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6 Things Your Stickers Say About You

6 Things Your Stickers Say About You

6 Things Your Stickers Say About You

College, and just after are an excellent time for discovery. During this period of new found freedoms and responsibilities, many of us explore our identities and our expression of them. For many of us, this can take the form of new clothing, new behaviors, new friends, and even: stickers. This is 6 things your stickers say about you.

It says you are someone who likes stickers.

No really, it says that you’re someone who likes stickers.

Stickers have a sense of whimsy and a lack of severity that otherwise permeates our now adult lives. And you do too. I get it, we all need to get our jollys somehow, and stickers are undoubtedly better than binge drinking at 10 am. When you slap some paper onto your water bottle or your laptop or your car rear windshield, what your stickers say about you first is that you enjoy a sense of wonder and whimsy that other, non-sticker loving plebs can’t.

You do outdoors stuff.

This can be a pretty broad category as there is a lot of stuff to do outside like hike, run, bike, canoe, kayak, amateur photography, the list goes on. The stuff you do is probably pretty cool, especially to you. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have┬áspent all the time and resources doing that. But more importantly than doing your favorite activity is buying a sticker to make sure everyone knows that you do. Because if you do something, does it really count if no one knows that you did it?

6 Things Your Stickers Say About You

Greek Letters.

I love seeing Greek Letters on laptops, bags, water bottles, phone cases, and the rear windshield of your car. Having studied classics, I’m just filled with joy knowing that there are so many of us out there enjoying the civilization that brought us the worlds first democracy and olives and its many historical offspring. A deep and profound love of classics is a wonderful thing that your stickers say about you.

You like popular media, probably.

Stickers are such a wide spectrum, but so much of it is about popular media, especially television. Do you just love ‘Rick and Morty’? Better tell the world with a sticker. Is ‘The Office’ the only show that really speaks to you? Sticker. Maybe you’re more of a Parks and Recs person–sticker. I get it, media is a beautiful and meaningful way to explore yourself and find connection in an increasingly isolated world that is especially designed to keep you alone and consuming. So buy a sticker with that in-joke. Eventually, someone who doesn’t know what extremely popular show it’s from will ask and you have finally introduce someone new to your one true love–Fuller House.

6 Things Your Stickers Say About You

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You only like obscure media.

In the same vein as stickers from extremely popular shows like The Office or Rick and Morty, there is the flip side, the opposite: stickers from media as obscure as the others are popular. This could be a band sticker from an atmospheric post-punk alt-Ska band that tours out of an unmarked black van parked near a Dollar Store. Maybe it’s from the 4 week run of a Moroccan claymation sitcom. Your intense obscure loves is definitely a thing your stickers say about you. Love what you love, but you certainly don’t have to look down from your high horse when I ask what that weird sticker is about. The Horses’ name is Art.

6 Things Your Stickers Say About You

You have a wanton disrespect for property value.

Your Macbook wasn’t cheap, and while yea, you’re probably going to use it until its planned obsolesce forces your hand, putting a sticker on it almost ensures that any resale value you might have gotten selling it just after your last semester before you dropped out from watching too much Netflix is now greatly reduced. Hope your love of Life is Good stickers and Game of Thrones was worth it. Seeing your $3K laptop covered in stickers says something about you.

So you have some stickers, probably on your laptop, maybe on your car, definitely on your water bottle. Having those stickers says something about you, and maybe you can relate to one of these 6 things your stickers say about you. Share with your friend who has too many stickers and comment below how you relate.

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