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20 Most Delicious Things That You Need To Eat Around UNH

20 Most Delicious Things That You Need To Eat Around UNH

Between Durham and Portsmouth, here are some things you need to eat around UNH that you simply cannot resist, whether you're a picky eater or not.

Whether you’re a picky eater or eat whatever is put in front of you, there are some things you simply cannot resist. Between Durham and Portsmouth, around The University of New Hampshire campus there are some restaurants you can not pass up! So before you Graduate and move on with your life, give some of these things you need to eat around UNH a go!

1. Egg Breakfast Sandwich – The Works

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast so I can not pass up an egg and bacon sandwich on an original “Works” bagel. It’s simply to-die-for, and if you’re not picky like me go ahead and add cheese!

2. BBQ Bacon Burger – WildKitty

I probably talk about this place way too much, but I can’t lie. I LOVE IT. They have everything that will satisfy your hunger, craving and post party needs.


3. Buffalo Chicken Pizza – DHOP

DHOP is simply #life for every Wildcat and the buffalo chicken pizza will have your mouth drooling by the time you step inside the door. DHOP is a lifestyle here at the University of New Hampshire. An absolute MUST eat around UNH.

4. Lo Mein, Chicken, Spring Rolls – Mei Wei

Everything about this small Chinese restaurant off of Main Street is delicious. You can’t go wrong with ordering everything on the menu. A cold winter night with a little take out Chinese food sounds like a perfect night to me.


5. Dairy Bar Club, Camp Fire Smores Ice Cream – Dairy Bar

From breakfast to a cold treat to fulfill your every need the Dairy Bar is the ultimate place to go on campus. Not to mention…Lil Uzi Vert stopped by for lunch before the big fall concert, just saying.

6. King’s Way Crepe – The Friendly Toast

A little ways off campus but not too far enough that I consider Portsmouth, New Hampshire a part of the college experience here at UNH. Now, before you graduate you MUST, absolutely MUST go to the Friendly Toast and try their crepes. The caramelized bananas will you having screaming B is for Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!!!!


7. Pulled Pork Sandwich – Portsmouth Brewery

In the heart of Portsmouth is a great pub by all the shops and tourist locations. It may be a little ways of a trip from campus but after you indulge yourself in a pulled pork sandwich I promise it will be worth it. It’s the ideal date night or just a night out on the town with your friends you HAVE to stop by the Portsmouth Brewery before you graduate!

8. FUDGE! – Kilwins

Portsmouth has it all, from perfect restaurants with great food to the ultimate dessert shop! They have everything from candies, gelato, caramel apples and Fudge. Creamy, delicious, mouth watering FUDGE! Holy fudge, it’s the best fudge I have every had. If you haven’t been you have to go and it will leave you saying #lifemade !!!!!!


9. Mocha Mud Pie – Annabelle’s Homemade Ice Cream

If you have a sweet tooth for ice cream Annabelle’s home made ice cream is the shop for you. A small little hole in the wall shop is amazing. I would eat every flavor if I could and if you haven’t been yet you need to get on the next bus ride to Portsmouth and EAT ICE CREAM!

10. OG Acai Bowl – The Spot

A more healthy choice for an on campus treat is The Spot. It’s located right on Main Street and will have your taste buds thinking your eating a bowl of ice cream but really you’ll be treating your body to something healthy and nutritious. It’s basically the best of both worlds on campus at The Spot!


11. The Green Monster – Lexie’s

Avocado and bacon on a burger…what else needs to be said? You have to go to this quick and easy restaurant before you graduate or this may be the single most biggest regret of your life. Also, order a chocolate milkshake, your taste buds can thank me later!

12. Peanut Butter Bliss Smoothie – The Juicery

As a more healthy choice, The Juicery in Durham is very popular on campus. This smoothie is delicious and will have me spending all of my Catscache money here. If you haven’t been yet it is a must to stop and try out there different smoothies and juices!


13. Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin – Breaking New Grounds

For a quick snack before a morning class Breaking New Grounds has THE best lemon poppy seed muffin. It’s a great breakfast cafe that you can not only get delicious food at but coffee and tea as well. This cafe is located right down town on Main Street and a very popular choice for UNH Wildcat’s.

14. The Lobster Mac Daddy – Brgr Bar

In Portsmouth, at the Brgr Bar all of your wildest dreams and fantasies about burgers come true. The ultimate burger has a lobster mac and cheese ON TOP of your burger. For a cheese fanatic and sea food lover you simply can not go wrong with ordering this burger. Easy to say you ABSOLUTELY MUST go to the Brgr Bar before you graduate!

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15. Mac and Cheese Your Way – British Beer Company

Apparently I’m on a mac and cheese roll but for any cheese lovers out there this is the place for you. You can add anything from their list of steak, chicken, bacon, mushrooms and much much more to create your own perfect creation of mac and cheese. It has a great atmosphere and very popular on the weekend, safe for me to say you need to go here before you graduate and you won’t regret it.


16. MadMoe – Moe’s Italian Subs

When you’re in the mood for something classier than Subway and something so delicious Moe’s Sub shop in Portsmouth is absolutely amazing and a must stop and eat location before you graduate.

17. Grand Marnier French Toast – Roundabout Diner

OH-M-GEEEEE! When you want to travel back in time to an old fashioned diner this is the place to go. Not to mention the most to-die-for breakfast essentials!


18. Chicken Caesar Meat Pita – Pita Pit

An easy on the go food truck parked in the quad of the Mills and Fairchild has a great selection of food. They range from meat, veggie and breakfast and on a nice day you can sit out on the picnic tables and enjoy the life that goes around on campus!

19. Meatball Parm Sub – Bella’s

If you need a break from the dining hall and want somewhere casual to go for a different scenery, Bella’s is the perfect place. Their homemade meatballs will give you a sense of a nice home cooked meal. A good place to eat around UNH if you’re missing some home cooked meals! An easy place to go to right in town and is a must go to destination before you graduate.


20. Fried Chicken Tenders – Young’s

Right on Main Street, Young’s has everything from a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The all time favorite is their different styles of chicken tenders. Who doesn’t love chicken tenders??? Young’s is a must go to before you graduate.

Have you had any of these things you need to eat around UNH? Which is your favorite? Comment below!
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