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10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

Halloween costumes are the perfect opportunity to show off some of your greatest makeup skills! With that in mind, here are some of the best Halloween costumes you’ll want to be wearing this year to help show off those amazing makeup skills of yours!

1. Comic Book Art

If you want to make an impression and show off your makeup skills this Halloween, consider doing some comic book-inspired art! Not only is this makeup look super simple but it is also very versatile, and you can do lots of different looks with it! Turn any look into graphic art whether you’re transforming into a superhero, villain, or an everyday person! This is a great last-minute Halloween costume because it really relies on the makeup and not so much the outfit. There are hundreds of tutorials on how to do comic book makeup, but you can also gain inspiration from just Googling comic book art!

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

2. Ouija Board

If you’re looking for a creepy costume that relies heavily on makeup more than the outfit, look no further than this Ouija Board inspired makeup! Ouija Boards scream “Halloween,” so this would be an awesome costume to do if you love makeup and don’t want to worry about an intricate outfit. What’s incredible about this Halloween makeup look is that you only need black eyeliner or black face paint to achieve this look! Simply draw out the alphabet and add a “yes,” “no,” and “goodbye,” and you’re done! You can go as detailed as you want with this and pull inspiration from Tarot cards as well! Pair it with an all-black outfit, and you’re ready for the spookiest night of them all!

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

3. Violet Beauregarde

Last year, YouTuber Ellie Addis posted a photo of her dressed up like Violet Beauregarde, and the internet went crazy! Since the picture went viral, Ellie has posted a tutorial on how to achieve the look and inspired many others to create their own version of it!

What’s crazy is that it took the beauty community until 2018 to come up with an iconic look like this one! Everyone is familiar with Violet, and the look tells you exactly who she is right away! This makeup look would make a great Halloween look because it will give you the chance to showcase your makeup skills, and Violet is a very recognizable character. Just pair your Violet look with a blue jumpsuit or co-ord set, and you’re ready for Halloween!

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

4. Black Dahlia

While the story behind the Black Dahlia is tragic, Elizabeth Short’s case has become very popular in the media and has become a popular Halloween costume due to its bizarre details. For those of you who are into special effects makeup, turning yourself into the Black Dahlia might just be the costume for you!

This is a rather easy look to achieve if you’re a beginner with special effects makeup or can be achieved pretty easily if you only want to learn for this costume! There are several ways to go about making the Glasgow smile, so do some research on YouTube or SFX forums to find the best strategy for you! Besides the SFX makeup, all you need is red lipstick, a black wig, and a dahlia flower for your hair!

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

5. Barbie (Pre and Post-Operation)

By now, everyone has probably come to the realization that the Barbie look is unachievable, and if Barbie were a real person, she would look scary. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop us from at least trying to achieve perfection, often with plastic surgery. This Halloween, pull inspiration from Barbie and the unrealistic expectations and be a pre or post-op Barbie gone wrong! This particular look was done by YouTuber Mykie from Glam and Gore so you can follow the tutorial step by step if you want this exact look!

Pre-op Barbie is a great last-minute Halloween costume because you just need to draw pre-surgical markings. But if you really want to make a statement and stand out, post-op Barbie would be perfect! Again, this is the perfect costume for those who dabble in SFX makeup! But if you don’t, no worries! Opt for pre-op Barbie instead!

Follow the tutorial:

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

6. The Other-Coraline

Coraline has become a popular Halloween movie over the years due to its eerie and very dark nature. While there’s nothing particularly scary about normal Coraline, Other-Coraline is definitely that kind of thing that would keep you up at night! No, Coraline never became the Other-Coraline, but if she had, it might have looked something like this! Again, this is a great makeup look for someone dabbling in SFX makeup who wants to make a statement! But even if you want to avoid the button-eyes, the makeup look still takes a lot of skill and is the perfect way to showcase your makeup talents!

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

7. Beetlejuice and The Joker

While Beetlejuice and The Joker are not the same people or even from the same movie, their makeup is remarkably similar, and the same techniques can be used to achieve either one of the characters!

Costumes certainly add to these Halloween costumes, but the real defining characteristics come from the makeup! For both Beetlejuice and The Joker, the color palettes are very similar, with shades of purple and green as the primary colors. The most significant difference when it comes to these character’s makeup is that The Joker has tattoos and Beetlejuice has more bruised markings.

No matter what you choose, both characters have impressive makeup that would make the perfect Halloween costume to showcase your cosmetic talents! You can even throw in some SFX makeup if you want to, especially with The Joker!

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

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10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

8. Jigsaw

One of the creepier costumes of the bunch, Jigsaw is a Halloween icon that is most recognizable around Halloween time, making this a great costume! The actual Jigsaw makeup look can be straightforward, but if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort, you can take Jigsaw from a 7 to a 10 really fast.

To impress everyone with your Jigsaw costume, all you need is a puzzle piece prosthetic which is super easy to find at either a Halloween store or SFX store! If you can’t find a prosthetic, no worries! Mykie from the YouTube page Glam and Gore has you covered with a video called ‘Missing Puzzle Piece FX Makeup Tutorial’ where she will also give you a full tutorial on how to achieve the missing puzzle piece look. Not only will this really amp up your costume, but it will make a lasting impression on people, and it’s way more simple than it looks!

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

9. Medusa or Mermaid

Just like The Joker and Beetlejuice, achieving a mermaid or Medusa look is almost one and the same, the only difference is the colors! If you want to impress everyone with your Halloween costume, transforming yourself into a mermaid or Medusa is the perfect way to do this! While Medusa wasn’t a snake herself, this is Halloween, and you can do whatever you wan with your makeup! The reason that Medusa and a mermaid have similar makeup in that both snakes and fish have a scaly texture that can be done the same way.

To make “scales” on your face and body, all you need are fishnet tights or material! Placing the fishnet over the area you want to scale up, lightly dab over the holes and you will get a scaled effect! If you are trying to achieve a Medusa look, use colors like green and black. If you are trying to do a mermaid, use aquatic colors like blues and silvers!┬áThen, go all out with the rest of your makeup and get ready to receive all the compliments on your incredible makeup look!

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

10. The Mad Hatter

Last but not least, The Mad Hatter is a must if you want to show off your makeup skills! While The Mad Hatters makeup is, well… mad, there is also some order to the chaos, and that’s what makes this look more tricky! However, because it seems so all-over-the-place the process of achieving this Halloween costume will be fun and worth the extra effort!

Of course, there are lots of makeup tutorials on YouTube that you can follow to achieve this look, but you can also just use a reference photo and make this look unique to you! This look is very theatrical and out there and not for the faint of heart! But the good news is, anyone can do this makeup look and look like a pro!

10 Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Makeup Skills

What will you be dressing up as this year? Would you show off your makeup skills with any of these Halloween costumes? Tell us in the comments!

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