6 Haunted Places In New Jersey You Need To Visit

Feeling adventurous and want to get in the spooky Halloween spirit this fall? Well get together your favorite road trip buddies and start planning out your weekends because you will not want to miss these haunted excursions this season! Keep reading for 6 haunted places in New Jersey you need to visit!

1. Frightfest at Schaefers Farms in Flemington, NJ.

Their turn their gorgeous farm and turn it into a Halloween Extravaganza that takes you through four horrifying attractions starting with a “Hayride of Horror” where you are taken through the woods and then dropped off for a nice stroll down the “Trail of Terror”. You walk through their graveyard and eventually make your way towards the “Massacre Maze”. If you make it through this haunted corn maze, you will end up at their final attraction, “Carnival of Chaos”. It is a quick ride from Rutgers and you can easily purchase tickets online here.

2. Brighton Asylum, located in Passiac, NJ.

This asylum is the “scariest place on earth” according to the Today Show. This haunted location are not for those who scare easily. They take you through “The Tunnel” which is an abandoned underground tunnel system that used to be used by the staff members. You can also take it another step further by attempting their “Escape Room”. This is a new attraction that has just started this fall where you and a group of friends are trapped in a haunted room and have to escape. For the extra brave souls, you can also upgrade your experience by getting the contact wristband that allows you to be touched and taken away by those who haunt the asylum. You can choose your haunted experience with them and purchase tickets here.

3. Allaire Village located in Farmindale, NJ.

History geeks will love this one!  It’s said to be haunted by two ghosts who linger around the museum. Supposedly they enjoy playing pranks on those who visit the museum. They host events every Friday and Saturday of Halloween where you can experience the inside of this haunted museum as well as a haunted hayride in the woods nearby. This place is perfect for those who like a little ore low key haunted experience. Reserve your spot now here!

4. The Proprietary House in Perth Amboy, NJ.

Fan of the SyFy show Ghost Hunters? Well, they visited The Proprietary House in 2008 and found evidence of ghosts in the basement of this house. It’s definitely one of the most haunted places in New Jersey! It used to be home to New Jersey’s Royal Governor in 1764 when American still only had 13 colonies. This haunted historical monument holds tours every Wednesday where you can see the history of the building (and hopefully experience some of the ghosts inside as well!) You can see all of their tour dates and tickets here.

5. Whipporwill Road in Middletown, NJ.

Middletown, NJ is home to one of the scariest roads in all of New Jersey, Whipporwill Road. There are stories of witches roaming, the New Jersey devil wandering this road, and even KKK members performing sacrificial ceremonies on this road. New Jersey residents who have driven down Whipporwill have claimed to hear babies crying if you turn your car off. There is also supposedly 3 large bumps that you drive over that are said to be buried dead bodies in the road. Pack your car with friends, take a trip to Monmouth County, and drive down Whipporwill if you dare..

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6. The Flanders Hotel in Ocean City.

If you are your friends are brave and willing to take the trip, you can stay in this hotel that is haunted by a young girl named Emily. The Flanders Hotel in Ocean City is the main stop of the Ghost Tour of Ocean City each year and gives its residents a very uncommon experience.

It is said that this ghost Emily, also sometimes known as “The Lady in White,” roams around the hotel opening and shutting random doors, flickering light switches, fiddle with the door handles of your room and more. It has to be one of the most haunted places in New Jersey! There is even a portrait of Emily in the hotel Lobby as well as a restaurant in the hotel named after her. Pack the popcorn and your footie pajamas for this one because you are going to feel like the star of a paranormal movie in this hotel.

What other haunted places in New Jersey are on your list to visit? Comment below and share the article!
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Megan Bonner

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