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10 Unique Sweatshirts on Etsy That You’ll Want ASAP

10 Unique Sweatshirts on Etsy That You’ll Want ASAP

If you need a good hoodie, or are like me and graduating so it’s a bit weird if you keep wearing your old sorority hoodies, you may be struggling to find one. Etsy is one of my go-to places for sweatshirts because they support small businesses, have unique pieces and dupes that are often just as good as the real deal. Here are ten sweatshirts you can find on Etsy right now!

1. Empathy Sweatshirt

If you’re a fan of The Mayfair Group sweatshirts but can’t seem to snag one before they sell out or just don’t have the money for one, this is a great dupe. You’ll love the rainbow coloring of the letters and it’s super simple. Plus, these sweatshirts are such a hot commodity right now so you’ll always be in style with this on. You’ll be feeling like an influencer for sure in this Etsy gem.

2. Custom Embroidered Spotify Code Sweatshirt

When I was browsing through Etsy, I thought this was the coolest sweatshirt idea. You can get literally any song printed on a sweatshirt and it even works to scan it from your phone! It’s a cool gift idea for someone who is a superfan of an artist but already has all of their merch. Or you can just buy it for yourself and put whatever song you love on it. Either way, it’s different than most sweatshirts because it can be whatever you want.



3. I Hope You Have a Good Day Hoodie

I just saw this sweatshirt on Twitter and thought it was the sweetest idea. If these aren’t already trending everywhere, they will be soon. I’m sure tons of sweatshirt companies are selling ones like this for a much higher price because they are going to be selling out everywhere. Hoodies with sayings on the back are super popular right now and this one is so cute with a positive message. Brighten someone’s day and your own with this Etsy purchase.

4. Love That For You Hoodie

This is another adorable saying sweatshirt that Etsy has to offer. I’m telling you that there is no better time to buy a hoodie with a little saying on the back! Pair them with biker shorts, wear them on the beach at night, take cute pictures in them, it’ll be your staple summer piece. Sweatshirts like these are so cute to pose for pictures in and are very on trend right now. You can also wear these hoodies to the airport or as a cute travel outfit, because we all know how hard it is to look cute and comfy.


5. Roman Numeral Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is advertised on Etsy as an anniversary sweatshirt but honestly I would get it with the year I was born on it. It is unique to you and you can pick whatever number you want translated onto it so it truly can be any number you want. You can also pick what color sweatshirt and if you want it to be a hoodie, crew neck or t-shirt. This is a really cool gift for you or someone else and such a good idea! Plus, not a lot of people have hopped on this trend yet so you can say you got there first, you’re welcome.

6. Bestie Vibes Only Crewneck

If you watch TikTok, you may be familiar with the sound that just repeats “bestie vibes only.” So naturally Etsy has a sweatshirt in a cool psychedelic font with that saying printed on the back. It’s cute for you to get for your friend, or just for a TikTok fan in general. This font is incredibly popular right now if you have not gotten that from this article, so jump on it with a reference to the hottest app on your phone right now.

7. Hungover Not Heartbroken Sweatshirt

Another trend right now is the hangover hoodie, AKA sweatshirts that tell the world you’re hungover without you having to say it explicitly. Sweatshirts like these are going for easily $50 right now from most places and are sold out in most sizes but Etsy comes in to save the day. This tan color is very in right now and you’re supporting a small business by purchasing a hangover hoodie from Etsy! Also, this saying is one of the most popular sweatshirts sold right now.



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8. On Cloud Wine Sweatshirt

Another sweatshirt that is perfect for a wine lover or someone who just wants to let the world know they love a good glass of wine or five. Inspired by the hangover hoodie trend, Etsy has another option for those who are unable to locate something they really want or don’t want to shell out so much money. I am literally convincing myself to buy one as I write this.


9. Sunday Best Sweatshirt

Okay so apparently I am obsessed with this one Etsy seller CandyBoutiqueCo, because this is the third or fourth sweatshirt of theirs I’ve listed. Seriously, these sweatshirts are to die for and there are so many options for you to choose from. If you like the song or just want to be ironic because a sweatshirt is quite obviously not your Sunday best, here is the sweatshirt for you. This one just looks especially comfortable for some reason and I can’t quite pinpoint why.

10. Smiley Face Embroidered Sweatshirt

Fine, fine I’ll switch the Etsy sellers up a bit and show you this adorable smiley face sweatshirt. I absolutely love how simple it is but the embroidery being the same color as the sweatshirt is such a cool look. Also, this simple smiley face is very in style right now and is different than most sweatshirts I have seen on Etsy so far. I think it’s super cute for everyone and you won’t regret buying it.


Finding a good sweatshirt can be hard and expensive but Etsy is here to save your closet and wallet! Let me know your fave in the comments.


Featured Image by: JuneMaysStore on Etsy