood and always brought it in for show-and-tell.

9) You bravely say “O-H” and hope to God you get an “I-O” back.

The risk is worth the reward, however if you don’t get that “I-O”, you cringe and all of your insides shrivel up. Great, now you look like a lunatic calling out random letters.

10) Your family vacation photos have at least one “OHIO” pose.

Mom always insists on getting this picture, and whoever is taking your picture is probably jealous that they can’t spell out their state’s name with their bodies.

11) You held your breath while passing the stadium in the car.

If you release your breath, then the team will be forever cursed. Never be that person.

12) Once you joined Band in middle school, you dreamed of being a part of TBDBITL.

You totally thought you’d be a part of “The Best Damn Band In The Land.” Little did you know you’re actually musically illiterate and not dedicated enough to pursue it.

13) You are taught that Michigan is the unspeakable enemy, similar to Voldemort.

Just don’t even bring up Michigan to an Ohio State fan. We only care to hear about That Team Up North if they’re getting completely annihilated.


14) You learned to not have the decency to call Michigan by its name, instead it’s “That Team Up North”.

We all learned at such a young age about the evil Wolverines. Every November the two forces meet, and this was considered a holiday in your family’s household.

15) You asked for your favorite player’s jersey for your birthday or Christmas.

It just isn’t a real Game Day if you aren’t wearing a jersey. It’s a bad omen.

16) You feel that the morning after a loss is almost like a loss inside yourself. And you’ve asked Mom to call you in sick to the attendance office.

As a die-hard fan, you deserve this mental health day. And being the child in a Buckeye household, your mom completely understands.


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17) You cried when we lost the BCS National Championship game. Twice. In a row.

It’s hard being a Buckeye fan. Sometimes you gotta let the emotions flow, and just hope for a better season next year.

18) You’ve been a fan your entire life and you still can’t handle a loss.

Yes, we’ve lost before. But it doesn’t happen that often and frankly, we’re just not that used to it. So when it happens, we become so lost and cannot comprehend why bad things happen to good people.

19) You always despised the very man you came to love – Urban Meyer.

You used to hate this man. He’s so good, and we didn’t have him. Until the day he came back home.

20) You may or may not have gone to OSU, but nonetheless you’re still a die-hard fan.

No matter if we ever leave this community, we always find our way back home.

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Featured photo source: pinterest.com
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