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Curly Hair Routine Tips You Need To Be Following

Curly Hair Routine Tips You Need To Be Following

Ah yes, curly hair, it requires certain products and a lot of care. Like you can’t just walk out of the shower and let your hair dry without adding any products. That is something I never knew before because curly hair is drier than straight hair. You don’t shampoo it frequently. In fact, most people opt to do the co-wash, of just conditioner, and the only shampoo it about once or twice a month. Here are a few amazing things I wish someone would have told me early on. Well, no worries now because here are some curly hair routine tips that your hair will thank you for.

Wash Your Hair With Conditioner

Like mentioned before, just focus on mainly co-washing your hair with just conditioner meant for curly hair. The shampoo will strip your hair of its natural oils, so that’s why we curly hair gals need to wash it with conditioner instead and rarely use shampoo. Our hair needs a lot more hydration than regular hair, so conditioner will moisturize it and keep it hydrated.

Microfiber Towel

By now, you’ve seen most curly hair girls repent the regular bath towels and opt instead for a t-shirt. However, if you have a lot of hair that probably won’t soak up half as much wetness as you would like, so purchase a microfiber towel instead. A microfiber towel is perfect for curly hair girls as it won’t damage and raise your hair cuticles, making it frizz. You won’t have to worry, and you will get frizz-free locks with this.


Detangler Curly Hair Spray

You’re brushing out your curly hair and feel like it is a bit too hard for your brush to comb through, but you don’t want to start yanking out your hair and tugging on the knots. That’s why there’s curly hair spray. I tend to spray this all over my freshly washed hair right before I brush it out. It makes the process of brushing my hair a lot easier.


Coconut Oil

So after I brush out my hair, I grab a dollop of coconut oil and rub it in my hands to warm it and melt it up and then I run it all over the hair and take extra time on the tips of hair it doesn’t dry out. After this process, I fluff and volume to my hair and let it air dry. It takes away most of the frizz from my hair and allows my hair to gain the bouncy, beautiful curls even when my hair is still damp from the shower. The good news is that there are plenty of curly hair products that cost a whole lot of money. It gets expensive, maintaining curls but this coconut oil cost under five dollars.

Curly Hair Mask

Use a curl mask whenever you think your hair needs it or around once a month. There are plenty of hair masks out there, but getting one that’s targeted specifically for curly hair will really let them bounce back and give them life. I try to do one once or so a month, depending on if I have been using heat or dying it recently or more than usual. If your curly hair is moisturized and has beautiful frizz-free locks, congratulations, you don’t really have to do a hair mask. I try to do one whenever I bleach and dye my hair to give it some life back. Not your mother’s curl talk deep conditioning curl masque is a great product for all different curly hair types.


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Using Heat

First, we know that we shouldn’t be using heat on our hair, and it can dry out our hair and kill its life and give us more of a hay texture than our gorgeous locks, but sometimes we just have to use heat. We like to straighten our hair occasionally or dry it out with a hairdryer instead of a microfiber towel, and that’s okay. There’s just a simple tip when using heat on our hair, use a heat protectant. It’s like the primer that we use on our face before we put on makeup but for our hair. There’s a Briogeo blow dry cream that doesn’t use silicone but has nourishing oils in it and helps our hair be protected from heat up to 425 degrees. If you prefer a spray instead of a cream, the Cantu thermal shield heat protectant spray is great. Just like the Briogeo cream, it protects our hair from up to 425 degrees. Spray on your hair while it’s damp and then blow dry or spray it on before you flat iron your curls.


Curly Hair Cream

This is my go-to emergency product. You have two-day old curls that cooperating and full of frizz? Use a curly hair cream. Seriously, sometimes I love my hair one day when the curls like to act nice, and the next day, it’s as if they turned on me. You’re not going to wash your hair every day either because it’s bad for it and it’s growth. I love the Garnier Fructis curl nourishing buttercream leave-in treatment. It helps my curls look beautiful again, even if it’s on a 2-day frizz. This personal curl cream is paraben-free and claims to offer 3-day moisture working with coconut, jojoba, and macadamia oil. It also smells heavenly. It really makes my curls look less like a frizz ball on my head and more like beautiful bouncy curls.


So there you have it curly hair routine tips and advice. Let us know which products you already have and use daily or which ones you plan on purchasing and adding to your curly hair routine. Remember that all our curly hair types are different, so if you know a particular brand that works wonders for you, look into their line. They probably have products that you will love as well.

Did we miss anything, like a curly hair product you can’t live without? Add it to the comment section and help out your curly hair friends.