How To Be Productive When You Are Going Through A Hard Time

How To Be Productive When You Are Going Through A Hard Time

It is extremely hard to be productive when you are going through a hard time. Life forces us to constantly be present even when our personal lives are in turmoil, so I have learned some ways to maintain productivity during those had times.

Take a moment to do something mindless and enjoyable.

It might seem that when you are trying to focus on a task, hunkering down would be the best option, but when you have a cluttered mind, it will be hard to be productive. You’ll find that you are taking breaks anyway because you can’t force yourself to focus. So instead, take the break voluntarily and do something you enjoy, but can also get you away from your thoughts.

For me, painting and cooking are mindless activities that can help me naturally refocus. I also enjoy doing them so it boosts my spirits. Find something that functions this way for you because in the long run, you will find that your productivity will go up.

How To Be Productive When You Are Going Through A Hard Time

Switch up the tasks you are doing

Sometimes, when you find that one task is becoming redundant, that can be a recipe for disaster. At that point your mind can tend to wander and you can sit there for an hour just feeling the weight of your issues. To maintain productivity, mix up the tasks that you have to complete. By doing so, you become focused on how to complete the new task and can use that to refocus yourself.

Since you are moving from one task to another, it is a sure way to be productive at all times. For some people this will work better than doing a mindless task because it will keep you focused on something that is more challenging than house work or cooking.

How To Be Productive When You Are Going Through A Hard Time

Change your surroundings

Unfortunately, sometimes our hard times are happening in our homes or places that we frequent, so in order to be productive in those moments, the best thing to do is to change your surroundings. Get away from your toxic environment and try to work outside or in your favorite coffee shop. A change in environment can do a great deal for your mental health and your ability to work.

I noticed that when I got out of my dark room, and decided to work elsewhere, I was able to be so much more productive. It really helps and if you can, try to work someplace with a great deal of sunlight because that can also put you in a positive mood to go about your day.

How To Be Productive When You Are Going Through A Hard Time

Surround yourself with people that care for you

Hard times require us to regroup, to find our equilibrium and find a path forward. That can seem impossible without some sort of support system, so it is crucial to attend to your emotional needs.  Even if you find that you are able to get by without tackling your issues, they will catch up with you eventually, and when they do, it will feel worse than if you were dealing with your problems from the beginning.

I would always recommend counseling because having a professional help you to contextualize the things that are affecting you, will go a long way. But if you cannot go that route, take time to speak to those around you who you trust. When you can have a space to vent and make sense of your emotions, it can free up your head space so that you can be productive and move forward.

How To Be Productive When You Are Going Through A Hard Time

It is terrible to have to go through a difficult time, and I hope that you can get through yours, but know that you can still be productive in your life even given the circumstances. Leave down below some more tips for fellow readers if you have any.

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