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10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

Bachelor, 10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

Each season of Bachelor in Paradise (BIP) typically concludes in early September. Shortly after the summer spinoff ends, the new Bachelor is revealed on Good Morning America. Most of the time, the next Bachelor is someone who appeared on the most recent season of The Bachelorette but wasn’t on the current season of BIP. The last three Bachelors didn’t meet the stated criteria.

Bachelor Nation and even Franchise Alums were stunned in 2016 when Nick Viall was named the Season 21 Bachelor despite being on the most recent season of BIP (Season 3) at the time. Fans were shocked because Viall (the runner-up of both Andi’s and Kaitlyn’s seasons) also wasn’t a suitor from the latest season of The Bachelorette (JoJo’s Season) either.

The announcement of Arie Luyendyk Jr. as The Bachelor for Season 22 in 2017 left fans even more shocked. The last time Arie appeared on any Bachelor Franchise Show was five years ago when he finished as the runner-up on Emily’s Season of The Bachelorette. While Luyendyk Jr. wasn’t on any BIP season, he still made two cameo appearances (the first being the premiere episode of close friend, fellow Bachelorette castmate, and Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe’s season in 2013; and the second one at Lowe’s televised wedding to Final Rose Recipient Catherine Giudici in January 2014) on the franchise since Emily’s Season ended.  

Last year, Colton Underwood (finished fourth overall) was a contestant on the most recent season (Becca’s Season) of The Bachelorette but was still selected as the Season 23 lead despite also appearing on the latest season (Season 5) of BIP. As a result, it is hard for fans to predict who the Season 24 Bachelor will be. 

Please note the rankings aren’t based on how much of a favorite each guy is for the gig. Where each suitor is listed is based on how recent the season of The Bachelorette he was on was, by placement (All but #5 and #10 were on the same seasons), and if they were/currently on a season of BIP. Although JoJo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsay were The Bachelorettes for the Seasons 12 and 13 respectively, the rankings for their guys are switched as both guys from JoJo’s Season are on the current BIP Season (both guys from Rachel’s season on this list never appeared on BIP). 

In addition, note that Tyler Cameron, the runner-up of Hannah B.’s season, will not be included on this list as his romantic life and relationship with Brown post-show is too difficult to explain.

Now, here are the 10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor: 

1. Peter Weber:

Peter Weber (on the right) (nicknamed ‘Pilot Pete’ by Bachelor Nation) finished third overall on Hannah’s Season. The last guy to step out of the limos, he became a fan-favorite after showing up to meet the bachelorette in his pilot uniform. Peter was also known for his down-to-earth personality, good looks, charm, and for staying out of most of the drama (he did tell Luke P. to knock it off with his antics).

He and Hannah (on the left) had deep chemistry and he was sent home heartbroken right after the dramatic overnight dates rose ceremony. While she said there was nothing wrong with their relationship and that he was the perfect guy, Hannah’s reason for eliminating him was that he wasn’t the one for her. After they tearfully parted ways, fans were rooting for him to be next Bachelor.

The case for Peter to be the Season 24 leading man is bolstered by the fact he was the guy Hannah referred to when she famously stated she had sex in a windmill twice in the fantasy suites with as she sent Luke P. home. She did later confess that they did it four times on After The Final Rose on live television (with Peter’s parents and brother in the live studio audience).

In addition, should Peter or fellow Bachelorette castmate and close friend Garrett (See #2) get the gig, both would be the first Bachelor to meet the stated criteria above since Season 20 Bachelor Ben Higgins. No disrespect to Peter, but if he is the next Bachelor, hopefully, his time as the lead will be much better compared to the last time The Bachelor was a pilot. 

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

2. Garrett Powell:

Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe revealed in his book that a producer told him the reason why he was the first guy to meet Emily (The Bachelorette of the season Sean was on) was because the other producers believed he had a strong chance of making it very far. Who was the first suitor to step out of limos for Hannah’s Season? Garrett Powell, the golf-pro from Alabama (which is also Hannah’s home state).

Although he didn’t win her final rose, Garrett (on the left) made it very far on Hannah’s Season as he finished fifth overall and was the last guy eliminated before Hometown Dates. Although Peter and Mike (See #3) are the most-talked-about contestants from Season 15 who could be the Season 24 lead, Garrett is the dark horse candidate from Hannah’s Season and I believe his name should be included in the next Bachelor conversation. He is my top choice for the next Bachelor. Host Chris Harrison even stated in an interview at The Men Tell All that Garrett was someone from Hannah’s Season that producers would consider for the role.

Garrett was also fan-favorite during his time on the show and was known for his Southern Charm, easy-going personality, deep connection with Hannah (on the right), and one-liners. Over his time on the show, he won a group date rose and received another during his famous naked bungee-jumping one-on-one date with the bachelorette. 

