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Here’s Why Couples Don’t Actually Care About Valentine’s Day

Here’s Why Couples Don’t Actually Care About Valentine’s Day

Do you find yourself the only one really excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is up with everyone else that makes them not look forward to this holiday? Here are the top reasons why many couples these days would prefer not to care about Valentine’s Day!

1. Every Day Is Valentine’s Day

Cliche, sure, but still a powerful statement nonetheless. Some couples don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because they feel as though they don’t need to assign romantic gestures and performances for just one day. Doing something for your loved one shouldn’t be celebrated as just a single day out of the year, in their eyes.

Here’s Why Couples Don’t Actually Care About Valentine’s Day


2. It’s Booked Everywhere

When going out on Valentine’s Day, one would expect to dine at the fanciest restaurants, take a stroll around the best parks around, or do something mildly more romantic than the average day has to offer. It’s too bad everybody else also has that same idea. Seriously, try getting a reservation at your favorite restaurant, it’s likely to be packed within minutes and some people have work the next day to wait around until 11pm! 

3. No Expectations

Sometimes, spontaneous shows of affection are way more powerful to a partner than any expected day out of the year. There’s too much pressure to get things right, romantic, and perfect. Valentine’s Day for many couples means they have to bring their A-game when it comes to this special one-day-a-year event! That’s a lot to live up to, which makes many couples not even bother and get their hopes up for nothing.

4. Overcrowded At Their Favorite Places

Couples want to revisit either their most romantic or first date spots when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The point is to feel all special and remind themselves what made them fall in love with their partners in the first place. After all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?


Well, clearly everybody else has the same idea. Sometimes, those favored spots will be overtaken in a matter of minutes. The park will have rows of the same picnic set up. There’s a three hour waiting period for 0ne’s favorite restaurant. Valentine’s Day doesn’t leave a lot of room for just the two of you.

Here’s Why Couples Don’t Actually Care About Valentine’s Day

5. It Makes Single People Feel Miserable

Maybe they’re sympathetic to the plight of their single friends, or maybe they feel as though Valentine’s Day excludes single people. Valentine’s Day can only do so much for a specific set of people, and that’s why these couples don’t feel quite comfortable celebrating a holiday that makes others feel miserable or sad.


Couples like these will avoid the holiday because they feel that a holiday should be accessible for everyone, regardless of relationship status.

6. Makes Work A Slog

Many people have jobs in customer service, which means a holiday like Valentine’s Day only helps to drive up the intensity in their workplace. A partner who has to work on Valentine’s Day with the extreme chance of getting yelled at by a customer is going to have a different, more sour perspective on the holiday.

Nothing kills a mood more than testy or impatient patrons that are too focused on their own Valentine’s Day plans to respect yours.


7. No Forced Romance

Some couples find their romantic ventures on this particular day of the year more strained than usual. Doing things for their partner should be casual and easy, but with Valentine’s Day, this can be interpreted as forced and insincere.

Partners can find their efforts on Valentine’s Day to be contrived when compared to their regular forms of romantic expression. Many couples would rather perform authentic acts rather than rely on a day they find staged.

8. Overpriced

Some areas and locations take full advantage of this holiday for two and capitalize the hell out of it! There’s nothing more romantic than businesses overpricing their products in accordance with consumer interest, no? What’s more, buying the best flowers or chocolate on this day can sometimes cost more money than they’re actually worth.


Valentine’s Day is just a regular day that’s been commercialized to the point all insincerity and meaning are lost to corporate greed and material interest.

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Here’s Why Couples Don’t Actually Care About Valentine’s Day


9. To Be Countercultural

Counterculture is the natural equalizer that inevitably rises from people disinterested in the mainstream. Sure, it can seem stubborn or superficial, but everyone marches to the beat of their own drum. The more Valentine’s Day becomes a mainstream norm, the more it becomes part of the “establishment”.

To some couples, it can represent corporations advertising and profiting off any and all Valentine’s Day related accessories such as chocolates and jewelry. It makes these couples question whether the capitalistic hunger underneath the holiday is worth performing under. 

10. The Meaning Gets Lost

When it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day can get its meaning pretty much lost to the average joe. It’s not about the flashiness of the day, it’s not about the spectacle. It’s definitely not about materialistic items and it’s not specifically about relationships. Valentine’s Day is a day for everyone to appreciate the love they find in their lives and communicate how much they are grateful for it.


Valentine’s Day has a reputation for being frivolous and materialistic. Most couples don’t give it too much thought, but many others do, and for that reason, they avoid celebrating a holiday they find to be so lost in vapid commercialism and flashy spectacle.

Here’s Why Couples Don’t Actually Care About Valentine’s Day

11. Used To Make Up For Mistakes

Valentine’s Day can often be used as a second-chance for couples who find themselves relying on the holiday to make up for past mistakes or arguments they’ve had. The trouble is, this makes the holiday effort insincere and shouldn’t actually count for any fight or miscommunication that lands outside the day. Many couples decide not to celebrate Valentine’s Day so as to avoid this temptation and actually be sincere in their apology and union.


12. They’re Just Not Feeling It

Sometimes, apathy is just as good as any holiday mood-killer. Many modern couples don’t see the interest in committing themselves to a whole cay of romance when they can do it whenever they want and in a more unexpected fashion. To celebrate it as a whole seems like too much effort because it’s not as big a holiday like Christmas, Halloween, or Arbor Day (kidding).

What’s making you dread Valentine’s Day this year? Comment below and tell us how you really feel about this holiday of love!

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