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8 Hacks For Doing Laundry Every College Student Needs

8 Hacks For Doing Laundry Every College Student Needs

Are you spending tons of money at the laundry mat and wasting a ton of time? Say no more, try out these hacks for doing laundry!

It’s that time again. Heading to the laundry mat or washing your clothes at home? However you’re doing it, don’t make it hard on yourself. It’s gotta get done because no one wants to wear smelly clothes and everyone sweats, even the Kardashians. But if you’re an average person like me, you have to do it yourself. It’s cool I’m going to simplify the process for you. Make life easy with these 8 hacks for doing laundry.

Screw The Color Code

I’m sorry but whoever says you have to separate your clothes by color must work at the laundry mat and is making tons of money from peoples quarters. After having washed your clothes at least twice, the color thing is no longer an issue. You can put them all together and so long as you’re not washing with bleach, you’ll have no problem.

8 Hacks For Doing Laundry

Stuff It In

Fill up your machines. If you don’t you’re wasting water, and also money on extra machines. I’m not going to be one of those people that says the more clothes you put the cleaner they get, because I don’t exactly get that concept. But if the machine is stuffed nearly to the max the clothes still get washed and still come out clean. Especially if there are two wash cycles on the machine. Save money with this hack for doing laundry, by stuffing it in.

8 Hacks For Doing Laundry

Laundry Mats With Free Soap

Hand in hand with the stuff it in concept, if you’re washing your clothes at a laundry mat, find a place that offers free soap! They exist. You’ll save tons on bottles and avoid mass plastic production. Do your research for this hack and find a place that gives you free soap for your customer loyalty.

8 Hacks For Doing Laundry

OD On Soap

When you get the free soap, don’t be afraid to use a lot. Your machine will be full of clothes so you’ll need it, plus you’re not paying for it. Use a lot, make life easier. These hacks are essential because laundry has to be done every week or every two weeks and that isn’t going to change. Consider your future savings and use these hacks when doing laundry.

Dryer Sheets

I think dryer sheets are underrated. You actually do need these. They make your clothes come out soft and fluffy and great-smelling. So definitely include them in your laundry process! This one is maybe more of a tip than a hack, but it’s definitely one of the hacks for doing laundry if you haven’t already been using em.

Use A Lot Of Dryers

Another life hack for doing laundry is using a lot of machines when you’re drying. If you separate the wet clothes so the machine is no more than half full they’ll dry faster. Something you should already know if you’re doing your own laundry, but in case you didn’t there it is!

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8 Hacks For Doing Laundry

Always Fold While Hot

An awesome hack for doing laundry is actually folding your clothes once they’re done drying. Doing this avoids wrinkles and the need to iron. You simply press the clothes flat with your hands while you’re folding them and this will smooth out all the wrinkles. The heat that’s still present from the dryer acts as a steamer in keeping them flattened. Do this immediately after removing them from the dryer, every time, and you’ll never have to iron again. This is one of the best hacks for doing laundry!

8 Hacks For Doing Laundry

Always Fold At The Laundry Mat

If you’re out doing your laundry then definitely do the above step at the laundry mat, because they have tables which make it easier and also because if you carry the clothes home, by the time you get there they won’t be as hot anymore.  Give this a try, trust me it works.

I hope you can make use of these quick hacks for doing laundry. Some of them are pretty obvious but you never who knows! Leave a comment if you’ve tried any of these.

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