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10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

Everyone has days where you wake up groggy and grumpy.  If you find that you’re still half-asleep most mornings, then here are some useful morning tips to help wake you up and prepare you for the rest of the day.  No one wants their day to start off bad– if it does, that just makes your day so much longer and worse.  Take care of yourself with these morning tips, and you’ll be feeling fantastic all day!

1) Stretches

It might be tempting to stay snuggled in your bed every morning, but in order to stay motivated and energetic, you should get up quickly and start using your body.  Rigorous exercise isn’t necessary, but you should get your muscles working.  Stretching is a simple but effective way to get yourself pumped for the rest of the day.  It increases the oxygen flow through your blood, which is one of the basics of keeping your body energized.  Reach for your toes, flex your muscles, and make sure your joints are flexible.  Start with slow, simple stretches to ease yourself into this, and make it a daily routine.  This helps both your energy levels and overall health!

10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

2) Sunlight

Sunlight has tons of positive benefits to the body, so getting plenty of sunlight is more than just a morning tip.  Everyone should get sunlight on a daily basis– it gives you important vitamins, helps combat potential mood issues, and is just a calming, warming influence.  But sunlight also has a direct effect on your mornings.  Your body naturally adjusts when you’re near sunlight, which lets your body know that sleep time is over and helps make your brain sharper and more ready for input.  Even if you can’t get a lot of time outdoors, just take ten minutes every day to be outside and take in some natural light.  Take a walk for some mild exercise, or just lay down a towel in the grass and relax.

10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

3) Meditating/Breathing

A simple morning tip is to take a few minutes to focus on deep breathing.  Oxygenating your body is very helpful in providing energy, as well as giving you a chance to relax and slowly adjust.  Some people consider meditation to be too much for them, but there really isn’t that much to it.  Just find a relaxing position, breath deeply, and try to let go of any thoughts besides your breath.  It’s not something that requires tons of discipline or years of practice.  It just needs a little bit of patience and the ability to not dwell too much on any singular thought.  Don’t feel discouraged or feel negative if your thoughts are busy– just accept them and then let them go.  This exercise is not only helpful for waking up, but for mental health overall.

10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

4) Shower

A shower every morning will help you feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead of you, but for morning showers, you may want to consider the temperature.  Not many people can say they genuinely enjoy cold showers, but they can be helpful, especially in the morning.  Cold showers cause your brain to become more alert, increases your blood circulation, and even have health benefits to your skin, hair, and potential weight loss.  That being said, warm showers also have their benefits, like relaxing muscles, helps with respiratory passages, and just the general pleasure.  Both showers have their benefits, so try varying your shower habits to get the benefits of both.  Either way, showers are a great way to prepare you and energize you for the day ahead.

5) Drinking Fluids

Be sure to get some water into your system early on every day.  Staying hydrated is important in general, so start early and give your body a needed boost.  Some people might use this as an opportunity for a coffee or another caffeinated beverage, but for health’s sake, you should try to avoid those if possible.  One drink that can be very healthful for you in the morning is a lemon elixir.  Recipes for this elixir can vary, but the important factor is lemon juice mixed with warm water.  You can add additional healthy ingredients, like chia seeds, ginger, or apple cider vinegar.  Lemon water helps with many functions, like digestion and weight loss.  It may be an acquired taste, but your body will thank you for taking good care of it.

10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

6) Smells

Another refreshing morning tip is to try stimulating your sinuses.  Whether it’s candles, spices, or essential oils, have a refreshing smell in the morning can send impulses to your brain that make it more active.  Smelling salts have a particularly strong effect, considering their purpose is to help wake people up.  That might be a little too strong for some, so try to keep a simple candle or essential oils for a softer, more pleasurable scent to help motivate you.

10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

7) Music

Try beginning your day with a song or two.  Some soft and peaceful songs can be a great way to slowly energize you without being jarring.  Studies also show that a large amount of dopamine is released in the brain when you listen to your favorite song, which means your body is physically more likely to feel good if you listen to music you enjoy.  Maybe a song with a fast beat or screaming lyrics is your taste, and if that’s the case, go for it.  Whatever music you enjoy is a perfect way to prepare yourself for the day.

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10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

8) Before You Go To Bed

One important factor for sleep is what you do before you sleep.  Many people participate in activities before bed that actually make their sleep all the worse, which in turn, makes your wake up harder.  Experts recommend that you do not expose your eyes to the light of a phone or computer screen an hour before you go to bed.  Similarly, they also say you shouldn’t exercise before bed, and even try to limit stressful activities like work or studying.  All these things make it more challenging to get a good night’s sleep, so do your best to limit these activities.

10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

9) Sleep

Similar to our last morning tip, a great way to ensure you wake up swiftly and easily is to make sure you actually get enough sleep every night.  Every hour of sleep that you miss is an hour you will need to get eventually.  And every moment you suffer this sleep debt is a moment of you being exhausted and drained.  Make sure you always get enough sleep!

10 Early Morning Tips To Energize Your Day

10) Eat Breakfast

Some people do not eat breakfast in the morning, which is an easy mistake to miss.  While you might not even feel hungry in the morning, eat just a little bit.  It starts your digestion for the day and gives you energy.  Even if it isn’t a lot, you should still eat something.  Take care of your body!

This has been our list of morning tips perfect to help you feel energized!  What tricks do you use to help motivate yourself every morning?

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