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The Weight Loss Tracker App You Need

The Weight Loss Tracker App You Need

Here are a few weight loss tracker app ideas for you if you are looking to lose weight. These weight loss apps help you get to your goals fast and easy!

Fitness tends to be a large part of everyone’s daily lives. Whether you are looking to get in better shape or lose weight, these weight loss tracker apps are beneficial beyond belief. It’s been proven that logging your food doubles your weight loss. Thankfully we live in a generation where our phones can just about do anything. Here is a list of a few weight loss tracker app ideas to get you achieving your fitness goals.

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This weight loss tracker app isn’t about focusing on the foods you should be avoiding but the ones you need to eat. Fooducate helps determine any confusing nutritional information on your favorite foods. By scanning the bar code on the package, the app generates a grade for the product. The best part about this weight loss tracker app is that it tells you if there are added sugars, additives, preservatives and MSG. Fooducate is free and your body will thank you for putting only grade “A” foods in your system. This is the perfect app for those of you who want to get into food journaling.


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Lose It!

This weight loss tracker app is very popular. It works like a persona health coach that gives you healthy recipes, charts of your progress and exercise challenges to reach your goals. If you are someone who loves working towards a goal with a friend, this is another asset to the app. You can share your progress with your friends to help you stay on track. This weight loss tracker app is available for iOS, Android, Nook and Kindle users; not to mention, it’s free.

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My Fitness Pal

This is another outstanding weight loss tracker app that will help you reach your fitness goals. You initially enter in basic information about yourself: current weight, height, age and goal weight. My Fitness Pall generates a weekly plan to help you get to your set goal. You are required to log your meals and how much water you drink every day. You can get motivation from other app users and should keep track of your workouts. It is a pro app that helps you access nutrition information. This weight loss tracker app is free and accessible for iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Blackberry and Android users.

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Veggie Base

It’s a known fact that if you intake several fruits and veggies into your diet, you are bound to lose weight. Veggie Base is a weight loss tracker app that makes this process easy. The app lets you know that foods are in season as well as what food is worth buying organic. Veggie Base also lets you know where the nearest farmers markets are and how to determine which foods are the best. This app is roughly $2 and is iPhone and Android accessible. I’d say the app is well worth the $2.

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Let us know what you think about these weight loss tracker app ideas in the comments below! Here are other ideas for losing weight fast.
This is the weight loss tracker app you definitely need!
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