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18 Gifs That Describe What Using Your Fake ID Is Like Told By Beyonce

18 Gifs That Describe What Using Your Fake ID Is Like Told By Beyonce

Your friends convinced you that a fake ID is totally worth it. Here are 15 gifs represented by Beyonce that describe what using your fake ID is like.

Being a teenager can be a tough time, but being 20 is probably the worst year. You’re only one more year away from being able to (legally) drink and go out with your older friends. With some serious peer pressure and FOMO your friends convinced you that getting a fake ID is totally worth it and not sketchy at all. Whoever has owned a fake ID has gone through this painful mental process of staying calm and not giving yourself away throughout the night. Here are 15 gifs represented by Beyonce that describe what using your fake ID is like.

1. When you first get it and feel unstoppable.

When you first get it and realize the power you now have. Move aside peasants, this girl is now your superior.

2. When you do your hair and makeup exactly like the photo.

They can’t take it away if you look JUST like the original photo right? Hey any good reason to pull out the good lip gloss works for us too Bey.


3. It takes forever for your squad to get ready.

It’s the first night you can all go out together, so it takes a little longer for everyone to get ready. You all want to be on point when the bartender takes a picture of you guys sitting at the bar. 

4. How you think you look before you walk up to the bouncer.

Calm, cool, and collected, you totally have this. All you have to do it hand it to the nice man and walk inside. No pressure.

5. How you actually look when you walk up.

Your hands start to get sweaty and you swear he can hear your heart about to burst from your chest. Just keep smiling and talking with your friends, you’re almost there.



6. When he asks you to confirm your address.

Stay calm, he’s just doing his job. Make sure to remember any new information that is included. Any form of hesitation or a hiccup will have them escorting you to the side.

7. Then they stare at you for what feels like forever.

So you nervously start talking to your friend and accidentally sound young. Start planning an escape route in your head at this point, just in case.


8. And asks for a back up ID.

You and the bouncer start looking at each other like something is about to go down. Then you remember you’re in the wrong here and can get into serious trouble so you shove your ego back into place and pull out the backup.

9. Then the bouncer scans the ID and it works.

Someone above wants you to have a good night, say your prayers later. Avoid looking the bouncer in the eye any longer than two seconds still.

10. When you pass with flying colors so you walk in like…

You walk in like you own the place and make a bee-line to the bar. People are staring, but you don’t care, you made it in!


11. But then you remember your friends still have to get inside too.

You go check on them behind the window in case they need hints. Then you start looking like “you better not mess this up for me”.

12. Then they get through and you start thanking the heavens.

Say your prayers, count your blessings, and be thankful it worked. Next stop, the bar then dance floor.

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13. You get to the bar and the bartender asks to see your ID again.

How you feel inside about these people questioning your age. But you know the drill, and hand them the ID and start looking anywhere but directly into their eyes.


14. Once you pass and realize you don’t know the names of any drinks.

Everything you have drank up until this moment was whatever you had stored under your bed in water bottles. You overhear the woman next to you order a Long Island, so you opt for one too.


15. Dance Floor.

You and your girls hit the dance floor like it’s no ones business. With all this pressure of just getting inside and getting a drink it’s time to let loose.

16. When you see other people getting turned away outside.

You know it’s a little petty, but you’re just so happy to be here you don’t care. Should have known your address girl.

17. When the lights flash for last call.

One last time to flash that pretty ID at the doubting bartenders. By now you realized Long Island’s are gross and go for your third Tequila Sunrise.


18. How you feel after a successful night.

Walking (staggering) out of the bar like you own it. You know that some night that might be you being turned away at the door, but for now you’re owning the night.

Can you describe what using your fake ID is like, or was like? Share your experiences in the comments below!
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