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Local Dallas Breweries Beer Lovers Must Try

Local Dallas Breweries Beer Lovers Must Try

The craft beer craze has been going strong for quite a while now. Local Breweries are as popular as ever and visiting them is great way to try new beers and ales. If you are a beer lover and feeling a bit adventurous then you might want to check out these great local Dallas breweries.

Lakewood Brewery Company

The Lakewood Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery located in the East Dallas neighborhood of Lakewood. It was started in 2011 and has continued to outdo themselves every year. With great beers such as the Lakewood Temptress, the Melon Baller, and the Lakewood IPA, there is something for everybody.

Lakewood Brewing Company also offers free brewery tours for people who are interested in the process of craft beer making. The friendly staff are highly knowledgeable about everything that goes into making their delicious beverages. They offer patrons samples of each beer they have on tap and explain the science behind each brew.

The environment is very welcoming to all ages (above 21 of course). There are video and board games for the younger crowd to play while older pictures and historical information is scattered around helps appeal to the older generation. So, if you are a beer lover and want to try something new, you can’t pass up on the Lakewood Brewing Company.

Local Dallas Breweries Beer Lovers Must Try

Deep Ellum Brewing Company (DEBC)

The Deep Ellum Brewing Company is one of the more well-known breweries in the DFW area. Located in the heart of the legendary neighborhood of Deep Ellum, DEBC incorporates the artistic and alternative vibe of the neighborhood in each one of their quality brews. DEBC was also one of the first craft breweries to open in the area making it somewhat of a staple in the community. Beers such as the Dallas Blonde and the Deep Ellum IPA have had so much success that you can find them in many bars in the metroplex.

You can always distinguish a Deep Ellum Brewing Company beverage just by looking at the unique artwork displayed on every can or bottle. Each can has a distinguished street art, graffiti, or punk rock style that only a product of Deep Ellum could pull off. This edgy look makes it very popular among the local young musicians that frequent the neighborhood. The aesthetic and quality of each brew makes Deep Ellum Brewing a must try.

Local Dallas Breweries Beer Lovers Must Try

4 Corners Brewing Company (4CBC)

4 Corners Brewing Company has been one of the fastest growing breweries in the Dallas area. When the company first started it was in a very small taproom located in the Trinity Groves area of South Dallas. The old location only had 4 beers on tap and limited seating. 4 Corners Brewing Company has since become very popular and has moved to a much bigger location near Downtown Dallas.

Since 4CBC has moved, the company is more popular than ever. They now have 10 plus beers on tap, an event room for private parties, a beer garden, and many more things for customers to enjoy. They now are family-friendly and even allow dogs on their patio.

There is currently no kitchen at 4CBC but they do offer a food menu for surrounding restaurants that you can have delivered to you at the taproom. This is great because you have a wide variety of food to choose from. Just like the Lakewood Brewing Company, 4 Corners offers free brewery tours every Saturday. You definitely want to reserve your tour in advance because available spots book up fast!

Local Dallas Breweries Beer Lovers Must Try

Oak Highlands Brewing

Oak Highlands Brewing is a true hidden gem in the far North Dallas neighborhood of Garland. It truly captures the Texas style in both the art of brewing and the environmental vibe. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by a giant painting of the Texas Flag that stretches from both sides of the bar. It also mixes the old school brewing look with a more modern urban environment that really sets the relaxing mood craft beer fan are looking for.

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Another thing that sets Oak Highlands Brewing apart from the others is all the additional things you can do while enjoying a cold beer. Besides the bar area, Oak Highlands Brewing has a back room stuffed with things like air hockey, ping pong, foosball, TV projectors, and many more. They also book bands on certain days and have many monthly events you don’t want to miss out on. The Brewery is also family and pet friendly, so it is great place for a family night of fun.

Local Dallas Breweries Beer Lovers Must Try

Braindead Brewing

Braindead is another great local brewery located in the center of Deep Ellum. It has that rebel and underground vibe that thrives in the Deep Ellum music scene and it shows in both their beers and style. With beer names such as Love Cult, Impact Tremor, Risky Clique, and Something Sexy, you can tell this is not your average local brewing company.

Even though Braindead Brewing might sound a little edgy, it is actually a great place for people of all kinds to meet up. You will see a death metal band enjoying a beer before their set sitting next to a family relaxing after a day at the state fair. Braindead has a great food menu that is made fresh in their kitchen. Dishes like the coma burger and the T.A.B.L.E sandwich pair up great with their local beer options.

Another great thing about Braindead Brewing is the local Deep Ellum events they promote for the community. On most Thursdays Braindead offers free metal shows where many local up and coming bands can display their talent and put their art out there. They also take part in many events like the Deep Ellum Art Festival and many more. If you are tired of traditional bars and grills than Braindead Brewing is for you.

Local Dallas Breweries Beer Lovers Must Try

These are just a few of the local breweries around the Dallas metroplex. With so many popping up every year it can be hard to keep track of each one. Tell us about some of your favorite Dallas local breweries in the comments below.

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