Garrett was also loved by fans for his rivalry (which will rank highly among the franchise’s greatest feuds)/refusal to put up with villain Luke P.’s antics. Of all the guys in the house, Garrett was the guy that Luke P. fought with the most. His rivalry with Luke P. produced what will be some of the franchise’s most iconic lines and moments.

Two Iconic lines include Garrett uttering “Sweet Dreams Luke”, when his rival kicked out of the room due to needing some sleep after the former confronted the latter over slut-shaming Hannah for the naked bunging jumping one-on-one date and during their infamous fight during the Week 7 group date when Garrett asked the villain if the reason why he (Luke P.) was “Licking his lips because [he was] attracted to [Garrett]. That fight is also one of the show’s most memorable fights ever as the two were fighting over the last rose and to take Hannah back to meet their families. Luke P. got all up in Garrett’s face saying that he wasn’t going to destroy everything he had with the bachelorette before dumping a pile of bologna on the golf pro’s lap. This led Garrett to play mind games (which will rank highly among the franchise’s moments ever) with the villain as he winked at him, cut holes into the bologna and put the meat over his eyes and stated the famous licking lips line. All of the golf pro’s reactions during this fight gave Twitter a field day.

Many fans felt Garrett (who was also the first one to tell Hannah he loved her) got robbed of a hometown date when Hannah gave the final group date rose to Luke P. Their breakup left Hannah in tears. On The Men Tell All, Garrett confessed that it took him a while to get over their breakup and the fact that she picked Luke P. over him. This was part of the reason why the fan-favorite didn’t go on BIP this summer. If Garrett is named The Bachelor, it will be the ultimate redemption story. However, if it is not him, hopefully, we will see Garrett as The Bachelor on a future season (like Arie was) or on a future season of BIP

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

3. Mike Johnson:

Mike Johnson (on the left) finished sixth overall on Hannah’s Season. He was a fan-favorite from the beginning. Singer Demi Lovato, one of many celebrity fans of the franchise, said that Mike was her favorite contestant from Season 15. Fans adored him for his big smile, love for the three ladies in his life (his mother, sister, and grandmother), open and truthful personality, and charisma. Johnson was also known for his refusal to put up with villain Luke P.’s antics. Behind Garrett, Mike probably ranks second (along with or ahead of Tyler C.) among the guys who Luke P. fought with the most. 

Over his time on The Bachelorette, he managed to win two roses (one on a group date rose and one on his first one-on-one date). While he and Hannah (on the right) had a formed a deep connection, the bachelorette sent him home in Week 7 during the dinner portion of their second one-on-one date as while she cared for him, she couldn’t see a future with him. The breakup left both in tears and fans devastated. 

Unlike his fellow Bachelorette castmates and close friends Peter and Garrett, Mike appeared on BIP this summer as a late arrival and has been the show since Week 2. For all the Mike fans reading this, don’t worry! This does not take the fan-favorite out of the running for The Bachelor. Nick and Colton still got the gig despite being on the most recent season of BIP. However, if Mike leaves Mexico in a relationship, he will not be in contention for the role anymore. 

If Johnson is selected as the Season 24 lead, he would make franchise history in two different ways: He would be the first African American Bachelor (Season 13 Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay was the franchise’s first-ever African American lead) and the first-ever military veteran to be the show’s lead (Johnson served in the Air Force) (Note while Season 10 Bachelor Andrew Baldwin served in the Navy, he was an active officer at the time his season aired). Who knows? Will Demi Lovato be one of the ladies competing for Mike’s final rose? 

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

4. Connor Saeli:

Connor Saeli (on the left) finished seventh overall on Hannah’s Season (also the most recent season). Fans first met Connor S. (there were two Connor’s on that season) on After The Final Rose on Colton’s Season of The Bachelor and he was one of the five (he was the third one) that Hannah Brown (on the right) got to meet before filming for her Bachelorette season began. Of the five men, Connor S.’s meeting with Hannah was my favorite one and it involved a footstool so the two could see eye-to-eye (The guy is 6’6). For his actual limo entrance, Connor S. jumped over the fence of the mansion (recreating recent Bachelor Colton Underwood’s iconic fence jump). 

Fans feel in love with him on his one-on-one date with Hannah during Week 3. He helped take care of a sick Hannah at her ‘home’ and before he left, he left a bunch of sticky notes around the place where he wrote all the things he loved about her. The Bachelorette appreciated this gesture and the two later went to a private concert together. Connor S. was also a member of the famous salmon jacket club.

Despite the early and deep connection between the two, Hannah sent Connor S. home in Week 7 (before he could even go on either a one-on-one date or group date) as she felt that her relationships with the other six men left were much stronger compared to her relationship with him. Like Mike, Connor S. will also be on BIP Season 6 as a late arrival but doesn’t come until Week 4. 

