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15 Cool Makeup Looks For Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, it is time to brainstorm all of the fun and creative costumes we want to try out this year. This is the perfect time to experiment with makeup and test out some crazy looks! Keep reading for 15 super cool Halloween makeup looks that are perfect for the spooky season.

1. Part Pumpkin, Part Face

What says Halloween more than a pumpkin? This look is super scary, and it surprisingly is not that hard to do. You want to begin by outlining a section of your face with some black eyeliner, this section will be the “face”. Do your makeup like normal in that area, with foundation, eyeshadow, etc. Smudge out the black outline and add some little cracks for detail.

For the pumpkin section, you will need some orange face paint, and some black eyeliner to do the pumpkin lines. Do a black triangle over your other eye and nose, and then the jack-o-lantern smile over the mouth.

2. Violet Beauregarde

Violet, you are turning violet! This is from the iconic scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Violet eats a piece of experimental chewing up and ends up turning into a blueberry. I am convinced almost everybody will recognize this Halloween makeup look. The most important pieces of this look are the purple on the nose and the short blonde wig.

3. Cuts and Gashes

These are perfect for any look on Halloween. Zombies, mummies, you name it. You can pretty much do your base makeup however you like to. My personal favorite way is to do a full glam. On top of your makeup, wherever you would like, is where you will do the cuts and gashes. Most Halloween stores sell kits that have all of the products necessary to create them.

4. Spider Web Eyes

If makeup typically is not your forte, this look is a good one for you. To create these spider eyes, you will want to do your eye makeup with white eyeshadow, and then layer glittery white shadow on top of that. If you want to, you can even add on fake lashes and dramatic winged eyeliner. To do the web, take eyeliner and draw 5 lines going straight down from your eye. Connect the lines with a “U” shape and that’s it! Adding the rhinestones is a bonus if you have the time and patience!

5. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has been a pretty popular Halloween costume for the past few years. Even if you do not have her clothes to complete the look, most people will know who you are based on the Halloween makeup. One eye is going to have pinkish-red eyeshadow, and one eye is going to have blue. Make sure you drag and smudge out the eyeshadow down the eye and cheekbone. Draw a black heart, and pop on the red lipstick.

6. Sweet Scarecrow

This look is super cute! When you recreate it, start by doing your makeup normally, with some warm-toned eyeshadow. Break out the black eyeliner once again and draw small dots over the cheeks and on the sides of the forehead. Draw the stitching over the lips, on the forehead, and on the neck. Finish with a stitched nose, by outlining it with black and putting an orange shadow in the center.

7. Wednesday Addams

Character looks are so much fun to do! To become Wednesday, you of course need to start with your hair in her iconic braids. Use grey and black eyeshadow shades, and smudge it a little bit on your under-eye area. Finish with some black lipstick!

8. Half Glam Half Skeleton

This look is one of my faves. You get the perfect mix of glam and scary. For the first part, do your makeup however you would like. Super glam is highly recommended. After that’s done, you can wipe off the bottom half with a makeup wipe. You will need some white face paint and a small eyeliner brush to paint the skeleton outline and teeth.

9. Angel and Devil Eyes

Angels and devils are two of the most popular Halloween costumes, and now we can recreate them with makeup! For the devil eye, break out all of the red eyeshadow you own. You can do your shadow however you would like to, but then add a red arrow curving through your eyebrow. For the angel eye, stick to blue and white eyeshadows. Use white liner to draw a small halo above the brow and highlight it with yellow.

10. Easy Cat Makeup

Here is another easy Halloween makeup look for all of my beginners out there! All you really need to do for this look is draw on the nose and whiskers with black and white eyeliner/face paint. You can add the leopard/cheetah spots if you want as well!

See Also

11. Euphoria Inspired Makeup

Throughout the past few years, you have probably seen a lot of Halloween makeup looks inspired by the TV drama series, Euphoria. Glitter, rhinestones, bright colors, all of that good stuff. These euphoric looks are perfect for Halloween.

12. Coraline

This movie may scare some, but it is one of my personal faves. To become Coraline, draw some freckles on your cheeks using brown or blue eyeliner. Then, following the outline of your mouth, draw some stitching. Paint a button over one of your eyes and do not forget the short blue wig. Stay away from other mother!

13. Mystical Mermaid

This look is so fun because you get to play with bright and bold colors. You can pretty much go crazy with the colors, putting them on as eyeshadows and all over your face. Add some pearls or rhinestones to finish it off!

14. Melted Ice Cream

Break out some bright colors, an ice cream cone, liquid latex, and sprinkles for this look.

15. Bratz Doll

To become a Bratz doll, you will want to extenuate your eyes and lips. Put some concealer over your eyebrows to cover them up, and then draw some really thin brows an inch above where they normally are.

Happy Halloween everybody! Which Halloween makeup look are you the most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!

Baylie Panattoni

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