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7 Ways To Be Productive During Spring Break

7 Ways To Be Productive During Spring Break

If you're looking for ways to be productive during Spring break, instead of partying the week away you can wake up early, eat healthy, exercise, get a head start on homework or college applications and more!

When you actually get things done on any school break, you will feel refreshed and ready to kick the rest of the semester in the butt. Of course, you don’t have to be go, go, go all the time. Break is all about rest and relaxation, so spend a couple hours doing work, and don’t feel guilty about spending some time doing absolutely nothing – just make sure it’s not 7 days’ worth. Check out these ways to be productive during spring break to help you spend your free time wisely during this Spring Break.

1. Wake up early.

Since stores open around 8 a.m. or 10 a.m., the key to being productive is waking up early. Plus, light, e.g. from the sun, can help you stay awake. It’s really not fun when you sleep in until 2 p.m. and half the day is gone. All you really want to do at that point is stay in bed and binge-watch Netflix. You may have trouble being that person who actually gets up with the birds. But, there are plenty of ways to teach yourself to become a morning person!


2. Go to bed early.

Obviously, waking up early coincides with going to bed early. The more sleep you get, the easier and better-feeling waking up early will be. You’ll have more energy which will actually make you want to be productive.


3. Exercise and eat healthy.

A short walk around the block will suffice, but going to the gym is also really great – even for just an hour. Exercising and eating healthy can help brighten your mood and make you feel more awake.

4. Find a motivational spark every day.

There are lots of motivational things to choose from:

  • Actively search for people who motivate and inspire you to achieve whatever goals you have. They could be your favorite author, actor, singer or even someone you personally know. Talk to them, read about them, and watch interviews with them.
  • Write a motivational quote on a post-it note every night before you go to bed. You can even stick it on your mirror, so when you wake up early (see #1), you’ll wake up to some encouragement.
  • Check out some already-made motivational quotes on sites like Pinterest. The World Wide Web is full of quotes with pretty graphics and images.


5. Work on your resume or work part-time.

Working at a part-time job during spring break or giving your résumé a boost can do wonders for your career and your wallet. Recording all of your accomplishments on a CV wouldn’t hurt, either. If you are getting ready to graduate, start applying for jobs, or at least see what’s hiring in your field.

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6. Work on scholarship applications.

Scholarships can help lift the burden of tuition. You can take advantage of Spring Break and finish all of those essays and applications.

7. Keep your mind in “school mode.”

Since Spring Break is in the middle of the Spring Semester, it’s the perfect opportunity to organize paperwork, play catch-up, or read ahead. When you get back, you will be ready to continue on the next several weeks without shuffling through a mess of unorganized folders and notes. Your friends and classmates will be wondering how the heck you are on top of everything.


Can you think of any more ways to be productive during spring break? Let us know down below!

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