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DIY Fourth of July Decorations To Make On A Budget

DIY Fourth of July Decorations To Make On A Budget

Once summer rolls around, many people start planning their Fourth of July celebrations. Whether you have a big crowd coming or just a few of your nearests and dearests, stressing about party decorations should be the last thing on your mind.

With so many easy, simple, and low-budget projects that you can make with the help of craft websites and Pinterest, the options for making that picture perfect party are endless. Here are some inexpensive, patriotic DIY projects that will ensure an All American, crowd pleasing theme!

Star Spangled baked goods

To me, nothing screams festivities like a big, beautiful table of everyone’s favorite thing: food! You can do so many DIY Fourth of July decorations when it comes to patriotic America themed treats because not only will they be made entirely made by you, but that also means you have total control over your spending – and an easy way to budget is by using ingredients you already have lying around the house, or by getting generic brand baking supplies. 

While one or two edible showstoppers are a good idea to feed a big group of people, I would strongly recommend making lots of little bite-sized snacks. Small eats are more bang for your buck, so cupcakes are a great option for this. With the help of food coloring and sprinkles, you can decorate them as festively as your heart so desires. Plus, buying a box mix is always an option if you’re trying to save time and money (and no one has to know)!

These red velvet cupcakes with whipped cream frosting are easy to make and are perfect for a July 4th bash — all you need to add to them to achieve max American pride are blueberries or blue sprinkles!

DIY Fourth of July Decorations To Make On A Budget

You’ll definitely want to make some of your edible decorations a tradition every July 4th after making this “Stars and Stripes” pie with store bought pie crust, cherries, and blueberries! This super cute and tasty dish is a crowd pleaser 10/10 times, and is also a great addition to your food table (before everyone eats it, that is!). 

DIY Fourth Of July Decorations To Make On A Budget


If these options seem unattainable, probably the easiest DIY Fourth of July food is a red, white, and blue trifle. To prepare this dish, layer the ingredients of your choice in a deep trifle bowl; to keep the All American theme, I would recommend layering angel food cake pieces, cream cheese frosting, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, topping it off with a sprig of mint, some berries, and a generous dollop of whipped cream!

Red, white, and blue buffet table

Focusing your energy on a festive table spread to fit all your yummy treats also makes for a lot of DIY opportunities. Disposable tablecloths can be purchased at pretty much any dollar store, and most party stores also offer American Flag themed table sets. The only other things you need are utensils and napkins, and the same rule applies for both. Next, just throw some unopened confetti poppers, sparklers, Uncle Sam hats, and lots of red, white, and blue streamers on the table and you’ve already decorated an entire (and, arguably the most important) room!

Centerpieces are a good way to channel your creative side, but we’ll get to that later (if you keep reading).

Festive wreaths

Wreaths are a universal homemade holiday craft, and are perfect DIY Fourth of July decorations! With so many different choices – pom poms, fabric clusters, tissue paper, etc. – chances are, you have half the supplies you need lying around in your supply closet. These Pom Pom Wreaths are simple and fun to make, and will surely make your guests smile as they enter your party!

DIY Fourth of July Decorations To Make On A Budget

To make this festive wreath, all you need are yarn, wooden stars, pins, and fabric for pennant. Using different sized pom poms and alternating colors is a good idea to mix it up and will give you a creative, pretty door decoration.

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Pinwheel wreaths are another adorable DIY wreath project to fulfill your July 4th party needs. Just take a basic foam wreath and attach patriotic pinwheels along the surface, and voila!

All-American mason jars

Look to the recycling bin for these DIY Fourth of July decorations! Mason jars have become very trendy in the past few years for centerpieces at any kind of party. For your Fourth of July bash this year, put yours to use for the cutest centerpieces around!

There are tons of different ways to deck out mason jars to fit the Star Spangled, red, white, and blue theme you’ve got going on. The first option is filling the jars with red, white, and blue sand, rocks, or any other material that’s easy to spread around. You can either fill it in colored blocks, or get even more artsy with a swirled, tie-dye pattern. Feel free to add sparkles to the mix, or top with a votive candle for a glowy effect!

DIY Fourth of July Decorations To Make On A Budget

Another good way to put your old mason jars to use is wrapping it with festive tissue paper and cutting out patterns that look like the American flag, and you can also put a candle inside of that as well. You can also take an even more simple route, filling the jar halfway with sand and then placing American flags, sparklers, or other festive trinkets in the sand so they’re standing straight up.

If you aren’t into the in red, white, and blue centerpieces, though, filling mason jars with the ingredients for s’mores is an interactive way to treat your guests, and you can let them take home the ingredients (if they don’t get eaten!). Candy is another cheap copout to fill your jar with, and if you are doing the red, white, and blue thing, festive M&Ms are the way to go.

With mason jars, though, the options are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

With these options in store, you’ll have the best Fourth of July party around! Let us know in the comments which DIY decorations YOU ended up making!

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