Connor S.’s chances of being the Season 24 Bachelor depends on whether he leaves BIP in a relationship or not. Hannah was eliminated in seventh place on Colton’s Season before she was named the Season 15 Bachelorette. Who knows? Maybe the seventh-place finisher of her season (Connor S.) could be selected as the next Bachelor. 

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

5. Blake Hortsmann:

Blake Hortsmann (on the left) was the runner-up of Becca’s Season last year and was a favorite to be The Season 23 Bachelor. However, he lost the gig to fellow Bachelorette castmate and close friend Colton Underwood. Blake was a fan-favorite on Season 14 and known as  “Mr. Nice Guy”, wore his heart on his sleeve and formed a deep connection with Becca (on the right). Many fans were devastated when Becca chose dumped him in the finale for winner Garrett Yrigoyen over Blake (Yrigoyen was also a great guy but was not liked by fans due to his controversial Instagram likes).

Blake is currently on Season 6 of BIP. He has received tons of backlash for his role in the love pentagon between himself, Hannah Godwin (Colton’s Season), Tayshia Adams (Colton’s Season), Caelynn Miller-Keyes (Colton’s Season), and Kristina Schulman (Nick’s Season and BIP Season 4). However, after the first two episodes, fans and Bachelor Franchise Alums are supporting him after he released some text messages between him and Miller-Keyes after how Caelynn was talking about their relationship pre-BIP on the show didn’t match with what the texts said. In addition, he posted a lengthy statement on Instagram where he apologized to Caelynn and the others.

Blake’s chances of being the next Bachelor depend on a few things: Whether he leaves Paradise in a relationship or not, how viewers react to the rest of his time on the show; and whatever happens or what he says during post-season interviews regarding the love pentagon.

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

6. Derek Peth:

Of all the potential candidates on this list, the latest person who Bachelor Nation and Franchise Alums are buzzing their support to be the next Bachelor is fan-favorite Derek Peth (on the left). Viewers first met the John Krasinski look-a-like in 2016 when he was on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette. Derek got the season’s first one-on-one date and also got two group date roses over his time on the show. Despite forming a deep bond with JoJo, she sent him home in tears in Week 6 on a 2-on-1 date, finishing seventh overall.

Derek deeply cared for Jojo and became a fan favorite for his generally great attitude. Fans also loved him as he was one of the few men who had the guts to stand up to Chad, the villain of that season. Peth has also been on two seasons of BIP. During his first time in Paradise (Season 4), he ended up getting engaged to Taylor Nolan (Nick’s Season) but the couple broke off the engagement a year later in June 2018.

He is currently on Season 6 of BIP for another chance at love. So far, he managed to form a connection with Demi Burnett (on the right) (Colton’s Season). However, Demi (who is bisexual) recently ended things with Derek in order to pursue a relationship with Kristen Haggerty (a woman she was seeing before the show) after Kristen surprisingly showed up to Paradise.

Although he was heartbroken, Derek handled the situation with so much class and grace that fans (including Actress Sarah Hyland, who is engaged to the show’s bartender and franchise fan-favorite Wells Adams (also on JoJo’s season and close friends with Derek) are now rooting for him to find love as the next Bachelor. If he doesn’t find his person on Paradise, hopefully, he will get to do so as the leading man on Season 24 of The Bachelor

10 Guys Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

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7. Chase McNary:

Like Peth, Chase McNary (on the right) was also on JoJo’s Season of The Bachelorette. During his time on the show, Chase was known for his great looks, charming personality, close relationship with his family, and fascination for lions (the guy has a tattoo of a lion on his left ribcage). He formed a deep connection with the Bachelorette. However, JoJo (on the left) broke Chase’s heart when she sent him home right after he accepted her invitation to spend the night together in the fantasy suite. McNary ended up finishing third overall.

Although he didn’t win JoJo’s final rose, Chase and fellow Bachelorette castmate Luke Pell (who finished fourth overall) were the top contenders to be named the next Bachelor. However, Nick Viall was shockingly named the Season 21 Bachelor over both McNary and Pell instead. Even Vanessa Grimaldi, Viall’s eventual Final Rose Recipient, stated before Viall got the job, she wanted The Bachelor to be Chase as she initially believed the lead was going to be someone from the most recent season of The Bachelorette

Despite not being named the next Bachelor, Chase will be making his BIP debut this season as a late arrival on Week 4. His chances of being the one handing out the roses depend on whether he leaves Mexico single or in a relationship. 

Should The Season 24 Bachelor turn out to be McNary or Peth, both would be the first suitor from JoJo’s Season to be the one handing out the roses. 

