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Explore Your Sexual Interests With Your Partner With These Tips

Explore Your Sexual Interests With Your Partner With These Tips

Before reading this, please be informed that the content in this article is for mature audiences only. Heed this warning! With that said, please continue if you can!

Some women look for a partner that isn’t all about sex, which is understandable considering a lot of people prefer love over lust. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, one thing to note is that sex is a major factor in a relationship just like intimacy, in fact, sex and intimacy go hand in hand. There’s nothing wrong with two people exploring sexual interests, especially married couples because if that’s the person you see yourself with, you need to make sure they are on point with “the action”. Remember, you need your pleasure. Here are some tips on exploring sexual interests with your partner to spice things up in the bedroom. 

Talking With Each Other 

First and foremost, it is important to discuss issues, likes and dislikes regarding bedroom activities. Again, you need to remember that sex is meant for both parties to enjoy and feel pleasure, and if there’s no communication, it can be difficult and leaves room for regret and hostility towards each other. Now, don’t be rude and just go all-in on the mistakes they make because chances are that they have some things you can work on. Start by giving them compliments on what they’re doing right and show it in your facial expressions. While complimenting, bite your lip or lightly touch them to show that you like it so much that just by talking about it has you turned on. 

Explore Your Sexual Interests With Your Partner With These Tips

Watching Porn 

Watching porn is only bad when you or your partner are watching it without one another’s knowledge. How would you feel if you catch your partner watching porn and haven’t been intimate with you for a while? You wouldn’t like it, right? Watching porn together is great when you both are exploring sexual interests. They get a feel of what turns you on and you get a feel of what turns them on, So, get the wine and porn for that porn date night!

Using Toys 

Exploring sexual interests with toys will be a turn on fo you and your partner. They are created to enhance the sexual experience so don’t be embarrassed. Schedule a date for you and your partner to make a visit to the adult store and look around to see what interests you two. From butt plugs to vibrators, they have it all. Just know that a lot of it is expensive. 


You ever find yourself in someplace like a doctor’s office and wonder if that doctor gets it on with their patient? If you like that idea, make it happen with your partner. Roleplaying is a classic way of exploring sexual interests. It’s a way to live out your sexual fantasies. With that doctor’s fantasy, have you or your partner be the doctor and the other can be the patient who needs a doctor’s touch for healing. Roleplaying can be with anything: principal and teacher, police and prisoner, mechanic and costumer, anything. Let your mind run wild. 

Same-Sex Or Opposite-Sex Threesome

Not a lot of people are fond of having a threesome. Talk with your partner if you’re interested in having one and see if they’re on board. If not, respect their wishes and if they are, discuss whether you want a man or woman. If both of you can’t decide, you can increase it to a foursome to even it out. Threesomes are to explore your wild side and to let loose!


Not everyone is going to like anal because of how painful it is to some people. But if you and your partner are exploring sexual interests, spice things up with a little butt play. Whether it’s using butt plugs or just a finger, it has been said that anal enhances everything! It’s the bedroom, you’re allowed to get a little dirty and anal sure will change a lot for the two of you. 


For all the dominant women out there, this one’s for you. Before indulging in pegging, you and your partner should research and talk about whether you both are interested. A lot of men assume it’s not meant for straight guys, but a lot of straight men are turned on at the fact that their woman is the one being dominant. It is said that pegging shows a man how his woman likes to be treated when he’s usually dominating, and it improves his performance. If the man wants you to wear the pants in bed, put on that strap-on and drive him insane. 

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Explore Your Sexual Interests With Your Partner With These Tips

Talk Dirty 

Don’t think dirty words only works when you’re getting someone in the bed, it actually works during sex. When the two of you are going at it and one of you slip dirty words into the air, everything is wetter, harder, and better. Don’t be afraid to moan “daddy” or “mommy” or tell them what you want them to do to you. Words have power, especially in the bedroom. 

Phone Sex

Just because you’re in a relationship or already with the person doesn’t mean sexting or phone sex needs to stop. Remember, exploring sexual interests means going all out or going back to the beginning. Phone sex usually occurs at the beginning of a relationship but who cares. It doesn’t matter if you two have been together for a long time, a short time or just friends with benefits. Whispering dirty words over the phone and hearing those moans are just what it takes to drive someone wild. Let them know how they are making you feel because they can’t see or feel and they want to know that they are doing their job. 

Public Sex

Live dangerous and free with your partner by pulling a Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel and get busy in public. Public sex is hot because it says, “I want you right here, right now.” Of course, that does not mean stripping completely naked in public but wearing types of clothing like dresses for women and basketball shorts for men, it enables you two to get it on easily. 

Explore Your Sexual Interests With Your Partner With These Tips

Don’t be embarrassed when it comes to sex. It’s meant for you to enjoy and you both exploring sexual interests will improve your relationship. Share with your friends or partner and comment on your favorite way to explore!