20 Signs You’re Definitely From Coshocton OH

From Coshocton OH? Here are some signs you grew up in Coshocton, You will understand these Ohio signs if you even lived in Coshocton Ohion for a bit.

You don’t have to live in Coshocton OH long to know that there’s really not much to do in our small town. Walmart is occasionally a good time and the movie theater is great, but there’s not really much else to it. However, at the end of the day, it’s the people you meet and the weird fun you manage to make out of a Friday night that gets you through. Here’s 20 signs you know you’re from Coshocton, Ohio.

1. Your Dad knows everyone in Walmart.

If your parents are anything like mine, especially my dad, a 10-minute shopping trip into Wal-Mart for cat food and laundry detergent can quickly become a 40-minute shopping trip because Dad knows every other person he sees. And if Dad doesn’t see them, well they sure as heck see him and need to converse about that time when they were kids.

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2. You’ll have at least one teacher who will call you by your sibling’s name instead of your own.

If you’re not the oldest sibling then you know very well that when you follow in your big brother or sister’s footsteps, and look like them, often, you’re going to be called by your sibling’s name instead of your own. I happen to be the oldest, but my sister has told me multiple times that our math teacher, who we’ve both had at one point or another, has repeatedly called her my name instead of her own. It happens so many times with younger siblings.

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3. Your biggest rival in high school football is another school in the same county.

Anybody from Coshocton knows the River View vs. Coshocton rivalry holds true in many aspects, from sports to music to even drama. But football always seems to triumph the others.

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4. You can get gas or pizza on almost every street.

If there are any streets that don’t have a gas station or pizza place attached to them somewhere, there’s seldom few. We’re kind of like that town that everybody stops in when they’re on their way to somewhere better.

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5. Flannels and boots make most people feel country when clearly, they are not.

We all know somebody that pulls out their boots and flannels during fair time and tries to look like they blend in with the country scene. Doesn’t really work that way my friend.

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6. Your first job is/was probably fast food.

Getting your first job in Coshocton can be annoying if you don’t want to work fast food. That’s about all we got though so, fast food it is!

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7. Distant relatives in other towns are probably your closest here.

Coshocton has a lot of families living in it. I know for me personally, I have my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, tons of cousins, basically most of my family lives there. I don’t really have that many distant relatives because they all live in the same place. Which I think, is most families here, really.

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8. There are “Gangs” who think they’re “Thug.”

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9. Reasons tourists would ever visit: 1. Roscoe Village 2. Not #1,then they’re lost.

Really, the coolest thing Coshocton has is Roscoe Village. It dates to the canal days and even has a one room school house in it. My favorite is the little general store with the yummy fudge. It’s always great to walk through on pretty fall days which is attracting to tourists. Anything else though, not really.

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10. You have to drive forty minutes to get anywhere cool.

We have a Wal-Mart that’s about it. Before going to BGSU, I had never been to a Kroger, Meijer, or Dunkin Donuts. Simply put, if it wasn’t in Coshocton or Zanesville I probably didn’t go.

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11. It’s totally normal to see a tractor while driving.

It happens.

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12. Local places are the best places to get food and drinks (COFFEE AND CUPCAKES!).

There wouldn’t be a Coshocton article without a shout out to Hannah Maries. Her cupcakes are to die for. The shop hasn’t been around long, I know, but it’s super delicious and I don’t know how I ever got by without it. Also a small shout out to the new Coffee shop (Coshocton Coffee Connection), that CCC Mocha is the bomb.


13. When you explain to someone you’re from Coshocton and they think you coughed.

When I got to BGSU at least 3 people asked me if I was okay after I said Coshocton. They thought I coughed weird. It happens. Either that or they have no idea what you’re talking about when you mention it. So  you just quickly name a town nearby and run away.

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14. Why not have your Fourth of July fireworks at the local airport?

I’ll never understand why they moved the fireworks to the airport. It’s not a big airport. There’s a lot of trees. And it’s really annoying to drive through. The fairgrounds was open and gave everybody some room. It was also FREE.


15. Fast food, fast food, fast food.

Fast food is very prevalent in Coshocton, as I have mentioned before. But after a while it gets pretty old. Can we get like a Rally’s or a Steak N’ Shake please???

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16. Lake Park is LIT during the Summer.

There’s not many places to go swimming during the Summer. But of the few that we have Lake Park is always jam packed with people waiting to go down the water slides and chill with friends. It’s a good time, a tad expensive, but a good time to say the least.

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17. Every picture of the pretty sky is on Instagram.

It’s not like there’s anything prettier to look at in Coshocton.


18. Earl’s Dari is the best place for ice cream hands down. Don’t argue with me.

I will fight you.


19. Don’t forget the movies!

There’s only 2 movie choices each week, but that’s what I love about Shelby Theaters. You can go see both movies for the price of seeing one anywhere else and still have a great time. Plus the owner is fantastic and the staff is super friendly. For sure, a town favorite.

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20. The biggest part of you wants to leave, but something is always pulling you back.

As you start to experience the world, outside of Coshocton, a big part of you doesn’t want to go back. But whether it’s family, friends, or ice cream, there’s always something pulling you back. So you stay, or you visit more often than you thought you would. Either way, something always brings you back to little old Coshocton.

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