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10 Reasons Why Lafayette College Was My Dream School

10 Reasons Why Lafayette College Was My Dream School

I knew I was in love with Lafayette after my visit. These are the 10 reasons why Lafayette College was my dream school and why I fell in love with it.

Lafayette College was the first of five colleges that my family and I visited on our college road trip the spring break of my junior year of high school. I really wasn’t expecting much when I visited because it wasn’t originally a school that was on my radar; I only visited it because my aunt made the suggestion. But as soon as the visit ended I knew I was in love with Lafayette, and I compared every other college I visited to it with nothing being able to top it. These are the 10 reasons why Lafayette College was my dream school and why I fell in love with it.

1. Size

First and foremost, it was the perfect size school for me. It has about 2500 students enrolled so roughly 600 people in my class. I knew I wanted a small school because I wanted the small classes. I wanted to be able to know my teachers which doesn’t happen when in a 500 person lecture. Plus, a small school means a smaller campus which is easier to get around. A big school would have been too overwhelming.

2. People are similar to me

After visiting Lafayette I knew I would be able to fit in. The students I saw around seemed like people I would get along with and were all very kind and friendly. After visiting some other schools I felt the students were too smart or artsy and that I wouldn’t mesh well with them. I felt comfortable at Lafayette.


3. D1 sports

I didn’t expect to be able to find a school that was a small liberal arts college and that also had great athletics. I’m not an athlete myself, but I love being able to watch the football team in our beautiful stadium and I love all the school spirit shown during our Laf-Lehigh rivalry.

4. Close to home

The fact that Lafayette is only an hour and a half from home was a big factor also. It’s the perfect distance from home because it is close but not too close, and I can drive home and back to school in one day.


5. Beautiful campus

I can’t forget to mention how Lafayette is just straight up beautiful! The quad is my favorite part of campus and is the perfect place to read and hang out with friends. All the buildings are also beautiful, especially Watson and Pardee.

6. Liberal Arts

I have an idea of what I want to major in and what I want to do, but I still really wanted an education where I can learn about a range of subjects. That is why a liberal arts education is great, because it allows you to explore a little bit of everything.


7. Career services

Lafayette has a great career services department, leading Lafayette grads to have a high median starting salary. You have a career counselor that works closely with you and they always send info about internship opportunities and networking events.

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8. You don’t rush until sophomore year

It’s nice not to have the pressure of having to rush the minute you get to school when you are just trying to get settled in and survive. It gives you a chance to find your way before going into Greek life.


9. Homey atmosphere

Because Lafayette is such a small school with a relatively small campus, it kind of does feel like one big close knit community. You end up knowing most people in your class and when it’s a nice day you can find 95% of the school’s population on the quad. You are never far from your friends. Lafayette gives you a homey atmosphere that big schools don’t.

10. Easton, PA

The city that Lafayette college is located in, Easton, is a great place. Downtown Easton is a very short walk and is full of many cute restaurants and shops. It is even home to the great Crayola Factory! There are also farmer’s markets most weekends in the town circle which are always so fun to go to. The people of Easton are so kind and welcoming.


Lafayette was everything that I was looking for, a small liberal arts college where I could feel at home, comfortable, and safe. It’s a place where I would fit in and have fun. I knew immediately after I left Lafayette after my first visit that Lafayette was special and different from the rest. It’s because Lafayette has all the points I mentioned above, and not just some, that’s what makes it my dream school.

What else do you look for in a dream school? Do you think Lafayette College could be your dream school? Let us know down below!
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