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10 Fall Date Ideas For You To Take Your SO On

With the new season, you can now throw out your regular date night ideas for these fall date ideas! Instead of just dinner and a movie, think about festivities that can get you and your partner in the fall spirit. Do not waste your time spending the day inside, but get outside to enjoy the nice and cool fall weather. Here are 10 fall date ideas for your to take your SO on this season!

1. Fireside Date Night

Now that the hot temps of the summer have faded away, you can now enjoy the crisp and fresh air of the fall season! This is one of the fall date ideas that gives you a chance to spend some time with bae and get a tasty snack at the same time.

Set up, of course, your campfire, s’mores supplies, hotdogs, and cider next to the fireside. Anything else that might be tasty and cooked in the fire should definitely be a part of your date night too! Complete the date with some cozy blankets to keep you warm and close!

2. Pumpkin Picking and Carving

Out of all the fall date ideas, this one is a must! Find a local farm or pumpkin patch to venture to for the day. Make sure that you bring some comfy clothes so you are able to move around while picking the perfect pumpkin. Also, depending on the weather, you might encounter that infamous fall mud, so bring your boots so you can really get down in the dirt for the best pumpkin!

Take your find back home with all of your paint and carving supplies. Pinterest is a great resource for finding ideas and guides to create a spooky pumpkin. If you aren’t into the whole pumpkin guts thing, then grab some paint and paintbrushes to paint a festive picture on your pumpkin!

3. Scary Movie Marathon

When thinking about scary movies, you might think you have seen them all, but what about the classics? The classic movies that set the standard for the movies that you know and love today! For this fall date idea, you’ll need your partner, a TV, lots of snacks, and anything else that will get you both in the festive spirit.

To really amp up your fall spirits, we are big fans of the classic fall sugar cookies, candy corn and peanuts, and $1 Halloween socks to bring the look together. This is the perfect date idea because you get to cuddle up next to your SO during the scary parts of the movie!

4. The Great Sweater Hunt

The next thing that you think of during the fall is the perfect sweater to keep you warm and cozy during the crisp mornings and dreary afternoons. A good rule of thumb is buying your new fall sweater through a second-hand or thrift store so that you do not have to go through the waiting period of wearing and washing to get ample softness.

This is where you and your partner get to make a fall date out of it! Either some friendly competition or just a nice date night, you both can venture to your local thrift stores in search of the best sweater for the season! This fall date idea will result in bragging rights for the best sweater and a new purchase!

5. DIY Costume Making

This is one of the more unique fall date ideas on this list! With the fall season also comes October 31st! Use the season and your date nights to prepare for the upcoming costume parties and trick or treating where you will be sure to win the best costume of the night! Because you are thinking of your plans before it is time, you will be able to make something perfect for the occasion. There are so many great ideas all over the internet that you both can spend a lot of time coming up with a great idea and constructing your dream into life!

6. Fall Baking Date

With the fall season comes upcoming holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. You have the entire time to perfect your recipes for candy apples and a pumpkin pie. Make a trip out of the baking experiences by visiting your local farmer’s markets to get your ingredients for a more authentic taste.

This fall date idea will be the tastiest date as you have to have a taste tester for all of the yummy creations that you and your partner are making. By the time that the holidays roll around, you will have nailed your recipes and everyone will be loving them!

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7. Visit a Haunted House

One of the scariest fall date ideas is to visit to a haunted house. This thrilling adventure will have you covered in goosebumps and clinging to base as you make your way through this house. Rather than just dinner and movie, make it dinner and a haunted house to celebrate the spooky season!

8. Venture Through a Corn Maze

This is one of the classic fall date ideas, but easily the most fun! You can probably combine this date with your pumpkin or apple picking date since most farms have a maze for you to figure out. Make some friendly competition with your partner to see who can get through the maze the fastest! Whoever wins can buy the apple cider afterward to warm you two up!

9. Search For The Coziest Fall Drink

Bring on all of the pumpkin drink flavors! Whether you love a classic Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks or your fave from the local coffee spot, there has to be something out there that beats them all! Bring your SO along to search for the coziest fall drink in town that will keep you warm in this crisp weather.

10. Stargazing

During the summers, it is almost impossible to sit outside without mosquitoes eating up your legs and nearly passing out from the heat. But now that it is fall, the air is a little cooler and the days are a little shorter so that you can get the most out of your stargazing date. Set up an outside area for your date with blankets, extra jackets, and some snacks to enjoy your time with your partner!

Which of these fall date ideas sounds the most fun to you and your partner? Do you prefer apple picking or pumpkin picking during the fall? Let us know your choices in the comments below!

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