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10 Trends We’re Ready To Say Goodbye To In 2016

10 Trends We’re Ready To Say Goodbye To In 2016

It is late December now and the holidays are in full swing. Though in not much time, the excitement will be over and the new year will begin. After your holiday work party, three family Christmases and a really late friendsgiving, you will begin to prepare for one last celebration, that which will ring you into the new year. In anticipation of 2016, you will begin to create a long list of your new year’s resolutions, swear off your guilty pleasures and plan to cut ties in your toxic relationships. Though not all of these declarations will stick, there are some things that are better left in the past (like that photo of you in third grade when you decided to cut your own hair). The new year is an excuse for a sort of ‘life-cleanse’ that can be used to many different degrees and gives you an extra push for various steps in your personal life. There are, however, some trends that are also better left in 2015. Without further ado,2015 here are 10 trends to say goodbye to in 2016:

1. The thigh gap.

How many times does it take to understand that the thigh gap is not, and will never be, attainable by everyone. It is solely dependent on your hip and pelvic structure. So, no matter how many juice cleanses you try and trips to the gym you take, if you have narrow hips, you will most likely never have a thigh gap, but so what? You are beautiful the way you are. Gap or no gap, thin or thick, tall or short, you should embrace your body for all that is does (or doesn’t do) because that is what makes you, you. So work to be the best you yet, not for something unattainable.

2. Extremely long fake nails.

Alright, they aren’t exactly ugly, but they are a cesspool for germs and bacteria and make it nearly impossible to text on your phone.


3. Slut Shaming.

How come when a guy sleeps with a bunch of girls he’s praised, and when a girl sleeps with a few guys, she is shamed and labeled a slut or whore? News flash, it takes two to tango & we have bigger things to worry about than how many people Kaitlyn slept with on the Bachelorette. It is time to end this age old trend of shaming women for embracing their sexuality.

4. Shirts that mix two languages.

I’m all for multiculturalism, but when creating a shirt, let’s stick to one language. Whether French, English, German, etc., keep it grammatically correct and something that actually makes sense.

5. Quick fix weight loss programs.

Like everything else in life, nothing good comes easily. Long lasting, healthy weight loss is something that you have to work for. An extract from a foreign fruit or extreme dietary restriction will not do your body the justice it deserves. Eat in moderation, work out a couple times a week, kiss the quick fix strategies goodbye and say hello to weight loss that you actually sustain in 2016.


6. Gaudy phone cases.

Okay, so maybe the cases with built in rings will help prevent you from dropping your phone and cracking the screen. To each their own, I just don’t see the appeal.

7. The idea that less clothing = the only way to be sexy/attractive.

Yes, I agree, Victoria’s Secret models are hot as hell. But wearing next to nothing isn’t the only way to captivate someone’s attention. Appearing sexy or attractive is also accompanied by a sense of confidence and swagger, if you will, that can be expressed in more ways than one. So if crop tops and booty shorts are your thing, then by all means, keep on doing you. But if you prefer a maxi skirt and a blouse, don’t force yourself into clothes (or out of clothes) just because you feel that you have to.

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8. Fast food fashion.

I love McDonalds with all of my heart, however, I prefer to hide this love between the many receipts I shove into my purse rather that sporting it on my sweaters.

9. Reality TV shows that focus on the lives of celebrities.

Don’t get me wrong, a Sunday spent binge watching the Kardashians is a Sunday well spent and I have major respect for the multi million dollar empire the Kardashian/Jenner family has created for themselves. However, there are many worlds and cultures that most of us never have the chance to encounter, therefore we never understand. Instead, we remain naive and stuck in our ignorant ways. If more time was spent watching reality TV shows about these cultures, there is much light that could be shed on these widely unknown territories and many stereotypes or assumptions that could be broken.

10. Netflix and Chill.

Sorry, I take Olivia Pope’s gladiating and Meredith Grey’s life saving tactics and drama much too seriously to be distracted by your need for affection.

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