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How To Make Yourself Feel Confident During Lockdown

How To Make Yourself Feel Confident During Lockdown

When you are stuck at home indefinitely, you must make yourself feel special. Being confident about yourself personally can help change the attitude of your day. While all the days can blend together, adding a few things to boost your confidence to your daily schedule can take you so far.

1. Self Love

First and foremost, talk to yourself nice. Being nice to yourself can take you so far mentally. Even if you change the sweatshirt you’ve worn the last couple of days and tell yourself good job. Giving yourself affirmations can help you in the long run. If you are given all this time to be home, learning to love yourself is important more than ever. While that can be hard sometimes and that’s okay, giving yourself just the smallest bit of positivity can end up being so much. A good example of practicing self love and building your confidence is writing things down. When you write things down it will help you remember it. It can also help manifest things for yourself and your future.

2. Shopping

To words, retail therapy. It could be something so small like a shirt you found at Target or something you’ve been wanting for so long. Maybe even a new hoodie that you can spend a week in on the couch. No matter what you choose, it will make you happier. Maybe the clothing you bought is your color or fits you just right, your confident will be through the roof. It is small things like that, that can make someone so happy. If clothing items isn’t what you’re looking at this point in time, then ordering food is also always an option. Or going for a walk to get a coffee. No matter what, treat! yourself! It’s what you deserve.


3. Wash Your Hair

It seems like an after thought, something that would be part of your daily routine. However, if you’re in your house all day every day why do you need to be consistently washing your hair? Washing your hair can make it feel so soft and silky which is overall just a great feeling. Then going on to blow dry and style it can help you feel confident. Although you are at home, it is about making YOU feel good. Having your hair done and being freshly showered has the power to make you feel like you did at least something for the day. It brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction doing some of the smallest tasks sometimes.

4. At Home Spa

Another great way to build your confidence when at home is giving yourself your own facial. This could include face masks, dermaplaning, plucking your brows, etc. As long as the time is devoted solely to yourself, do whatever you want. Taking the time to pamper yourself can give your skin that extra love that it has been missing. Doing at home spas gives you the excuse to try new products, techniques, hacks, etc., that you have been seeing. It’s a great time to try something new and see what works for you because on the slight chance something does not work out like you thought, you are in the comfort of your home and no one will ever know. There are few better things than that fresh glowy dew that your skin has after taking the time to properly care for it. 


5. Paint Your Nails

Another great way to be confident is painting your nails. There are so many new nail trends that you can try while at home. Giving yourself a manicure can make you feel like you are out and about again. When you get used to having your nails done, you feel incomplete when they are not done. So, you must improvise. You have the power to have every nail a different color, try out a new nail shape, your nails are your canvas. If you’re feeling extra motivated, you can also give yourself a pedicure. Doing your nails takes up a lot more than you think and honestly it gives you a great excuse to sit in front of the tv all day and just take care of yourself. 

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6. Take A Bath

One of the best ways to relax yourself and recharge is taking a bath. There is no bad time to take a bath. Light some candles and grab a book or turn on a show and just escape the world for a little bit. If you are someone who can not sit still for that long, taking a bath is a great time to exfoliate your body and/or shave your legs. When doing this in the bath, you can take time because you aren’t in a rush to do other things. Afterwards, you can moisturize your whole body put on your favorite shirt or sweatshirt and continue your relaxation in bed or on your couch. There is something about fresh shaven legs that can make you feel a little more confident. 

7. Try New Make Up

During time at home, you can spend a lot of time looking at new make up or ways to put on new make up. So, why not try what you’ve seen. If it doesn’t work out wash it off and go back to what you were doing. But honestly, sometimes it’s fun to submerge yourself in make up and make it feel like you’re younger playing dress up again. There’s been a lot of beauty hacks emerging from Tik Tok and other various platforms so spending the time and trying those can maybe help you find you’re new favorite way to put on make up. Or, maybe make you feel more confident with you’re natural skin. To give you that extra boost in your confidence, if you are especially proud of what you accomplished, send a photo to someone. Post a selfie. Sometimes the feeling of getting those compliments from friends and family can help maintain your confidence that you’ve been working on all of quarantine.

What are some ways that you maintain your confidence while at home? Let us know below!