16 Reasons We Are Blessed That 2016 Is Officially Over

2016 is officially over, and with the election, the celebrity deaths, and every other bad thing that happened during the year, we can look towards a happier 2017!

2016 has been quite the year. I’m sure the majority of us began the year with high hopes and excitement. “We get to vote for a new president? How cool is that?” “I hope Prince comes out with a new album.” “Everyone is finally getting along, finally….” Well, it didn’t quite turn out like that, as we very well know. Below are 16 reasons we are blessed that 2016 is officially over.

1. Hopefully the Harambe memes will go away for good.

Please, no more anything out for Harambe.

2. The presidential election/race is over.

As historic as it may have been, we’re all glad it’s done.

3. There can’t be any more celebrity deaths in 2016, and hopefully 2017 will bring less.

RIP to all the greats that are gone.

4. Disney has upped their security surrounding alligators.

Although, if there were signs that said there were alligators in the water….

5. The mannequin challenge will probably stop infesting our newsfeeds.

We get it, you can stand still.


6. We have exhausted the ways we can spell bon appetite.

Bone app the teeth.

7. The clowns will go back to wherever they came from.

And hopefully never return.

8. Ted Cruz will no longer be suspected of being the Zodiac Killer.

We had to make light of this election somehow.

9. Maybe memes will stop being associated with terrorism.

RIP Pepe.

10. We can forget about our disappointment in Ken Bone.

Why did this seemingly innocent national meme have to be interested in pregnancy porn?!

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12. We can stop debating how dogs and horses wear pants.

They don’t actually wear pants, why do we care?

13. Bottle flipping will be a thing of the past.

Except to your 10 year old cousin at family gatherings.

14. We can go back to enjoying the Bee Movie for what it is, a movie.

Although, can we really?

15. Dat Boi can unicycle back to wherever he came from.

Dat Boi is a real crowd pleaser (get it?)

16. Arthur can finally unclench his fist.

That has got to be tiring.

Featured photo source: lefigaro.fr and usnews.com
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