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

8. Peter Kraus:

The runner-up of Rachel’s Season was a fan-favorite during his time on The Bachelorette two years ago. Like Garrett (See #2), Kraus was a frontrunner as he was the first suitor to make his limo entrance. In addition, Peter (on the right) was also a fan-favorite for his down-to-earth personality, great looks, love for his family and friends, and deep connection and chemistry with Rachel (on the left).

However, on their final date, the couple couldn’t agree on what they wanted at the end (of the show). Although he had fallen in love with Rachel, Peter didn’t feel ready to propose yet but still wanted to continue the relationship, but Rachel wanted an engagement. In what ranks highly among the franchise’s most emotional breakups, Rachel eliminated Peter at the end of their final date (before the final rose ceremony) and neither could stop crying or kissing each other when they said good-bye, even saying ‘I love you’ to each other too. The breakup was so emotional that the bachelorette cried her fake eyelashes out. Rachel ended up accepting a proposal from the other finalist Bryan Abasolo and the two just got married on August 24th. 

After his emotional breakup, the runner-up was the favorite to be named the Season 22 Bachelor. However, fans were stunned when another Bachelorette Runner-up, Arie Luyendyk Jr. (Emily’s Season) was announced as the Season 22 lead instead. Fans sent Twitter ablaze by expressing their disappointment that Kraus wasn’t the next leading man (as Arie was the runner-up five years ago, at the time). This caused Arie to earn the nickname ‘Not Peter’. Now that two years have passed since he was on The Bachelorette, hopefully, fans will get to see Peter Krause be the next Bachelor, if he gets the opportunity. 

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

9. Alex Bordyukov:

Like Kraus, Bordyukov was another fan favorite on Rachel’s Season. During his time on The Bachelorette, Bordyukov was known for his great and unique fashion sense, perfect hair, and easy-going and funny personality. One of Alex’s standout moments was during the first group date of Week 3 where he was one of six guys who got to appear with Rachel on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On Ellen, the guys played “Never Have I Ever” and danced shirtless for the audience and viewers back home. One of the highlights of the episode (and the entire season) was when Alex (who ended up winning the group date rose) gave a lap dance to an old lady in the audience!

However, Rachel didn’t see a future with him and Alex was sent home in Week 6, finishing seventh overall. Despite this, when asked who from her season she wanted as the next Bachelor, the bachelorette and her Final Rose Recipient Bryan Abasolo stated in post-show interviews that they both wanted Alex to be the one handing out the roses for the 2018 season. 

Although he wasn’t named the Season 22 Bachelor or hasn’t been on a season of BIP, Alex did appear on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia as an international contestant. While he left the show in Week 7 to pursue a relationship with fellow US contestant Caroline Lunny (Arie’s Season), the couple is no longer together but remain good friends. 

If the Season 24 Bachelor turns out to be Bordyukov or Kraus, either guy would be the first suitor from Rachel’s Season to get the gig. 

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

10. Shawn Booth:

Shawn Booth (on the left) received Kaitlyn Bristowe’s final rose on the finale on Season 11 of The Bachelorette. In addition, he won that season’s First Impression Rose! Booth and Bristowe (on the right) were engaged for over 3 years but they broke up in November 2018. Bachelor Nation and even Franchise Alums were surprised about their breakup as everyone truly thought the then-engaged couple would make it down the aisle. 

While Bristowe has moved on and been dating Jason Tartick (the third-place finisher of Becca’s Season) since January 2019, Booth hasn’t been involved romantically with anyone since the breakup. Shawn fought back tears during his first interviews post-breakup.

Even before current Bachelor Colton Underwood’s Season ended in March 2019, fans and franchise alums have voiced their opinions that the Season 24 leading man should be Booth! Among the franchise alums who voiced their support include fellow Bachelorette castmates Jared Haibon (fourth overall), Ben Higgins (third place), and even Nick Viall (second place; Viall and Booth butted heads all season long). The campaign for Booth is further helped by the fact the latter two men were The Bachelors for Seasons 20 and 21 respectively. 

While three former winners of The Bachelor (Jen Schefft, Emily Maynard, and Becca Kufrin) have been named The Bachelorette, a winner of The Bachelorette has never been chosen as The Bachelor! Shawn would be the first if the next bachelor is him. Roberto Martinez, the Final Rose Recipient on Ali’s Season, was a top candidate for the Season 17 lead, but the gig went to Sean Lowe, the third-place finisher on Emily’s Season. 

10 Guys Who Who Could Be Named The Next Bachelor

From this list 10 guys, which one do you want as The Season 24 Bachelor? Who are your top 3 picks? Be sure to let us know who you think the Season 24 Bachelor will be and your Top 3 choices down below in the comments section!

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