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Hair Care Tips To Revive Your Hair After The Summer

Hair Care Tips To Revive Your Hair After The Summer

Summer is a lovely season, of course. It’s wonderful to be able to take off the endless layers of clothing you have to usually don throughout all of the other seasons, to be able to show off your legs (wink-wink) and to be able to hang out outside without feeling chilly (or rained on).

Still, however, it’s also quite annoying. The sun makes you sweat, gives you sunburns if you’re unlucky like me and god, does it burn your hair up. So does the water — especially the quite chemically enhanced water at most swimming pools.

Coloured hair, of course, is at a much higher risk, but that doesn’t mean that natural hair colours don’t suffer a lot, often quite as much. So here is: some hair care tips after the scorching sun, for you to revive your hair and for it to feel soft and luscious again.

Hydrate like crazy

Your hair will be drier, more exhausted after the summer. It’s really unavoidable; a lot of people manage to have it look healthy still, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t hungrier than ever for some nutrients and moisture.

Hair Care Tips To Revive Your Hair After The Summer

There are a lot of different ways to revive your hair, and it massively depends on the products you choose. For that, I’d recommend…

Argan oil, shea butter, yada yada yada

Different types of hair require different nutrients and support. Greasier types don’t particularly enjoy argan oil, for instance, while thinner hair doesn’t do well with shea butter.

From my own experience of having extremely greasy roots and extremely dry ends (the luck), I’m personally fond of shea butter shampoos and treatments. They leave my hair soft and shiny, help me work with my curls and don’t make my roots greasy for several days at a time.

It’s important that you find a product that suits you.

Nourishing masks

Masks are IT right now, both for your face and for your hair. We’re here to talk about how to revive your hair, though, so let’s save the face-mask recommendations for a different occasion.

Why are masks important, really? Well, there’s a number of reasons. First and foremost, you will do them more rarely than shampooing and conditioning your hair — thus, the effect will be more pronounced.

Second of all, they’re some of the main gamechangers when it comes to the strength and shine of your hair — so take my word and invest in a hair mask. I promise, it will do wonders, especially after the scorching summer sun.

Instead of giving empty words of advice, I’m here to recommend some products for the different types of hair — I’m just that nice, and I’ve tried a fair share of those.

Dry hair:

Dry hair is always happy to get some mask treatment, so you’ll find out a wide variety of masks to help you revive your hair in the market. From personal experience, some of the best for this are:

The more boujee: Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Deep Recovery Pak

Hair Care Tips To Revive Your Hair After The Summer

The less boujee: Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Treatment Masqu

Hair Care Tips To Revive Your Hair After The Summer

Oily hair:

Oily hair is a bit more tricky; one wrong move and you have greasy hair three hours after washing your hair. Do not worry — as a (non-proud) owner of extremely oily roots, I would not do you any harm.

The more boujee: Paul Mitchell‘s Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment

Hair Care Tips To Revive Your Hair After The Summer

The less boujee: ArtNaturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

See Also

While it’s also quite expensive, this is a unique mask, because it also works as skincare for those of us with blemished skin and acne.

Hair Care Tips To Revive Your Hair After The Summer

Frizzy/curly hair:

Curly and frizzy hair always needs a bit of that special care — seen as it is, after all, more fragile. Hence there are a lot of products especially for curly hair, and they will definitely help you revive your hair more effectively.

The more boujee: DAVINES LOVE Curl Mask

Hair Care Tips To Revive Your Hair After The Summer

The less boujee: Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Coconut Oil 3-in-1 Frizzy Hair Mask Treatment

Hair Care Tips To Revive Your Hair After The Summer

Lay off the hair dye (for a bit)

It’s sad, yes. But when your hair is already dehydrated and damaged, hair dye — especially the intense ones — will impede the revival process massively. Hair dye is never really good for your hair as is, but especially so when it’s suffering.

So to be able to revive your hair, you should take good care to revitalise it first. Once it looks and feels okay — feel free to dye your hair turquoise again, if that’s what your heart desires.

Get a trim

This is an ages old advice, but the ends of your hair will suffer the most. Many people don’t know that, but regularly trimming your hair helps it 1) be healthier, and 2) grow faster.

So go on, get that hair salon appointment. Or get a really talented friend to do it for you. Regardless, cut off those dry split ends and revive your hair more efficiently.

Have you gotten off easily this summer? Or is your hair a mess? Do you have any products that are your restoration go-to’s? Share them with us in the comments below!

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