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Consider These New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

Consider These New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

2020 was on the borderline of being the apocalypse. Regardless, you survived it. You’re ready for 2021 and to make some changes in your life based on all that you’ve learned from this horrible pandemic. Consider these New Year’s Resolutions when you’re putting together your new annual goals.


Make A New Budget

The economy was in shambles this year, that’s true. Knowing this, you don’t want to make the same mistake of taking your money for granted. Consider making a new budget as one of your New Year’s Resolutions.


This is the perfect time to work on that savings account you keep taking out of. Expecting the unexpected will help you avoid a financial crisis in the event that the pandemic continues or if you’re struggling with job security. You need a safety net, even if it’s just for peace of mind.

Set aside sometime in January to plan out the entire year. You’re investing in yourself, and that’s important. Not the best with budgeting? There are free apps you can download that will keep you accountable like Mint or PocketGuard. Trivial occasions like eating out are already being limited anyway because of social distancing rules, so try to find positives in the situation so that it doesn’t feel like you’re giving up something to just save money.

As one of your New Year’s Resolutions, this might seem tough, but it’s not impossible. It just takes some routine practice and consistency to accomplish it.



Try New Recipes

Many of you have been polishing your cooking skills since quarantine. Being at home can mean more home-cooked meals. However, this is the year to adopt one of your New Year’s Resolutions to stop playing it safe with the family recipes you’ve mastered and venture toward new recipes.

I’m not saying you need to become a professional chef overnight, but rather than doing the family staples you’ve practiced so often to perfection, make it a goal for yourself to try one new recipe every week. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, these are lessons you can learn for future dishes that are cooked within the same vein.


Finding foods outside of your comfort zone might seem impossible, but mastering one on the first go can be a really incredible feeling of conquest in the kitchen. You’ll be stoked when you cook up a plan for this as one of your New Year’s Resolutions.


Less Alcohol, More Water

Obviously, we needed something to take off the edge of the chaos thrown at us by 2020, but it’s about to be 2021. We need to chill with the excessive drinking. Less alcohol, more water–this is the mantra we need to adopt as a New Year’s Resolution.


Sure, it’s tempting since many of us are at home more often than we’ve ever been. You’re bored and you start feeling like the only fun solution is to pour that glass of wine or whiskey. While harmless in moderation, there’s no need for drinking every single day, all day long.

Cutting down on alcohol also means we need to increase our intake of water. If we want to redo those old New Year’s Resolutions of being healthy and keeping our skin clear, we’ve got to start chugging some H2O. Consider buying one of those bottles that have the time of day labels on the side. You could also set some alarms on your phone to make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the busy day.



Take The Stairs

This sounds super simple, but I promise that taking the stairs either in your apartment or when walking into work or school will do wonders for you. Make this a New Year’s Resolution for 2021.

For one thing, it’s an amazing habit to develop that’s healthy for you. It can elevate your mood and increase your heart rate. Walking a couple of flights of stairs a day is also said to lead to a weight loss of up to six pounds in one year doing this alone. If you’re sitting at home all day, especially if you’re working, you need the means to keep your bones and joints healthy and active. This is the way to do so.

Need more of a motivation to do this? Think about the elevators that you’re dying to take instead. The buttons are covered with disgusting germs and bacteria. There’s no way a group of people is six feet apart from one another inside. Everything is gross nowadays, it’s not worth it. Just take the stairs. You’ll thank me later for making this a New Year’s Resolution.


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Start Owning Plants

A giant new hobby that has swept the country is the purchasing of leafy greens and succulents for the home. If you haven’t jumped on this train, you need to catch up. Owning some plants is a great New Year’s Resolution to make.


You’re stuck at home working or taking classes. You’ve spent so much time in that room or office, you probably feel stir crazy before the day is even done. Decorating your area with some vibrant plants can bring some light and excitement for a pleasing aesthetic. Brighten up the place with some monstera or some succulent arrangments.

Even if you’re worried about not having that green thumb your Aunt Susie has, just working with plants in the home is also good for your mental health. They are known to decrease anxiety and having a hobby like this is a creative outlet for dealing with stress or depression. You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try. A green New Year’s Resolution is a happy New Year’s Resolution.



Sign Up For Therapy

Unfortunately, mental health issues were at an all-time high this year. Panic attacks and breakdowns were common behind closed doors being at home so often. Make a New Year’s Resolution to take care of your brain. It deserves as much attention as your physical health.

One method to improve mental health is by signing up for therapy. As wary as you might be of doing this, the stigma of speaking with a therapist is actually decreasing. More and more people are realizing the importance of self-care during these crazy times we are living in. This is the year to deal with the baggage you’ve been carrying with you so that you can move forward in your life and feel much lighter in 2021.

One app that I discovered was especially helpful is BetterHelp. Online counseling has become a new method for routine check-ins with yourself. Download the app and answer some questions to be paired with the right therapist. It’s more affordable than you think it might be. You can also communicate with them via email, text, over the phone, or on a video call. There’s no reason to not get the help you need for sanity and peace of mind.


Mental health is not only a New Year’s Resolution, but it should be a huge part of your lifestyle goals.

You’ve got yourself a fantastic list of New Year’s Resolutions to draw inspiration from and 2021 is going to be your best year yet! What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions you’d like to share in the comments section?

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