10 Daily Activities To Brighten Your Mind Set

It’s been one of those days, nay, its been one of those years, sounds like it’s time to put these ten daily activities to brighten your mind set to work! They are easy enough to implement into your daily routine and you can take them at your pace so let’s turn that frown, upside down…into a mimosa.

1. Watch Your Fav Movie/Show

Being able to reconnect with the feelings a certain show or movie makes you feel can really help guide you into another headspace. Whether you want to ball your eye’s out to Pixars’ Up or laugh the stress away to Romie and Michelle’s High School Reunion, it’s all up to you! Plus isn’t it the best bonding with characters and seeing what you’re feeling is universal.

10 Daily Activities To Brighten Your Mind Set

2. Treat Yo’Self To Your Fav Treats

Bust out the salted-caramel gelato and your big girl pants because it’s time to treat *clap* yo *clap* self! Bring out whatever snack or meal brings you that sense of joy and comfort because everyday should be celebrated and it shouldn’t have to be Christmas for you to gift yourself with tasty treats.

You’ll find that even the smallest things can make you happy, like Nerds.

3. Get Some Fresh Air

Sometimes all we need is a fresh point of view to see that the world is still spinning and the birds are still chirping. It’s reassuring to step outside and let that sun or breeze caress you telling you everything’s going to be alright. We all need that Pocahontas moment to reconnect with nature from time to time.

Plus working out gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t kill their bosses, they just don’t!
10 Daily Activities To Brighten Your Mind Set

4. Put On Your Fav Outfit

Whether its sweats and a messy bun or your fav yellow linen dress, put on anything that makes you smile when you see your reflection or makes you feel like all is well in the world. Clothes can be such an influence on our moods, so when you look your best it helps you feel your best.

Put something on that shows your truest self and just bask in all your fabulousness.

10 Daily Activities To Brighten Your Mind Set

5. Digital Disconnect

You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em and when to put your phone down and on do not disturb. We can get so caught up on IG and all the messages society is constantly sending our way that we don’t give ourselves time to formulate our own opinions and feelings.

A digital detox or a digital disconnect, whatever you want to call it just don’t IG Live Story it.

6. Meet Up With Your Fav Person/People

Make time to call up or meet up with that person that makes you feel like a load has been lifted off of you. That friend who will act like a total goon with you or maybe the friend that will let you cry all over her comforter- whichever one you need put them in the game coach!

10 Daily Activities To Brighten Your Mind Set

7. Hobby Time

Make sure you make some time, even if it’s just a little, to do something that fulfills you and not just your wallet. It’s easy to get caught up on this endless paper trail but finding a hobby that is just for you and your joy can clear your mind and heart up. Hobbies help our minds be creative and enjoy their truest self which will then pour over into other aspects of your life.

8. Put Positive Sticky Notes Up

I know it sound’s kind of cheesy but who doesn’t like a good gouda? Writing affirmative little post it notes to yourself can help you on the days when that positivity seems kind of elusive or far away. Reading your own positive comments and words brings your brain back to those feelings and can help brighten up your whole day.

After all the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

10 Daily Activities To Brighten Your Mind Set

9. Dance It Out

Sometime a lil’ twerk out in the kitchen while you’re waiting for the water to boil is the key to physically letting loose and getting that heart pumping. Put on your fav music and just got to town like no one is watching, because hey, no one is watching you’re in your kitchen.

So let loose à la footloose because no one puts baby in the corner, no one!

10. Tackle One Thing At A Time

Don’t inundate yourself with this massive, almost unachievable to-do list. Start small, write down tasks you can achieve, because scratching something off your list is one of the best legal highs out there, beside cake. When you put love, care and attention to one task you’ll see you can accomplish it in half the time and with 30% less typos.

10 Daily Activities To Brighten Your Mind Set

Take the time out today to try one of these things and see if your day doesn’t get a little brighter for it. Let us know how you brighten up your daily life and if any of these brought some sunshine to you! Comment down below.

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