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How To Dress Cute Without Breaking The Bank

How To Dress Cute Without Breaking The Bank

How To Dress Cute Without Breaking The Bank

As tempting as those online advertisements can be, the change rattling around in your savings account is begging you not to buy a new shirt.  So what’s the solution? In an age where self-care is often linked to an influx of spending, getting that instant fix of dopamine can become a staple to your routine. Here are some ways to stay fashionable and shop without draining your wallet dry.

1. Thrifting

Now let’s be clear about this one, I’m talking about purchasing clothes that actually fit you, ones that you also plan to wear. Buying that XXL dress because you think you could cut it up into a scarf is only ethical if you really can’t find or afford better fabric. Thrift shopping is a great alternative to spending a ton of money on brand-name clothes, but stay cool about it. Some people might not have the other options you do. 

When perusing thrift stores, it’s easier to hold yourself in check than when you shop on the internet. If you have a jean jacket, do you really need two? These are the less-fun questions you should be asking. 

2. Shop With Friends

Especially go with friends who tend to be level-headed and frugal with their spending. I’m not saying make yourself feel bad about your purchases, but shopping with friends is still fun even if you ask them to help hold you in check. DON’T go with those friends who are going to egg you on into buying everything you like if you’re looking to save money. 

How To Dress Cute Without Breaking The Bank

3. Check Twice

Combing back through your closet is an enlightening experience, especially when it’s with the intent to keep or get rid of clothes. Try separating them into things you wear often vs clothes you never wear and see if that makes a difference. If you haven’t worn a shirt in a year, it’s probably time to ditch it. Disregard if it sparks joy.

4. Ask Around

Finding places to shop around your city will take you away from that pesky online shopping addiction. Ordering things is expensive, and if you’re on a budget, you won’t be able to live a BuzzFeed celebrity style of life. Ask your friends or co-workers where their favorite places to shop or thrift are and go from there. It’s as good of a starting place as any. 

How To Dress Cute Without Breaking The Bank

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5. Pay In Cash

You won’t always be able to, but if you’re working a job that deals in tips then this is highly applicable. Paying in cash makes shopping for cute clothes more ‘real’, similar to how it can be better to shop in person versus online if you’re looking to save money. Plus, this is a way to ensue that you always have some cash on you when you go out. Bring as much as you’re willing to spend and leave it at that. If you don’t want to let yourself drop $40 on new shoes, try bringing $20 to start. 

6. Use Accessories 

Accessories can turn most outfits from looking day-to-day into something special. Whether it’s the bracelets you wear, the sunglasses, or the hats, utilizing those details is a way to switch it up from time to time. Don’t get caught in the loop of wearing the same beanie everyday, though. Friendship bracelets and knitted scarves are your friends, since they can be fun hobbies too. Find colorful socks, earrings, and anything else you’ve been holding yourself back from wearing.

How To Dress Cute Without Breaking The Bank

7. Accept Mom’s Hand-Me-Downs

It may have felt lame when you were an angsty teen, but those big sweaters from the 90s are just like the ones that are popular right now, just with less fanfare. It may be clothing that comes from your family, but it’s worth trying on just to see if you like it. Who would turn down free clothes? Might as well make sure they don’t go to waste.

How do you dress cute without breaking the bank?
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